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  1. official venting post

    i think i'd be happy at this point if brees eclipsed 150 yds and colston topped 50
  2. official venting post

    yep... not looking good for me either i'm fairly certain Brees won't be picking it up either. Hasn't looked good against the league's 22nd rated pass defense
  3. Booker or Jennings

    booker's been hot and JH looks his way often... he's the TD guy there for sure
  4. QUICK WR help

  5. Big Ben or Eli? Edge or Addai

    Ben and Addai again... pls see mine... thx
  6. Donald Driver or Marques Colston

    colston w/ confidence please see mine
  7. QUICK WR help

    lineups lock in 10 mins... just names are all i'm asking for
  8. Bulger or Garcia?

    start the player, not the matchup... remember what Bulger did against the Bears... and remember that Garcia wasn't good enough to stay with the Browns or the Lions
  9. Line up Help

    only change i'd make is Betts over Green
  10. QUICK WR help

    H Ward, T Heap, M Booker or A Boldin thanks! will answer yours in return
  11. Be warned!

  12. Rudi Johnson or LJ

    start the player, not the matchup LJ is the easy choice here
  13. Need to bench one of these wr

    bench braylon derek anderson will be starting at QB
  14. WDIS at 2nd WR

  15. Seahawks!

    talk about a drive killer