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  1. Furrey, Romo didn't look too bueno last week.
  2. Andre Johnson, Bernard Berrian, Javon Walker....

    I think you have to go with Andre. He has been a monster in our league (PPR league) so that is who I would go with. Thanks for your reply.
  3. Edge vs Denver or McGahee vs Miami?

    I would start Willis
  4. Dillon or TJones

    Gotta play Dillon
  5. ROUND 2

    That is who I would start
  6. WDIS: RB

    I like MJD
  7. thinking of benching holt

    Keep Holt active
  8. Favre-Grossman-Brady

    Favre is supposed to have a huge week. Brady was kind of slow last week so he could bounce back. I like Favre.
  9. Rudi Johnson or LJ

    I rolled the dice and started Gore vs. Seattle and came up big. Now I am considering sitting LJ for Rudi's match-up vs. the Colts. What do I do.
  10. WDIS at QB

  11. Gore or Rudi

    Well it is working out now, he has 27 for me. Thanks for the help guys.
  12. Gore or Rudi

    Nope, as usual I started the wrong guy. Gore has a whopping 8 points.
  13. WDIS QB?

    I like Bulger