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  1. Poker Help

    Im typically known as a tight aggressive player, and most bail when I start raising, so I tried the loose aggressive this past weekend, and learned very quickly why it doesnt work. There are more tight aggressive players than not, and most of those only play big, when they have a hand. So I am here to say getting your hand caught in the cookie jar, didnt work much for me. That said, Ill still bluff every once in a while, but I wont ever bluff all in again, even when my opponent never raises me, just calls my every raise.
  2. Cowboys over Pats sounds about right.
  3. Meanest Offensive Lineman

    The Denver OL under Shanny are the cheap shot artists. Not sure mean is the right word, but they go after DLs knees.
  4. NBA Draft!

    And even if I explained it you still wouldnt understand. So Ill save the history lesson for you later, corky......
  5. RIP Yankees

    LMMFAO, Lil Napolean has something to cheer about.
  6. NBA Draft!

    Those are just 2 examples. Its been known for yrs, I just handnt heard it in a while. No hes not a Texan, but he got here as fast as he could.
  7. NBA Draft!

    Back to the topic. Who are the winners and losers of this yrs draft?
  8. NBA Draft!

    There is no question in football. The Jets and Giants have sucked for 10 plus yrs. But the Sox have won 1 WS in what 90 yrs, and have won that division what 7 yrs in a row including last yr. I hardly think the Sox have been better than NY in the last 10 yrs. I also wouldnt count out the Mets of winning it all this yr. Id pick the Mets over Boston right now, if those tow meet in the series. Actually that would be a fun series to watch.....
  9. NBA Draft!

    This is just too easy. Why do you think Garnett wasnt traded to Boston. He said he wouldnt resign there, PERIOD. Why do you think Marion wasnt traded to Boston, he said he wouldnt resign there, PERIOD. Why do you think Oneal wasnt traded to Boston, you guess it because he wouldnt resign there. What black stud has agreed to play for the Celtics that wasnt drafted or traded there in the last 20 yrs. I guess you missed Wilbon on Dan Patrick last Thursday. He said Boston is notorious for being the most racist city on the planet, and black NBA stars will not go there. Barkley was on later, and seconded the same concept. Do some research on your citys image. Its pathetic. Cuban is an idiot, but hes our idiot, and I wouldnt trade him for any owner in the NBA. Boston sucks period, the racist remarks were just the icing on the cake.
  10. NBA Draft!

    First of all idiot, Ive been a Mavs, Cowboys, Rangers fan since birth. Since you are too clueless to understand that concept, I see why you question me. Sorry Pal, Im a Sooner, I dont jump ship, PERIOD. Since you obviously dont understand that concept, as you of course brought it up. Im sure we can make room on the Mavs bangwagon for you. You and the horses might get along very well. I used new york because that always lights a spark with lil brutha, Boston. BTW, NY is Dallas lil b*tch, and Boston is New Yorks bitch. Thus, that makes you my b*tch. Go make me a sammich and shut the F up. .
  11. Bank of America SUCKS

    Yes, this is an easy fix. Bofa will fix it.
  12. NBA Draft!

    Lil Napolean. Before this decade, the Celtics were all your racist city ever had. Boston lucked into Brady, and started spending more money than every team in baseball but the Yanks and became relevant again. But for 25 yrs, Boston was irrelevant in pro sports. The irony is Boston has always been NY's b*tch and always will. Whats also ironic, as no one wants to play in Boston, in the NBA. Why is that? Do Tell?
  13. NBA Draft!

    Exactly, the world revloves around the Boys. I see you are starting to understand. There isnt another sports franchise in North America, that draws higher ratings than the Dallas Cowboys. Not the Yanks in the WS, not the Lakers in the NBA finals, nothing. Why is that? Because Dallas is the most popular team by far in the most popular sport in this country.
  14. NBA Draft!

    LMMFAO, The Celttics are quite possibly the worst franchise in the NBA. They have been abused by the media, and Ainge is the laughing stock of the NBA right now. Pissant, I dont live in the past. Ive been a sooner fan for 25 yrs. Dont post of things you havent a clue. Basically that should shut you up completely, because you are as clueless.
  15. NBA Draft!

    No Pierce is not a stud. he is the best player on a pathetically poor team, who takes a sh*t load of shots at the teams expense. Im for the Mavs win or lose. So get that sh*t outta here. I could give a rats ass about basketball in the past. You keep living there. BTW, how did that tank mode benefit this sad sack team. This team even in the East isnt a playoff team. PERIOD.
  16. Friday Night Poker

    Whats the software, and where do you get it. Im interested in playing.
  17. Jesus! This chick is smoking hot.

    Aint nothing wrong with that chin to me. Exactly.....
  18. Jesus! This chick is smoking hot.

    This girl doesnt hold a candle to Jamie Eason and
  19. NBA Draft!

    Celtics suck, get over it. Pierce isnt a stud anymore, and Allen is good, but aging. It would surprise me if this team gets in the playoffs as is. 5 seed is a pipe dream, even in the east for this sad sack of losers.
  20. Garnett to the Lakers?

    Kobe wants to play in the east. he saw Lebron and a bunch of spare parts make it to the NBA finals, and he thinks he is better than Lebron. So he thinks that should have been him in the finals. But he wont get there in the West, even if Garnett is traded to LA.
  21. Garnett to the Lakers?

    That wasnt a terrible foul call, it was a foolish foul. Its quite obvious Dirk was fouled on the play. And who is to say SA would have beaten Miami the way Wade was playing in the Finals. Shaq would have given Duncan everything he could handle and more, and Miami would have played Shaq and Zo together to mop up on the boards. I dont think Miami was going to be denied regardless of who they played. Wade was unstoppable, and Shaq and Zo would have matched up better vs SA close to the rim, than they did vs Dallas, with their bigs at times away from the basket. hell why we are talking hypothetical, what if dallas doesnt lose to GS, they would have easily beaten SA in the WCF. Dallas matches up better with SA than anyone, and they have already proved last yr, they can beat SA. See how foolish hypotheticals are......
  22. Garnett to the Lakers?

    So what happened in game 6, with Amare and Diaw, without Bob. yep, SA still won even with those 2. And if you watched that game 5, you would know, SA was playing very cautious, as they new they only needed to keep it close, then win it at the end. Playing up tempo on the road fits right into the Suns style of play. and the last comment is just hilarious. SA would have won with or without Amare. Other than game 2, San Antonio had every game in check at one point or another. They clearly gave away game 4. This series should have only gone 5 games.
  23. Future Hall Of Famers

    Interesting fact about mcNabb 2000 Donovan McNabb became alegitimate MVP candidate (he finished 2nd in AP voting to Rams RB Marshall Faulk). McNabb accounted for 74.6% of the team’s total net yards. Philly was 11-5 in 2000 Philly in 2001 went to the NFC Champ game Philly in 2002 went to the NFC Champ game - westbrook was drafted and had 279 total yds. Philly in 2003 went to the NFC Champ game - westbrook had 900 total yds. Westbrook had very little to do with any of this success. Thus McNabb carried this team for years by himself on offense.
  24. Future Hall Of Famers

    see above, and the stats in the link provided. Westbrook has only been in the league 5 yrs, the past 2 are not the glory yrs Im referring to, a missed playoff berth and loss in div round. Im discussing the NFC Champ game years, and Westy was only a factor in one of those seasons. 2004, when Philly also had TO. I hardly call this a important cog to the 2003 season, do you?