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  1. Best draft pick of the year

    I’ll have to one up you FRED I got Gore in the 9th round!!!! And everyone laughed at that pick...no ones laughing anymore! The other was Chicago def. 12th round after 5 others left the board!
  2. Fitz or Holt for #2 WR?

    Thanks everyone. Seems like Holt. Anyone else? It’s hard to sit FITZ in a good matchup...
  3. Super Bowl Starters

    Boldin for sure and Berrian because better matchup. I think Kitna is going to be pressured to much to get Roy the ball.
  4. Fitz or Holt for #2 WR?

    std. perf. scoring. Holt vs Wash Fitz vs. SF THANKS!!!
  5. WDIS, B. Watson or V. Davis?

    Thanks Dabuffbills! Slightly leaning that way. Thing is I need to decide prior to tomorrow nights game. Anyone else?
  6. WDIS, B. Watson or V. Davis?

    Std. performance scoring. Must start a TE. Davis vs. Seattle Watson vs. Houston Watson got injured and Bill is up to his tricks again not divulging injuries. I read they brought in some off the street TEs...Homers is that true? Davis did alright last week. So Davis or risk it and go with Watson? THANKS!!
  7. monday night predictions

    Yep I was wrong. Did not know the weather was so oh poopyty. And Hass is really spreading the ball around more than usual.
  8. monday night predictions

    No way Driver posts better stats than DJAX. DJAX will light-up that GB secondary something serious! Predict 8 rec for 120yds and 2 TDs for DJAX. Driver about 7 rec for 75yds. and 1 TD.
  9. Bulger and Holt are killing my fantasy team!

    Hard as it is come next week HOLT is riding Pine!! Tired of this crap with him. Lucky I have DJAX and FITZ....which are starting!
  10. Gut Check to beat the Top Guy

    Should another offensive lineman hurt Palmer enough to warrant going with Brees? Also how does Palmer play on the road...homers?
  11. Gut Check to beat the Top Guy

    Thanks my gut is leaning towards Brees. I know he will post at least 250 and 2 TDs but Plamer could light it up for 350 plus 3TDs. I did not watch last weekend to see if Palmer looks back on track and the line is protecting him. Plus news wire has another lineman of his out for 3-weeks.
  12. Gut Check to beat the Top Guy

    Who to start. Std Performance Scoring plus 1pt for every 20 yds passing. Brees vs CINN or Palmer vs NO Can Palmer repeat now with another lineman out for 3-weeks? This is a MUST win week for me. Thanks!
  13. Bench Holt and Palmer?

    Gottcha, thanks to all. Looks like Holt and Palmer!
  14. Bench Holt and Palmer?

    Hugh are you saying DJAX and Brees then?
  15. Bench Holt and Palmer?

    Std Performance scoring except we get 1pt for each reception as well. 8-team league. My WRs are: Holt vs. Car DJAX vs. SF Colston vs. NO Fitz vs. DET My plan is to start Colston for sure and cannot decide between DJAX and Holt. Holt has not done much these past games and DJAX just keeps on producing and his matchup looks good. Need two. My other dilemma is QB, Palmer or Brees: Palmer vs. NO Brees vs CINN **I get 1 pt for every 25yds passing. Palmer outside of last week has not been that good. Is he really back? Brees just is on fire! HELP!