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  1. 2007 NBA Draft

    As Wilcat said, the funniest part to me is that both guys end up out west. Guess the east will remain inferior for even longer now and as a Heat fan, which is fine by me, but that had to be the league's worst nightmare. I actually feel bad for the Celtics though.
  2. *** NFL Draft Contest ***

    1 QB, Russell, LSU 2 WR, Johnson, Georgia Tech 3 QB, Quinn, Notre Dame 4 DE, Adams, Clemson 5 OT, Thomas, Wisconsin 6 S, Landry, LSU 7 RB, Peterson, Oklahoma 8 DT, Okoye, Louisville 9 OT, Brown, Penn State 10 CB, Hall, Michigan 11 LB, Willis, Ole Miss 12 LB, Harris, Michigan 13 DE, Anderson, Arkansas 14 DE, Carriker, Nebraska 15 LB, Timmons, Florida St.
  3. Broncos conitnue their offseason remake

    I've heard they're interested in Willis. But if they trade up, I hope its not for him. As much as I like the guy and think he'll be a great player, I'd much rather see them invest their 1st rounder in the DL.
  4. broncos shopping al wilson?

    I think DJ will be able to play the middle. But still, Wilson was one of the defense leaders and DJ is not yet. I just hope they got a 2nd rounder for him; he was too valuable to that D to get anything less.
  5. Ginn not running?

    Wasn't high on him to begin with and now nobody has a 40 time on him? That can't be good for a guy who's reliant on his speed. He'll have to (for his sake) run at some point in the next month, no?
  6. broncos sign backup QB

    I don't mind this too much. Though I would have preferred a vet who maybe could help Cutler some, I do think he's an upgrade from Van Pelt or Kanell.
  7. Bly wants out of Denver

    I'd go for a swap of 1sts for Bly, then the Broncos can take one of the impact DEs. Screw Betts. Before Henry fine, but not now.
  8. Graham to Denver

    Its not a bad signing are far as the player will help the team, but Daniel Graham isn't worth $30 million & $15m guaranteed in any market, even this one.
  9. Eh. I agree, Henry does nothing to excite me and the way Shanny can make RBs in that system, I hate to waste a lot of cap space on the position unless I'm getting a young guy without too many miles. I too would much rather give a 3rd for McGahee.
  10. If You Have The Flu...

    This is the first time I've ever had the sucks beyond all sucktitude. I'm working on day #15 tomorrow. Had typically fever and aches/pains for 7 days and now its turned into somekind of respitory virus that looks and feels like strep but is not. I have a new-found empathy for people who get the flu. Thanks flu vaccine!
  11. DC Metro Huddlers

    I agree, if working in NoVa, it's probably easiest to live in VA somewhere because the rush hour traffic here is miserable going from MD to VA or vice-versa. Or if you do find a place in MD, near a metro would be good so you could metro into work if possible. As someone who is currently living (renting) in's not cheap. At all. I've been looking to buy for 2 years now and while prices are coming down from what they were, they're still high. As everyone else said, it's all about how much of a commute you're willing to put up with. It will be difficult to find a house in Old Towne or the Courthouse/Clarendon area for $500-600k, but as Kid Cid said, if you're willing to move out a bit (either further out on the metro line or away from the metro all together), it becomes a lot easier.
  12. Shanahan provides this year's scapegoat:

    Great hire. I'm fine with this.
  13. OSU vs Florida

    Wow, gutsy call to go for it. One of those plays where if you make it, you're praised for being gutsy and confident in your team and if not, everyone says it was a stupid call.
  14. Jackass 2

    I love this movie.