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  1. Is Frank Gore done?

    Agreed. A sign of the times where people just don't want to do the work for the reward. A shortcut society based on doing as little as need be for the payoff. Might as well just buy a lottery ticket each week, and leave the fantasy to those of us who do the homework and give it our all.
  2. My back's against the wall...HELP

    Thanks bonedaddies, this is the same reasoning that I am leaning towards. Just trying to find if I am doing the right thing or not. ANYONE ELSE OUT THERE
  3. With this and one more regular season game, I am playing the second worst and worst team(next week), good right, WRONG. I had Tony Romo put 51 pts up on Turkey Day and now am in need of help. I am in the logjam of teams with the same record and our tie breaker is pts. Now I am not too bad in that regard but must win out and score well in doing it. My only real questions at this point are third rec. Doug Gabriel or Matt Jones Defense. Cincy or Minn Gabriel plays the Bears and Jones plays Buffalo where I have Lee Evans in that game already. Cincy plays at Clevland and Minn is home against the Cardinals. Here is the rest of my starters Marc Bulger vs. SF Marion Barber(20pts)... Tiki @ Tenn Tory Holt vs SF... Lee Evans vs Jax... ????? Dallas Clark vs PHI Rian Lindell vs Jax ????????? (DEF) which two would you guys go with in my situation????? Thanks

    Not only did my 'Boys beat you, take away your perfect season, but made Peyton look bad bad bad. Did you see how red his face was after that second INT???? How embarrassed he must have been. Looks to me that some serious issues were exposed in that offense. How can you still think they can even win the AFC??
  5. T.Barber or F.Taylor

    I have a 17pt lead and have Tiki going against Burress. 1pt for each 10 yards rec/rush and TD length bonuses 6-11 points and 6 pts at 100 yard game rush/rec. DO I HAVE A SHOT?????
  6. Fitz or Evans

    Baby Baby Baby..... LEE F-ING EVANS was my team yesterday now I am up by 17 and have Tiki going against Burress. Bulger and Holt again underperform while BIG DAY Lee gave me the happiest day. Turned on the game and watched the first of two 83 yarders in the first quarter. All day after I didn't worry about my score. BTW... what did Fitz do??????
  7. Overthinking?

    think think think.....only a true master would be able to answer this one....Nah just f-ing with you go Joey G and Chris Henry.
  8. Brett Farve, the way to go. Sheli will probably throw three picks and no touchs. Jacobs and Tiki will probably get an even number of carries, probably around 15 or more each. The bottom of the Giants rec. corps, are pretty fast but not much else. They will keep the safties back at least and the Giants will look to hold the ball and not turn it over.
  9. WDIS at Wide Receiver?

    Last 3 games vs Sea. Holt 325 yards and 5 TD's Bruce 61 and 0 TD's and Holt had a 45 yard and no touch game last year, which means 140 avg and 2.5 over the other two. make up your own mind and thank me on Mon.
  10. Brady or Rivers?

    Didn't look that way last week Said it before and will say it here, Tom Brady is the QB to have if you have to get through the big pressure game, back against the wall, yes Brady is a stud, but in fantasy......gotta think doesn't do the big numbers unless he is playing Min on Mon night, or in a shootout. with the Jets run defense and their trouble in their own running game look for this to be a trench war, where Maroney and Dillon may each have a 100. Now even if Brady gets one long one that will even put more handoffs in the Pats scheme. Go Rivers.
  11. Which 2 RB's would you start

    Julius Jones should have a big day. Also I think that with SA and Hass's return imminent I feel that the Seahawks will spend some quality time getting their running game in sync to make sure they are on all cylinders when the starters get back. No adjustments when SA comes back, they will have to hit the ground running (no pun intended lol). I know that MoMo is a longshot to some but I believe he will have a BIG day.
  12. WDIS at Wide Receiver?

    Matt Jones is the player that DelRio wants to be his number one. He is sticking with Garrard because he feels he is a better passer and has more mobility than Lefty. DelRio is smart and has been cautious with bringing back Matt Jones and has tried to patiently worked his timing with Garrard back to where he needs to be. All signs point to the Jags feeding the ball to Jones early and often. As long as the hammy holds he will have a good chance at 100 yards and a Touchdown. Keep in mind it is the speed he has for his size that is his best attribute, breaking a long one is very possible.
  13. Defense help

    In my league's scoring system SD in the number 3 at 164 pts and Phily is 5th at 151 pts that averages to 18.2 pts per week for SD.... and 16.7 pts per week for Phily seems pretty close to me. 1.5 pts per week is close enough to play the matchups....Look at the teams Phily against division rival Wash who can't get out of their own way offensively, or SD against the underachieving Bengals? Your league's scoring may be unusual because my league seems to use a pretty standard scoring. We use Sportsline's scoring system. Me thinks joeyd524 is wrong on this one.
  14. R.Moss, Cotchery or Kennison

    Yeah, even though I advised another poster that he should sit Kennison because I feel they will run LJ heavy in Mia. I think in your situation Kennison is the best choice. GOOD LUCK