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  1. 10 yards both rushing and receiving per point, 1 point per reception Dayne vs. Indy or Evans vs. Ten ? Guy I'm playing has LT AND Brees, so I need all the help I can get.
  2. WDIS @ flex?

  3. WDIS @ flex?

  4. WDIS @ flex?

    1 ppr, 10 yards per point for both rushing and receiving The current options on my roster: M. Furrey @ GB G. Jennings vs. Det L. Evans vs. Mia B. Jacobs vs. Phi R. Dayne @ NE I'm kind of leaning towards Jennings I think. Neither of the RBs looks like a great choice and probably won't help me much as far as receptions go. Evans faces a tough Miami D. Furrey's been hot lately and Jennings has not, but I think he's due for a big game against a pretty bad Detroit secondary. Then again, GB's secondary may be even worse, but I'm guessing they'll have a tougher time passing this week with KJones out. What do you think?
  5. I finished the regular season in 2nd place in one of my leagues and locked up the 1st round bye. My team as it currently stands: QB - P. Manning, Romo, Kitna RB - SJax, CTaylor, JLewis, Lundy WR - Roy Williams, Wayne, Muhammad, Gabriel TE - Heap, Utecht K - Kaeding D - New England, Carolina The scoring is as follows: 50 yards per passing point, 20 rushing ypp and 20 receiving ypp. We start 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 W/R, 1 TE, 1 K, and 1 D. There's another team in the playofsf (#5 seed) who has LJ and only has Trent Green and Seneca Wallace at QB. Should I make an offer? If so, who should I try and deal away? The big name in Peyton or the super-hot Romo?
  6. Dillon or Maroney in 2007

    Hard to say....I'm a Pats fan and while Maroney is clearly our RB of the future, I'd be suprised if they let him shoulder the entire load next season as a 2nd year player, as effective as he's been this year. I thought I'd read that Dillon's option is for an additional 3 years though, which I'm not sure we'd agree to at that price. I'd bet on Dillon being back next year one way or another, with Maroney taking on more and more of the workload as the season goes on.
  7. Ben's going against NO, Farve against Minnesota. I like BB's matchup better....but I'm not terribly comfortable with the way he's looked lately. Then again, it's a .5 PPC league, so last weeks' performance would have gotten me plenty of points despite the INTs. Can I expect Pitt to be throwing a lot again this week? In my other $$ league, it's 1 ppc. Do I go with Eli against Chicago, Romo against Arizona, or Gerrard against Houston? I'm not real high on Eli right now (trying to trade him, as a matter of fact), especially against the Bears D coming off a bad loss last week. Gerrard's probably got the best matchup, but he may not throw much. I'm leaning towards Romo right now....good matchup, has played well lately, and has thrown the ball 36 times in each of the last 2 games. Finally, in a PPR league, do I go with Fitzgerald or Evans? Normally it'd be a no-brainer with Fitz, but it's his first week back and Green said he might be limited to 50% of the snaps and he's going against a decent Dallas pass defense. This would be normally be enough for me to sit him, but Buffalo's gonna be without McGahee and Indy's pass D isn't bad. Then again, overall, Indy's D just isn't very good.
  8. Rate my trades....

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  9. Rate my trades....

  10. WR Free Agent Advice

  11. WR Free Agent Advice

    ppr league, 15 ypp, 6 for TD Jennings is questionable for this week, so I'm going to the FA list to fill my other WR spot. Here's what's available: Jenkins (@ Det) McCardell or Parker (vs. Cle) Clayton (vs. Cin) Gabriel (vs. Ind) C. Henry (@ Bal) Taylor or Robinson (@ SF) I'm leaning towards Jenkins, considering how bad Detroit's pass D is and how well Vick's been throwing the ball lately. However, while I don't like his matchup for this week, I'm tempted to go with Henry because I think he'll be picked up by next week, if not in the next few days. We start 2 receivers and I've got S. Smith, Fitz, Evans, and Jennings, so if Henry continues to play well I could then easily afford to trade off some of my WR depth and try to nab a quality QB (the only thing my team's missing IMO). Thoughts?
  12. Rate my trades....

  13. 3 Marginal RBs

    I'd say either Bell or Jacobs. It sounds like Tatum will play, but he won't be at 100% and I'm guessing he won't be for a while considering what a nagging injury turf toe can be. If you're picking these guys up off the WW, M. Bell could be valuable in a couple weeks if Tatum's injury gets much worse. On the flip side, even if M. Bell got all the carries this week, Pitt's run D is MUCH tougher than Indy's, and like you said, Jacobs should get a fair amount of carries if the Giants take care of business early. If you're taking them off the WW, I'd go with Bell. If you've already got them on your team, Jacobs.