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  1. What QB to start

    thanks for all the help good luck to everyone!!

  3. What QB to start

    i know they all suck green was my qb for the year until he got hurt was ok with harrington but he went to crap
  4. brown and betts good luck!
  5. I need help i need to start 1 qb from these teams 1-miami 2-houston 3-kc 6 pts for a touchdown and 10 bns points at 250 yrds who do you think has the best chance??? this is for whole thing! my rbs have been my backbone thanks for your help
  6. Which d?

  7. Weather in Chicago today?

    live here not bad go ahead and start him
  8. WDIS? RB Help

    benson- jones was banged up and benson will run all over tb
  9. QB Help

  10. trade?

    a guy wants to trade brady and dunn for westbrook or larry johnson my qbs are t green and harrington my other good rb backup is cadi what do you think??
  11. Need help!

    12 team to start each week 1qb 2rb 3wr 1tw 1k 1def no certian amounts
  12. Need help!

    Hey i am new at all of this and was wondering if you could give me input on how my team is?? Drafted 5th in my draft. 6pts per touch 10 pts per 100 yds rec 10 pts per 100 yds rush 10 pts per 300 yds pass 5 bonus for every 10 yds over qbs-kc-miami rbs-larry johnson-brian westbrook-wali lundy-m. bennet-cedrick houston-ciatrick fason-ron dane wr-terrell owens-david givens-mike clayton-jerry porter-roddy white-mark clayton te-tony gonzalez-leonard pope-eric johnson k-jeff reed-rian lindell def + special teams-cincinnati-alanta Thanks for you time!