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  1. TEXAS, OUR TEXAS, OH HAIL THE MIGHTY STATE, TEXAS OUR TEXAS, SO WONDERFUL AND GREAT... has dominated the series, and a poor decision by the manager to pull the closer who was lights out with 1 down in the 9th, cost TEXAS, OUR TEXAS, OH HAIL THE MIGHTY STATE, TEXAS OUR TEXAS, SO WONDERFUL AND GREAT... a National Championship. But then again, thats why you play the game. Props to LSU for keeping game 1 close enough to take advantage of that monumental mistake, and bring the lumber out in game 3.

  2. Losing game 1 like Texas did, probably causes them to press tonight, and when you hit for the fence, you either pop up or going down swinging.



    Have to think LSU is going to be the looser team tonight, and I agree with Tbimm, I think this ends tonight.



    Heres hoping for a 3rd game, just because I want to see more of this. I have no rooting interest in this series.

    Though this time next yr, I may be forced to root for Texas in baseball only, as my buddies kid is going to be a 2 way player there, pitcher and 1B, if he doesnt sign with the Pirates. And his best friend and another stud pitcher/1B, signed with OU on the same day, so that is going to be fun to watch in the Big 12 next season.

  3. Geez, Texas doesnt have a clue. The kid cant hit a fast ball, and they keep throwing pitches in the dirt. Pulling your closer with 2 outs left in the game, when he was pitching lights out. They deserve to lose tonight. Im starting to wonder if this is really that good of a game, or Texas completely blowing a 2 run lead. WOW, what a shame for those kids. Your skipper cost you game 1, and possibly the series.

  4. The Rangers are part of Texas and they are about to fall out of first place, any other explanation needed. It also happens to be the same time the Longhorns play the Tigers for the CWS Championship.

    and as awful as Davis has been at the plate he is a much better fielder than any thing else they have. I've seen him save quite a number of runs in the field this season. They need a healthy Josh and that imbecile you have as a manager to hit Cruz in the #4 or 5 hole and not 7th. And why does Jones get an automatic cleanup spot when he plays. and your pitching is starting to come back down to earth. If you need ant other reasons let me know I can provide more.



    I could give a rats ass about TEXAS, OUR TEXAS, OH HAIL THE MIGHTY STATE, TEXAS OUR TEXAS, SO WONDERFUL AND GREAT..., but enjoy college baseball. I just hope for a dramatic series. The way Texas gave up the lead in the 9th to Arz St then came back in the bottom of the 9th to get 2 solo HRs to win was exciting baseball. And LSU wont get the same pitchers it has seen to this point vs TEXAS, OUR TEXAS, OH HAIL THE MIGHTY STATE, TEXAS OUR TEXAS, SO WONDERFUL AND GREAT.... Pitching and defense win in baseball, so we shall see.


    The Rangers just saw a solid 1-3 punch of Cain, Unit, and Zito in rare form. I was surprised they were swept, but the way the Giants pitched, it isnt hard to believe.



    The Rangers have given fans in Big D hope. Elvis is the real deal, but is a rookie and his bat wont be consistent this year. Davis is a gold glove calibur 1B, but is feast or famine at the plate. Kinsler is up and down, Young is solid and Cruz is playing very well. Hamilton is sorely missed, but there are no excuses, LAA had injuries and it dug them a hole they are hitting their way out of now that they are finally getting healthy. You dont replace a MVP candidate calibur, 100 run, 32 HR, 130 RBI, 300 hitter like Hamilton. You just hope to keep it close until he returns.

  5. MLB has hit parody, and the AL West epitomizes it. Angels should come together and continue their dominance. Oakland seems to be pretty bad, but I wouldn't necessarily be surprised to see any team get hot and win the division.



    WOW, you really went out on a limb there.

  6. Mir was seconds away from a knock out from Lesnar. Dude survived some of the biggest blows Ive ever seen a human handle. Brocks inexperience is the only reason he lost that fight. Mir was dominated every second of that fight but the final 6 seconds when his leg got caught.


    Im looking forward to seeing Lesnar finish the job this time, and early.



    Rashad Evans made a name for himself for catching Chuck, but he was invisible that fight except for that shot. Chuck didnt respect him at all, and it cost him. But lets revisit chucks last few fights, getting knocked out has become the norm. SO punking Evans isnt the end all be all.



    Im very interested seeing Shogun vs Machida. That could be a instant classic.


    BTW, my favorite fight recently was watching GSP make Penn his b i t c h. Penn is a good lil fighter, but GSP has punked him not once, but twice, and was robbed a unanimous decision the first time, so Im glad he proved Penn wasnt in his class the 2nd time. .

  7. Cmon Private ....;put your suckle power where your brain is at......Seattle D is ranked higher this year than last...after giving up Peterson.....



    Get real, Kerney was hurt, Lofa was hurt, and the D ended the season what 30th. It can only go up. This is a sucker bet.

  8. abused by the nfl? they fined belichick some money(you honestly think that money came out of his own pocket? you dont think that owner who almost fired him didnt foot that bill) and they took away a first round pick.....yet somehow we bagged the defensive rookie of the dont remember anyone getting supsended



    again...yer acting like you know how the patriots view mike vrabel right you have been in the room when they are evaluating their own players.....yer acting like mike vrabel played at a pro bowl level last year or something...sorry adalius thomas is still the best pass rusher on the roster


    New England had 2 1st round picks by trading their 1st to SF the year before. So the NFL stripped them of theirs. And Mayo was a top 10 pick.




    I know the Patriots value experience, and sign older players. Vrabel has both, in their system no doubt. When is the last time New England cut a talented defensive player over money.

