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  1. WDIS at D

    I'd probably go Giants. Just seems like a safer pick to me.
  2. Is it time to Bench Kitna?

    I'm benching Kitna. I'd definitely start Romo instead. I mean...nothing's fullproof. It is always possible that a player will have some amazing game out of nowhere, but the odds are against it with Kitna minus a run game going against the #6 passing D.
  3. WDIS for flex this week?

    Yea. I suppose that is a bit of a safer bet. I just am not completely sold on Chicago's offense (or at least I admit that it is inconsistent). With Berrian out....maybe Muhammad is the better pick. I can always hold crayton and see what happens in future weeks in Dallas.
  4. Dropped Toomer for Crayton. I usually play Glenn for my flex player, but his situation looks bad right now. Would you start Muhammad(CHI) against the Giants or Crayton (DAL) against the cardinals? Muhammad seems like the better choice, but I have a gut feeling that Crayton might come up big against the Cardinals with Glenn probably sitting out. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  5. Steeler homer

    Dude, I wish. I rather like that beer last time I was out East. No Yuengling love for the midwest unfortunately. Its good stuff for a somewhat light beer.
  6. Major WR issues

    Wow....You're on your own their.
  7. have to bench 1 of these stud rb's

    I'd sit westy if it wasn't a ppr league. Since it is...I'd sit LJ. I think you have the right read on things. Good news is you should have a good day regardless.
  8. Has Leinart turned into a pumpkin?

    I vote Pumpkin. I thought he had some potential after the showing against CHI. I'd only have him on my roster in a keeper league (they might actually hire a good coach in AZ next year....I mean...its technically possible). I dropped Leinart for Kitna this week. I'm not saying that Leinart is terrible, but after he struggled against OAK...he isn't a reliable start IMO. Good luck.
  9. do you start Brady or Kitna?

    It might be worth starting brady as I expect a possible offensive shootout. I don't think you really go wrong either way though. Brady would probably be a safer bet IMO, but I haven't gotten to see too many Lions games this year.
  10. Tonight's MNF doesn't have much FF value

    I need about 35 points from Longwell...what do you think my chances are?
  11. Michael Turner - NOOOOOOOOO!

    Blah....I got killed this week by an LT owner. Bastage had Vick, LT, and A. Green. That's like 99 points by 3 of your 9 players. I'll end up with 120 points and still lose by 30. Its frustrating to be in a 12 team league and be 3rd or 4th in points and still lose by a ton.
  12. Thats kind of what I was thinking. I just wanted to bounce it off a few others before I made a switch that would seem counterintuitive to what the past few games have shown statistically. I appreciate the help fellas. I'm going against a tough team this week regardless though, so it may not matter who I start. We'll just hope for the underdogs this week.
  13. What do you think of T. Glenn's value now with Romo at the helm? Glenn seemed to get more looks from Bledsoe than he did from Romo. Do you think he'll fall for the "throw everything to TO" mantra that owens pushes? I consider Glenn to be very talented, but I'm stuck starting either Glenn or M. Muhammad this week and I don't have a good feeling about either as a starter. Muhammad has started getting ignored in the last few games. I just have a feeling he might show up if the Chicago offense puts up some numbers against the 49ers at home. Any suggestions on who to start? Or takes on Glenn's value in general. Any help from the homers is appreciated.
  14. Lions will run the table, finish 10-6

    You mean some people don't see them as a super bowl caliber team? Hmm...wonder whats wrong with those guys. I'm a recovering Detroit Lions fan . It's seriously sad how they find a way to be terrible every year. I mean its comparable to the freakin cardinals how they find a way to lose no matter what they do or who they draft.
  15. Favre or Leinart?

    I'm gambling on Lienart. I just picked him up since I (and Parcells) dropped Bledsoe.