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  1. 2021 RFA Primer and Commentary

    Rules are summarized above. Bid convention this year should be as follows: RFA21 - [Full Player Name] [NFL Team] [Position] (Current RFA rights holder) or FT21 - [Full Player Name] [NFL Team] [Position] (Current FT rights holder) Example: RFA21 - Deion Sanders ATL CB (Footlongs) or FT21 - Warrick Dunn ATL RB (Footlongs) Please avoid spotlighting players, bid or unbid. There's no official rules in the rulebook against it but it's bad form in my opinion. You can see your bidding balance in the link below. I will do my best to update the cash as bids are won or matches are confirmed but each owner is responsible for their own balance regardless of the state of update on MFL. 2021 AFL Devy Accounting Finally, to confirm for both new and old owners, RFA rights can be traded at any time in this league. Franchise Tag rules regarding bidding and matching are below.
  2. 2021 Rule Review Catch all Discussion

    I think that both the devy change and the FT change both need to be 2022 cycle if they happen. Need to give teams time to prepare for it.
  3. 2021 Rule Review Catch all Discussion

    I don't disagree with your logic on changing it. And I agree with waiting until next year to implement but if there's a good idea to vote on, I'd rather vote now so everyone is prepared for the 2022 FT cycle. Thoughts on changes? I'm partial to the ATAP/AOTAOP model but not necessarily with the one year deal if you remain. But that's just me.
  4. 2021 Rule Review Catch all Discussion

    I have put the devy number rule change to a vote. As per the rules 67% affirmative is required to pass the rule change.
  5. Please vote on every question, even if you vote no on the first one.
  6. 2021 Rule Review Catch all Discussion

    I'm game for a change on the FT but in order for this to be a vote, I need something to change it to. How would you like the franchise tag to be going forward?
  7. 2021 Rule Review Catch all Discussion

    I suppose that it would make sense to add a round or two to the draft to allow room for owners to draft them.
  8. 2021 Franchise Tag Declaration

    Tags are due Apr 10
  9. 2021 Rule Review Catch all Discussion

    I'm going to throw this out there again. I'm a big advocate for more Devys. I'd like to see 4 or 5 devys per team and one of those devys devoted to defense only.
  10. 2021 Important Threads

    2021 Offseason Schedule 2021 Dues thread 2021 Rules Review Discussion 2021 Draft order 2021 Franchise Tag Declaration
  11. Please use this thread for preliminary discussion of potential rules changes. Separate threads will be made for votes.
  12. 2021 Offseason Schedule

    We were a little late getting out of the gate with the new owner this year so I'm proposing the following for a schedule to squeeze offseason activities in. Apr 3 - 10 - Rule review period Apr 10 - Franchise Tags due Apr 11 - 28 - RFA Apr 21 - Offseason waiver run Apr 29 (or completion of RFA bids whichever is later) - Teams awarded $100 Devy bucks May 3 - Rookie draft start
  13. 2021 Site up

    Divisions have been realigned as per the rulebook. Draft order is set for the rookie/devy draft. Cash and future draft picks have been imported. We are still short an owner but that is being worked on. More updates to follow.
  14. Ongoing Rules Talk

    With talk of a 17 game NFL regular season, we should discuss potential changes to the league this offseason.
  15. Cocks roster move