  9. And are you saying you couldnt have dealt Vrabel to NYJ or Cle for something, if you chose just to dump him. TO just throw him in to this deal makes it worse than taking less than the highest compensation available for Cassell alone.


    I could give a rats ass about the franchise, but they are not stupid. And by saying that, this deal is fishy as hell. All the Pats homers can come to the defense of their team, as many of you did during spygate only to be proven your team cheated its ass off in the first place. This certainly looks like another example of shaky dealings to me.

  10. Let's see...


    Vrabel would have cost the team over $4 million this season. He was due a 1 Million dollar roster bonus on the 4th day of the NFL year, March 2nd, which KC has now paid. And he is carrying a contract number of $2,200,000 with a pro-rated signing bonus number of $1,036,000 so would have cost them $4,236,000. He was also in the last year of that contract, so at the end of the year he walks and they get nothing for him. He'll be 34 when the season starts. And he's such a great fit and such a great player that in playing the entire season last year managed 62 total tackles and 4 sacks, and average of 3.875 and .25. That's a decline of 15 tackles (all solos) and 8.5 sacks from the year before.


    Thomas will be 32 when the season starts. In 9 games last season had 34 tackles and 5 sacks, averaging 3.77 tackles but over half a sack, twice as good a Vrabel, and he's two years younger. He does have the bigger contract, due to signing as a FA. His number this season is $6,407,280. He also has money due him left over from a pro-rated signing bonus. If the Patriotrs were to cut him he would cost $13,200,000 against this years cap, as the entire balance of the signing bonus would come due.


    So, yeah, the Pats should cut the guy. Makes perfect sense. This isn't the cowboys, they don't sign guys one year and cut them the next and take massive, crippling cap hits.


    Get your facts straight.


    Oh, and Shawn Crable carries a cap number of $582,405 this year, and the two remaining QBs, O'Connell and Guitierrez, combined will cost just over $1 million. To say this was anything but a salary dump is rediculous.


    An added 1st round pick, while keeping Vrabel was less appealing then a 2nd and dumping Vrabel. The factoring also includes the cost difference of paying a 2nd first round pick vs. paying another 2nd rounder.



    My facts are straight.




    Freeing up Cassell and that 17 mil meant the team didnt need to cut any LB. My point is Vrabel didnt need to be cut. The team was in good shape as it was, just by dealing Cassell.


    And why do you fail to recognize, NE could have traded down from that 1, and got more picks, and still kept Vrabel. Or signed him to a long term deal. Are you telling me he is too old to play LB for your team?


    You can spew all the facts you want about salary cap implications, or whatever other cover up you care to spew. But the fact is you dont give up a franchise type calibur QB for a 2nd round pick, and throw in one of your better defensive players for nothing. The team definately could have kept Vrabel at his number, signed him to another deal, and reduced that number for this year. Its not like they now dont have to replace his leadership and experience, as well as production.

  11. It's been pointed out on a couple occasions that Redding is restructuring his contract as part of the deal.



    And your point is. He is an average DL, and will be overpaid regardless of what he accepts.


    Seattle could have extended Peterson gave him more money up front in signing bonus, and given him a better cap number for this year, and kept him. Instead they give away one of their best defenders for a scrub, who will be overpaid.



    But then again, this frachise has shown to be stupid in the past. They lose Hutchinson Vikings for a 42 million contract, so what do they do, they overpay the vikings Nate Burleson, what 42 million contract. They sure showed Minnesota, didnt they. :wacko:

  12. Yea, teammates extolling the virtues of other teammates is an accurate indicator of one's ability. :wacko:



    Ability, its a no brainer Leroy Hill is the best LB.


    But to get an ultras sensitive NFL player with a huge ego to admit someone is better than him. Yea, that happens all the time.

  13. bahahaha



    Didnt you say the same thing, when Spygate first hit..... We see how that turned out. And how you defended your team, at the same time they were getting abused by the NFL. Im not going to get into a pissing match with you.




    Bottom line is this trade is fishy. Lets see we trade a QB some think is a franchise QB to our old front office man, as a parting gift, for less compensation than other teams are offering. And what the heck, we will just throw in one of our best defensive players for nothing. Yea, there is nothing to that at all. :wacko:

  14. Wrong again but hey, I'm sure that you've watched the Seahawks more than I have. :wacko: Besides, most of us have witnessed how many times you've been right in the past :D



    Funny. Tatupa and Peterson both said Hill was their best LB, yet you argue with me over it. Dude there comes a time..... nevermind. :D

  15. Well, Peterson was almost certainly about to be cut for one.



    So you take back a DT, that makes almost as much money.


    Whats funny to me, is GMs get a wild hair up their ass to have a player take a pay cut. And if they refuse, they cant save face, so they do a stupid trade like this.

  16. "2. Id say losing a 1st round pick, and the embarassment he took for spygate, his owner jerked his chain and said anything else, and your ass is gone"





  CD said....worry about yer own team


    ive got a theory says you are disgruntled because the patriots can lose arguably the best qb in the game and still go 11-5 in the afc....when yer team cant even make the effing playoffs and trade 1st and 3rds for roy williams



    You mean go 11-5 in the worst division in football. And still not win the division. Pretty Pathetic huh. Especially with what some consider a franchise QB in Cassell leading the way.


    BTW, your team didnt make the playoffs either,




    And you would like others to worry about something else than the Pats. Id be scared to, what will the NFL find out next about our team. Clearly we have broken every rule in the book, and now this trade looks fishy as hell.


    And did you not hear the interview with your owner during spygate. He said he considered firing Belicheat at the time. Do you really think, he would let this coach embarass him and his team again. Especially when he now knows how his team won those Super Bowls. His coach had to cheat.