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  1. Possible Trade

    Do it. I think Djax's value will drop with a sagging Seahawks with Wallace at the helm. The upgrades at RB and QB make it a feasible trade.
  2. Harrison really helps your WR crew (I'm assuming you start 3 WRs given the number of WRs you carry). However, I'd try to use Vick's abnormally high stock to get more out of the guy you are trading with.
  3. Trade Advice 4 for 4

    I like the trade. I say do it.
  4. Need your advice...

    I'd drop the Dallas Defense.
  5. WDIS WR

    Boldin for sure. Coles is probably the next best play if he's healthy. Edit: after you put Roy in, I'd go with him.
  6. Trade advice

    Don't do it; Chargers to the Bengals D/ST is too big of a downgrade for Winslow.
  7. That would be nice. CJ's 99 yd performance would look much better as 9.9 points instead of 9. Mind you, the other guy had Willie parker; he finished with about 109.
  8. Unless yards are altered overnight, my game finished 79-79. Bench scoring breaks ties in my league and I have 4 people on bye. Good bye 3-2, Hello 3-3
  9. Big Ben on Waivers.

    Yours is a keeper league, I would.
  10. Westbrook or Deuce M?

    Stick with Westy.
  11. I stand by my original choices. Welker is averaging 1.4 catches more than Horn for similar yards and 2.4 more than Brown for similar yards. The difference-maker here being that Brown has 3 TDs whereas the others have none. Catch numbers say go with Welker and Horn but I'm banking on a Philly v. NO shootout with lots of throwing. Horn and Brown.
  12. Go with Brown and Horn. Brees will be throwing the ball alot today.
  13. Boldin or Cotchery

    I say Cotchery, Chicago has only allowed one passing TD all year and it was in garbage time.
  14. Start M. Morris over T. Barber?

    It's tempting to look at the good matchup and say Morris but I think you have to follow the ASYS rule here.
  15. Westbrook, Coles, Williams

    Westbrook is good to go. Not sure about the others.
  16. Need last Minute Help- What to do?

    I like Atlanta and Colston here. Atlanta's speed should produce some sacks and ints against Manning. Brees will be forced to throw because I think the Eagles will be up early.
  17. WDIS at WR?

    I think you are leaning right. SF won't have much of an offense this week.
  18. WDIS @ RB

    I'm debating whether Turner or Betts will out-point Edge this week. I like both Betts (v. Tennessee) and Turner's (v. SF) matchup and I'm thinking Edge will be shut down by the Bears. Who is the best play this week? Also, out of Boldin (v. CHI), A. Johnson (v. DAL) or Colston (v. PHI), who would you start there?

    If you give up Pennington, ask for Maroney or Droughns back.

    Tough call, Team A needs the help at RB but trading away Bulger leaves Roethlisberger at the helm. Team B has the RB depth to make the deal and I view Bulger as a definite upgrade to Pennington (his likely current starter). I view it as semi-even but Team A definitely needs to scour the WW for QB help until Big Ben gets his act together.
  21. WDIS-burleson v. mccardell

    I say Burleson, Seattle has enjoyed using multi-receiver sets. I also think SEA v. STL will be high-scoring so there is opportunity for scores. San Diego will get up on San Fran early and run the ball for the rest of the game. I doubt the passing game will get much done there.
  22. WDIS @ RB

    Thanks for the replies. Would adding K. Jones to the mix of RB choices change anyone's mind? It looks like that mild concussion he suffered last week won't keep him out as I've not heard anything about it.