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  1. i only need 93pts to win

    I'm down by 9.9 and I have Rudi left. I only need 10 points. Run Rudi, RUN
  2. WDIS @ WR

    Williams, Holt, Johnson
  3. Lineup help

    Rivers, Houston, Jones
  4. Larry Johnson or Willie Parker

    Except last year, when Pitt blew them out like 42 to Zip.
  5. WDIS?

    Romo. I think that game will be a shoot out.
  6. RB WDIS?

    I agree if Foster is out.
  7. DeAngelo, KJ, MBIII

    DWill if Foster is out. Otherwise MBIII
  8. WDIS - RBs

    Jones-Drew, look what he did last time against Indy. I wish Parker wasn't playing on Thursday, because I have him and am not so sure he's a "Slam Dunk" against Cleveland after what they did to LJ last week.
  9. QB WDIS

    Seattle is 17th against the pass, Minny is 27th. My other thought is that Zona may HAVE to pass to stay in the game. Minny may be breaking in Tavaris Jackson for all we know.
  10. RB WDIS

    The fortunate thing about all these choices is that they are all 1pm Sunday games... I think if Foster is out, that DWill can do some good for me. I love Tiki and all, but man, that lack of TD's is a killer, and didn't they admit his thumb was broken?
  11. Which QB? Favre, Kitna or Leinart?

    I'd go with Kitna or Leinart, but I can't decide which.
  12. RB WDIS

    THX anybody else?
  13. RB WDIS

    DeAngelo Williams vs. NYG (if he starts) Tiki Barber @CAR Thomas Jones @STL Cedric Benson @STL I like The Bears matchup against STL, but Benson has been coming on, so I'm not that sure of TJ. Tiki is good, but I don't know if I see a TD in his future and CAR is tough, at least through 3 quarters. I think D Williams is my best bet, if he starts, but am not too sure. I am having a hard time convincing myself NOT to play Tiki, even though I think he may not be the best choice. HELP 6 pts/TD 2 yds/PT .5 PPR
  14. QB WDIS

    Kitna vs. MIN Leinart vs. SEA 4 Pts/TD 20 yds = 1 pt What do you think? I actually like both of their matchups...
  15. DeMeco Ryans

    We only play one LB and I liked Witherspoons matchup against the Cards (figured they'd try to run the ball all day). In short, I wasn't too swift that day.