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  1. OK one of my receivers is Reggie Brown. I hope he gets thrown to more that my other starter S. WHO? Smith. With that being said I would like a balance of Philly and Dal players. Not all eggs in one basket. I'm in the championship game and getting hammered by Jones Drew and Payton already So... Romo or Garcia LJ Smith or Witten KP
  2. Pick my lineup for the $$$$ HELP

    Just wondering WR Smith and ?? Reggie Brown, A Johnson, or Devry H?? Leaning Romo Would you start Scheffler over LJ Smith??
  3. Pick my lineup for the $$$$ HELP

    Still crickets huh??? Just checking back before setting my lineup
  4. Pick my lineup for the $$$$ HELP

    Anyone want to take a crack at this???
  5. OK went 7-7 (three losses by a total of 3 pts ouch) Playing for the $$$$ this week. I think I know who I'm going with but need some moral support. Here goes QB Romo PHI OR Garcia at Dal??? Leaning Romo RB #2 Ro. Brown or Sammy Morris NYJ won't have a clear picture until Mon night OR C. Benson @ Det??? leaning Benson WR #2 aw heck #1 and #2 S. Smith @ Atl, A Johnson Ind, Devry H @ NYG, Furrey Chi, Mussan Moh @ Det, Reggie Brown @ Dal always start your studs I know but lately the studs have been duds. I'd like to go with Henderson but don't know who of the bunch to start along side him TE Witten PHI (not too many TD's thrown his way) or LJ Smith @ Dal (some TD's thrown his way, not too much in the way of yards) or the sneaky play of Scheffler CIN. Cin lets up tons of TE pts and with a rookie QB And for giggles K Scobee NE or Gramatica PHI??? Leaning Scobee
  6. OK Sammy Morris is the lone RB for MIA going against a bad Bills D for that reason he is ahead in my book Benson is a solid back. Is TJ hurt? Resting? Bad QB? It's a little more risky but could pay off. Both look to get 70/1 Who do you like??
  7. Romo Garcia or Sexy Rexy?

    I have similar situation. Romo and Garcia I am leaning Romo. The matchup looks too good on paper for Garcia. Giants play better at home, rivalry, playoffs an issue, home crowd, windy Dal is in a dome on turf. Reports are that Hall is NOT 100% (knee) and that's the best they have to throw at Dal.
  8. Garcia or Romo?

    Crickets huh?
  9. Need a WR #2 Andre Johnson @ NE Have gone with him the entire season. Not real happy these past few weeks. OK pass D looks like 60-90/0 Furrey @ GB No KJ and Harris won't be a factor. Pass, Pass, and pass Det is 14th in gaining WR pts and GB is 32nd in giving them up. I know some of you were suggesting him last week. Henderson Was If you are the D Coord for Was how do you prepare for NO??? Let's see is Bush going to run or catch?? How does D Mc fit into that. Now how the heck are we going to cover Horn, Colston, Devry, Copper and Karney???? Hmmmm. I think Was tries to stop one thing and get burned in what they let go. NO is 2nd in WR pts gained and Was is 29th in giving them up It would look that Furrey and Henderson would both be good choices for #1 and #2 BUT I have Steve Smith as my #1. Please pick ONE of the above for the #2 WR slot.
  10. Garcia or Romo?

    Made the playoffs!!! Woo Hoo Need a QB this week. I'm playing a BIG Philly fan and the 1st place guy this week. I have Delhomme and Romo. I've been using Romo since he was a starter. Garcia @ NYG NYG are 29th in FFpts to QB's BUT are better at home Romo @ ATL Dome game with one good CB (Hall) They both look good for 250/2 Who do you like???
  11. IF Delhomme out Still start S. Smith?

    I hate the late night game time decisions. I'm leaning S. Smith and A. Johnson but still would like to squeeze Devry Henderson in there. Can only start TWO and NO Flex. ARGHHHH KP
  12. Comes down to Benson or Fason. Who do you like???? HELP!!!
  13. IF Delhomme out Still start S. Smith?

    You've established the "don't bench Smith" plan. Now, who is your number 2??? A. Johnson TEN, Henderson Dal, Furrey MiN??? KP
  14. HOUSTON is GONE!!! Maroney still looks banged up. I'm leaning Benson or maybe Fason with Jacobs third on my list. Pick ONE of these guys. Thanks. KP