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  1. Patriots vs Colts (Saturday)

    Playing against him.
  2. Sit Alexander for the SB?

    I hope you're right. I'd love to see Colston make the difference in a championship win. Would it make you feel better if I started Davis?
  3. Sit Alexander for the SB?

    Thanks, everyone. The majority seems to agree that SA is a bit risky vs. the SD defense. I'm going with Willis. Now I just have to hope that Bulger rewards me for starting him over Leinart.
  4. Champoinship WR Decision is Killing Me!

    Tough one here as Galloway hasn't exactly been consistent this year, but Rattay will probably want to show something in this game and seems to have confidence in Galloway. As a Lions fan I can say that I don't recommend starting any offensive players with the title on the line. Start Galloway.
  5. I'm normally a firm believer in the ASYS theory, but I'm not feeling good about SA going against the San Diego D. They did a pretty good job at shutting down LJ and I need to get points out of the RB position to win the championship. I'm seriously considering starting McGahee against TEN. Buffalo has played well at home and Willis should get a lot of carries. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  6. Jennings

    Uh, yeah. Let me revise that "hunch" a little bit. See you next year, Greg.
  7. Jennings

    I have Jennings on my roster and haven't played him in weeks. I just can't sit Marvin, Housh or Fitz, so I won't be playing him again this week (tonight) for the start of my superbowl weekend. For some reason I just have a feeling about Jennings against the Vikes tonight. I know, I know... Driver has owned the Vikes lately and Jennings hasn't had a big game in two months. Call me crazy, but something's telling me that Jennings will step up big in this game. 100-130 & 1-2 TD's wouldn't surprise me a bit. Should be fun to watch.
  8. Thank you Marvin!

    I'd also like to thank Marvin Freaking Harrison for single-handedly putting me in the Superbowl. I needed 28 pts. out of Marvin, Housh and Vinatieri and got 26 out of Mr. Harrison alone! Now get that hand healed up for next week!
  9. What do you need tonight?

    Down by 28 (playing against LT and Westy) with Housh, Marvin and Vinatieri going tonight. He has 1 IDP (M. Williams). If I get an average of 12 pts. from each of these players, I should advance to the superbowl. Right now I'm just PRAYING for a shootout! Should be a fun night.
  10. Colt's WRs

    I don't know, but I sure as hell hope it's Marvin.
  11. How bad is Raider Offense?

    I'm afraid it'll take a long TD or two. SJax will just run it in inside the 5. Come on, Bulger! Throw the ball!
  12. How bad is Raider Offense?

    I have Bulger going and I'm playing against Wilkins. Two trips to the red zone, two FG's.
  13. Come on, Frank...