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  1. What is Pinner doing in there?

    Bench his ass!
  2. What is Pinner doing in there?

    No kidding, I had Benson in my lineup until the last minute and I changed my mind and went with Fason. Dumb Dumb Dumb.
  3. WDIS

    Start LJ. I know its the Baltimore defense but its LJ he WILL produce. Plus they are playing in KC take a look at LJ's stats when he plays in KC. He ran all over Denver, San Diego, and Oakland in KC all of which are suppose to be tough defenses. He will get at least 1 TD and 120 yards against the Ravens.
  4. WDIS at Flex?

    So go with Benson? Anybody disagree?
  5. WDIS at Flex?

    I just picked up Fason and Benson has been on my bench all year. I need help on my 3rd flex since Maroney is banged up. Who would you start? Fason @ DET Benson @ STL Thanks!
  6. Maroney vs Lundy

    I've got the same issue as well, and right now I am going with Lundy.
  7. Trade Advice Help!

    I'm still on the edge with this one. I got a few hours till I have to decide to accept or not. Anybody else have any suggestions?
  8. Trade Advice Help!

    No I'm not in either one.
  9. Trade Advice Help!

    Anybody got any advice for this trade??
  10. Trade Advice Help!

    I need some trade advice help. Someone has just offered me the following trade. Bulger and Roy Williams for Tory Holt and Big Ben. I am 9-2 and I just lost McNabb to injury today. The rest of my team is below in my signature. I hate to get rid of Holt (even though he has sucked lately) but I could use a replacement QB since all I have right now is McNair and Big Ben. Should I do this trade? Thanks
  11. lot's of injuries

    You're not the only one. I also have McNabb. So much for my 9-1 record
  12. McNabb Hurt

    Well there goes my season. I was 9-1 the best record in my league and the most total points.
  13. I have a similar problem except mine is with Lundy, Maroney, and Leon Washington. Right now I am leaning towards starting Lundy.
  14. I know you should always start your studs but does this rule apply for TE's too? Especially two TE's that are pretty close to each other in terms of scoring. Crumpler is going up against the strong Baltimore defense and Desmond Clark is playing the Jets. Would you start Crumpler or Desmond Clark? Thanks