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  1. IDP strategy/advice

    I find it hard to believe D. Ryans was on the waiver wire in your league period. I got him cheap last year....and it killed me to wait...but I got him in the 19th round...then snagged Bart Scott in the 23rd.
  2. What if...

    Jay Glaser reports that Vick has been asked by Goodell not to report to training camp...and the league confirmed this. Here is what I think. Me thinks that Goodell, Blank, Vick and Vick's agent are all sitting around telling Mike that he had better plea bargain with the Feds...offer up all the major players in the multi-state dog fighting ring and pay a huge fine to the .gov. Then, the league will suspend Vick for a season with a possibility of reinstatement after 10 Pacman. However, since he cannot go to Falcons facilities during suspension....he will get shot and killed by someone associated with the dog fighting ring to supress his testimony. Wow...maybe I will team up with John Grisham for a new novel!!!!!
  3. Vick Indicted

    Figures you couldn't find a coherent argument with two hands and a flashlight.
  4. Vick Indicted

    Is there something wrong with being liberal.....or is that another thread entirely
  5. Michael Vick's career

    Not only that, but I heard on ESPN last night that the Virginia Federal District Court where Vick's case is going to be heard is known as the 'Rocket Docket" because of the speed in which this Court moves. He could be found guilty by September.
  6. Vick Indicted

    I don't disagree with that either. I originally made mention only to ask why is Goodell and Sharpton and other selectively picking dog fighting....I mean I know the OBVIOUS answer. It would seem more genuine if they said nothing at all!!!! But it would seem most genuine if the letter highlighted how we as a society tend to treat some animals more harsh than others simply because they may be ugly or someone can make money off them. I am in no way a member of PETA...nor would I ever be. It just seems that if we are to be outraged over dogfighting amongst Terrier of the Pit variety...then why not be outraged about all the other transgressions at the same time.
  7. Vick Indicted

    I thend to agree with that last statement wholeheartedly. For the record...incase noonoe wants to read this entire godforesaken thread...I think Vick is a scumbag and should get the worst punishment possible...that being said...I like to argue.....
  8. Vick Indicted

    Doesn't necessarily address his issue....but ok!!! So you don't care about the other things. What humans do to survive is one thing...and philosophy seems lost on you....but to simply harm animals for SPORT or AMUSEMENT is simply wrong. Humans have the innate ability to REASON...animals do not. Therefore your boxing analogy is quite frankly not the same when equating to an animal. I would like to see you extrapolate your disagreement in a more fortuitous manner than just say he is full of Sega! and belittle him.
  9. Vick Indicted

    Not that it is the same thing, which it clearly is not, but I wonder where the outcry is from people about Horseracing. I mean they take two year old horses....which aren't necessarily strong enough to be ridden yet because their leg bones are still growing....and run them extreme lengths just to see which one wins? I mean I am happy these people are standing up against dog fighting....but what about all the other things humans involve animals in just to amuse us? Just a thought.
  10. Michael Vick's career

    So, if the people renting from my rental property have drugs in the shed...unbenounced to is somehow my responsibility to know this and I can get in trouble under the law? You said you practiced law in another thread...was wondering if it is in Illinois. Cause I am unaware of could very well be right....but I have never heard this before.
  11. Where do you rank Michael Vick this year?

    Where you drafting against some guys named dumb and dumber......what gives...I have 24 rounds in my draft. After my kicker If he is still available in the 24th...I will take him.
  12. Where do you rank Michael Vick this year?

    That is real fast yo!
  13. Bears Homers

    Most middle linebackers don't play in the tampa two scheme. You could put me in at middle linebacker in Tampa Bay and Derrick Brooks would still clean up. In the Tampa Two, the MLB is not supposed to get alot of tackles.....the WLB is fed all the is the way the defense is schemed. So, the fact Urlacher scores as many tackles as he does is a testament to how much of an outstanding freakish talent he is. Briggs is very replacable.....don't get me wrong...I would rather have him....but he is replacable.
  14. Vick Indicted

    It would be funny if Vick gets Patrick Fitzgerald prosecuting this!!!!
  15. Kick/Punt return yards cheat sheet

    I thought I saw a thread in the Football Advice section where someone had some stats or a link.....I don't know for sure...check there.