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  1. This may be getting old, but LJ and Dayne.
  2. WDIS

    No doubt: Dallas.
  3. Championship WDIS? WR

    Ditto Boldin.
  4. Keeper Question

    I'm assuming you will sacrifice a 3rd round pick for Wayne, and a 6th round pick for Bulger. I would do both in a heartbeat.
  5. Need opinions

    Coles & Clayton. As long as Carr is throwing, Johnson is a reach. Same is true for Curry--bad QB.
  6. Early Championship WDIS

    I still think its Gore and Alexander. If you decide to go with Brown, you have to sit Alexander in favor of Gore.
  7. I'd go w/ Dayne & Gore---no question about Gore.
  8. I can keep any three of these four guys

    When do you have to decide? If Favre is back next year, I think it's Jennings, without question. I agree with the Washington/Houston strategy. I'd don't think the Raiders are ready to give up on Jordan. Besides, how badly do you want to keep a Raiders RB?
  9. How much will LT play

    I think LT goes until the game is locked up. Besides, even if he leaves early, he could reach the end zone at least once in the first half, maybe more. Arizona will give up plenty of points.
  10. Yes, we go 17 weeks--but that's another topic. We play 2 qbs. Last week I lost Leinart--which solidified my decision to start V. Young. I'm up in the air on my other qb--Brees or Garrard. Brees is the stud and the natural choice, except N.O. doesn't have much to play for. Garrard, on the other hand has to win--against the KC def. Standard performance scoring.
  11. Early Championship WDIS

    Stud rule: Alexander & Gore---The Colts D still sucks, but they should be better than last week @ Houston.
  12. week 17: Brees or Eli Manning?

    That's tough--Eli's on a downer. Brees might not go the whole way. I'd keep watching & see what kind of news comes out of New Orleans. Right now I'd stay with Brees.