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  1. Rudi Johnson or LJ

    I rolled the dice and started Gore vs. Seattle and came up big. Now I am considering sitting LJ for Rudi's match-up vs. the Colts. What do I do.
  2. Furrey, Romo didn't look too bueno last week.
  3. Andre Johnson, Bernard Berrian, Javon Walker....

    I think you have to go with Andre. He has been a monster in our league (PPR league) so that is who I would go with. Thanks for your reply.
  4. Edge vs Denver or McGahee vs Miami?

    I would start Willis
  5. Dillon or TJones

    Gotta play Dillon
  6. ROUND 2

    That is who I would start
  7. WDIS: RB

    I like MJD
  8. thinking of benching holt

    Keep Holt active
  9. Favre-Grossman-Brady

    Favre is supposed to have a huge week. Brady was kind of slow last week so he could bounce back. I like Favre.
  10. WDIS at QB

  11. Gore or Rudi

    I have both and have to pick one along side LJ. I was going to play Gore until I heard about the weather tonight.
  12. Gore or Rudi

    Well it is working out now, he has 27 for me. Thanks for the help guys.
  13. Gore or Rudi

    Nope, as usual I started the wrong guy. Gore has a whopping 8 points.
  14. WDIS QB?

    I like Bulger
  15. Gore or Rudi

    Well I am going with Gore tonight, may end up benching LJ. Can't believe I just said that.
  16. Playoff Matchup

    I like your chances
  17. D. Branch in the wind or C. Henry on Monday Night?

    I have Branch and he has only had one good game for me. I would go with Henry, must remember there is supposed to be 50mph gusts tonight
  18. Brady or Leinart

    I like Brady
  19. Dillon or M. Barber?

  20. WDIS?

  21. Which quarterback should I start this week?

    Then again Sportsline says Green is a Sit'em. Sorry
  22. Which quarterback should I start this week?

    Just heard Delhomme isn't playing and due to weather I wouldn't play Smith.