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  1. Let the debate continute!

    Michigan had their shot and lost.....Florida is next in line, what more needs to be said??
  2. Is Stallworth playing?

    Awwww....... Lick my lollipop, I was just venting.......
  3. RB Willis McGahee (ribs) will start.

    Nice day today!!! too bad I HAD to start Caddy in his place. Just couldn't risk his health. Does Willis share the load the rest of the way with A-train??
  4. Who is more annoying!?!?

    Chris Berman or Stuart Scott??? I want to shoot myself in the head (just so I don't have to hear it anymore) everytime I hear Berman doing his "three stooges" sound effect Whup-Whup-Whup-Whup.....Better yet, shoot him in the head. But having to listen to street slang (half of which, for all I know, is made up) and looking at Scott's f'ed up eyes is just as annoying......
  5. Terry Glenn

    And he still out plays T.O. ....hmmmmm....
  6. So who is the backup to K.Jones in Detroit?
  7. Atlanta the worst sports city in the US

    Right there with you...
  8. Atlanta the worst sports city in the US

    Huh? Those aren't sports??
  9. Atlanta the worst sports city in the US

    I lived in Atlanta for most of my life.....and I agree mostly with what is stated above. Atlanta is a city that is continually growing, and more and more transplants come in with their own teams they follow. Those old northern cities such as Cleveland, Pittsburgh, etc....are just not as successful as Atlanta (not talking sports). Therefore have a lower-class, blue collar following that has been behind their team for years, perhaps generations......
  10. Wr's and TE's are the same in my league. There is NO speciality for just TE. WE get points per Rec., Yds., and TD's....... Who to start? Stallworth or Heap? Looking for just a name.
  11. Have Bledsoe and Brees

    At least you have a starter and not a guy sitting on the bench.....BTW, that's errie how my gut was saying don't push it beyond tonight. I do think Romo will be better than Bledsoe, and it will happen sooner, rather than later.....IMO.....
  12. What do you need tonight?

    Ummmm....ya...I need Bledsoe to be put back in....need just one more TD from him...... or... two field goals from Feely, one of which needs to be from 40+ yds.......
  13. Have Bledsoe and Brees

    Ummmm.......yeah, now it's a definite!!!!