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  1. Since Booker is out this week, is it feasable to start Chambers over Roy Willams? Williams is facing a tough Chicago D but im not sure how hard theyw ill play since they wrapped up there season already pretty much. any advice?
  2. Dec 10 Judd Zulgad, of the Star Tribune, reports Minnesota Vikings RB Chester Taylor (ribs) is out for the Week 14 game. RB Ciatrick Fason will start in his place. So much for what the media idiots know!! This just about took me out of the playoffs! I went 8-0 to start the season then 5 str8 losses all cause of injuries, what a rough way to go down.......
  3. WDIS at WR?

    Anyone?? please need some serious help here!
  4. WDIS at WR?

    I got my last WR spot open and I am struggling to decide who will pick me up more points this week. Should I go with Berrian, Chambers, or Arnaz Battle?? I was leaning towards Battle only cause of the matchup with GB, though last week Chambers woke up a bit but he against NE this week. As far as Berrian it looks like Chi might just pound the ball alot and Berrian might again get forgoten about this week. Anyone have any opinions?
  5. Any hear any news? He is really killing my team this week! I was counting on his points to help put me in the playoffs.
  6. Have last minute questions?

    Edge had his best game of the year against STL. Edge def has been paltrey this year but this week he will breakout and i can see him putting up 100 yards and a TD against STL horrible run D. I also need Help with my Flex spot. I need to win to make it in this week. I can start Sammy morris, Wali Lundy, Santonio Holmes, or Chris Chambers. 1pt per 15 rush yards 1pt per 15 rec yards 6pt per TD 1pt per 20 return yards
  7. Witten or V.Davis?

    Hey bud your not nuts, I dropped witten this week just to pickup davis and start him in my lineup! Needless to say the guy who i am playing snagged up witten and is starting him vs me! So we'll see if i made a dumb move. I do feel Davis will have a monster game! Start him!
  8. I know Grossman has had some horrible weeks lately and looks to be hitting a late season regress, on the opposite Harrington is starting to throw more and is actually improving. Harrington against the Jags is a tough D but without Brown he might have to throw more and Grossman vs Minn they have a tough D aswell. Who is the better start? My league .5 points per completion 1pt per 35 yards 6pt for TD
  9. Chris Chambers...Biggest Flop?

    You know, i NEVER knew I was wrong until about 5 min ago when i looked. I though chambers was a 6'4" tall WR with awsome jumping ability. I just noticed that he is only listed at 5'11" and he avg about 60 rec a year with about a 6 TD avg. He is on pace this year to catch 60 or so passes and maybe get 6-7 TD. Were he is under prducing a bit is in YPC he is at 11 this year about 3 yards down from his avg. So i have to say I was very wrong in my initial judgment of this guy.
  10. Eli is horrible....

    I am a HUGE NYG fan as I lived in NY all my life and I follow them religiously. With that said I am a huge football fan in general too. You HAVE to give credit to the Chargers for MANY reasons. Follow this for a moment: In 2001 the Chargers had the #1 overall pick. In that year they had the the chance to take the most exciting, the most electrifying player to ever come out of college football (up till that time) so what do they do?? They trade that pick to Atlanta and Draft probably the best player in the NFL the past 5 years (yes we all know it was LT) also let not forget in the second round they drafted their QB Drew Brees who did very well for them and is now showing it was no fluke now that he is throwing for tons of yards in New Orleans. In 2004: Now we all know how this worked out huh? you had 3 QB's coming out Eli Manning, Ben Rothlesberger, Phillip Rivers. Eli had the Name, Ben was the most ready to play, and Rivers had the most Talent of them all. So SD made another great move and traded Eli for Rivers and the NYG 2005 1st round pick (which they took Shawn Merriman) Now as a Giant fan, during that draft the rumor flew around all leading up that we coudl get Eli. I seen Eli play in ole miss and he never played against any great college competition. He never impressed me playing their either. So when the Giants Drafted Rivers I was estatic. Then I seen the trade and was kinda miffed that we gave up way too much for a name. Especially since if you go through the history of all profesional sports, name me a Brother combo were both brothers were Great players?? You can't...there never was 2 brothers who played the same sport who were both great players. So we all know Peyton got all the talent in the family and while Eli is ok that's all he ever will be is ok. Even Tiki and Ronde, Tiki is great and Ronde is ok, but Ronde is not a great player... So now we have Eli in NY who has to live up to his Fathers name, his Brothers name, the NY hype and media . It alot of pressure for anyone! though i NEVER seen a person who has gotten more then he did just cause his name is Manning. If we were talking about Eli Shwartz he woulda never went 1st overall, he never would have been taken in the first round over Big Ben or Rivers. So it's now on Eli if he is going to improve or if he is goign to keep trying to get by on raw skills and name recognition or start doing something his brother never will do (win a Superbowl Title!)
  11. So is it safe to say that Chris Chamber is the BIGGEST flop this year! This guy was projected to have his break out year and all that, and the guy is absolute garbage this year! the #3 WR on the team has more yards and receptions then him. What happen to this guy? Last year with Gus Ferrote at QB this guy exploded! Now they had Cpep and Harrington and neither of them can get him the ball? or is it that Chamber is really not as good as everyone said he is...
  12. Ok so last 3 weeks I end up losing cause i been QB hoping. First week I started Grossman over Harrington (grossman BOMBED!) So then I jumped to harrington the following week and he bobmbed! while Grossman Threw for 3 TD agaisnt the G-men. So last week I jump back to grossman vs a weak Jet team well you all know what happen! So this week I want to bench Grossman again seeing as Harrington looks to be the better play, anyone have any opinions on whihc of the 2 is a better start this week?
  13. At QB do I start Grossman vs the NYG or Harrington vs KC?? At RB I starting Rudi Johns, Ron Brown, Chest Taylor, and got Gore in my flex spot I got Atrain on the bench though, would it be feasable to stick Atrain in over one of the above mentioned this week?
  14. Harrington likely to start.

    Harrington was bad in detroit that is a fact. Though what did he have to work with?? Detroit had no O-line, they couldn;t run the ball worth a damn, and they had 3 Rookie WR all with attitude problems. Can't lay all the blame on Joey. I really think the person who will bennifit most from all this will be Randy McMichael. You will see he is going to have alot of Balls come his way as an outlet for Harrington. Welker prob will see his number drop as he actually was becoming Cpepps favorite Target. In time when Cpepp has a chance to fully heal I think he will be productive in Miami. Big question is I been starting Cpepp along with PEyton in my league (we start 2 Qb's) Cpepp was getting me 20-25 pts per game now I have to start grossman this week (or I could pickup harrington and hope he has a good game)
  15. Trade Help

    Anyone have any opinion please???