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  1. Ongoing Rules Talk

    With talk of a 17 game NFL regular season, we should discuss potential changes to the league this offseason.
  2. Cocks roster move

  3. Returning for 2021?

    Godfathers posted on the MFL site that they will not be returning.
  4. Returning for 2021?

  5. 2020 Payouts

    Hang onto my $50 for pay for 2021 season
  6. 2021 Draft order

    For draft order seeding, we have used overall record and total points only.
  7. 2021 Draft order

    1) Hunting Beach Longhorns (2-11) [1961.7 PF] 2) Maryland Blue Crabs (2-11) [2163.9 PF] 3) The 4 Star (2-11) [2208.6 PF] 4) Columbus Cocks (4-9) [2229.3 PF] 5) Saskatchewan Yetis (4-9) [2500.9 PF] 6) Pennsylvania Postals (8-5) [2518.7 PF] 7) River City Reform (9-4) [Eliminated in week 14] 8) New York Godfather (10-3) [Eliminated in week 14] 9) Favre Dollar Footlongs [4th place] 10) Giant Sack Pack [3rd place] 11) Beirut Shisha [2nd place] 12) Dragline [1st place]
  8. Shisha roster movea

  9. Cocks roster move

    At 12 players deep, I can honestly say that I've never seen a team with a larger IR than yours. Done.
  10. Playoff seeds are set

    I lied. There is/was a tiebreaker to talk about. Stats were changed on the Wednesday after I set the bracket which affected the outcome of the week 13 Godfathers v. Footlongs matchup. Godfathers won after the adjustments which put both them and Footlongs at 10-3. Head-to-head on the season was 1-1 so total points decided who got first seed. Weeks 1-13 Footlongs total points for was 2,718.4 Weeks 1-13 Godfathers total points for was 2,671.9 Footlongs still first seed in the Butthead division.
  11. Playoff seeds are set

    No real tiebreakers to explain this year. Playoff Bracket
  12. river city roster 2020

  13. Dragline Roster

  14. Trade deadline

    Last hurrah to make a deal.
  15. Shisha roster movea

  16. Crabs 2020 Roster Moves

  17. Baseball question...

    Grip has alot to do with the pitch, four fingers, two fingers, seam, knuckle etc. You can also watch the release, wrist flick is tell-tale of a curve or slider. Finally, the movement, speed and location are the final clues.
  18. I need a math expert please

    Really? The rarest type eh? Guess I lucked out getting two boys.
  19. Just finished an auction

    It's tough to budget when the auction doesn't start out the way that you want. Although, SA and Benson were probably inflated fatter than you'd like, it was likely a necessary inflation to make sure that you could field a decent duo. Either way, you managed to get a solid RB corps together for about half the cap. Given that LT went for over 60%, getting your whole backfield, and a solid one at that, was solid. Smith for 21 was a great deal. I have him at about 25-30 but again the RB spending likely resulted in that depression. Either way, solid value. Cutler for $1, can't beat that. He likely goes for 3-8 in most auctions. Edwards and Clayton are hanging out in the 5-12 range for me, great deal to nab them at $3 each. KW2 is an absolute steal at $2. I don't like taking Brady for $13 but given the QBs that went around him, it is probably justified. Either way, solid auction, kudos for the post.
  20. I never liked the "stock up on RBs and work a trade later". Savvy owners will exploit your obvious weakness at WR and force you to overpay for a WR. In order of preference, Ward, Edwards, Reggie Brown, Plax, Coles, Santana Moss, Chambers, Galloway.
  21. Poker Hand for Discussion

    When you raise post-flop and get reraised for the minimum, that should have raised warning flags. With the second nut flush draw, I can't fault you for pushing but you had to know at that point, you were behind.
  22. Two more in the family

    Our twins were born last night. Two boys. Oldest - Derrick James Ford 6 lb 3 oz 18.5" long born at 5:24 pm Youngest - Shane Michael Ford 6 lb 15 oz 19.4" long born at 5:45 pm Mom is doing great and I am busy trying to keep up with my daughter (3) while they rest in the hospital. I appreciate all good vibes/advice sent our way.
  23. Two more in the family

    Yeah, no kidding, hard to believe the wife pushed out over 13 lbs of baby plus baggage... We were also told that it is odd for the younger twin to be larger than the older one.