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  1. Gore Worries

    Is there any reason to worry about Robinson taking the majority of goal line carries after today's games against the Eagles?
  2. PU RB Maroney or Addai?

    I still don't think Addai is the real deal. His numbers this year have been in the absence of Rhodes in garbage time mostly. I, like you, am a Gore owner that's probably going to pick up Maroney as a little insurance for a few weeks while I see how bad Gore is.
  3. SIMTT

    Standard performance league I have Boldin, Driver, Bryant and R. Brown at WR and Alexander, Gore, Bush and C. Brown at RB Gore, Bush and C. Brown have the same bye week, (poor planning on my part) so I'm forced to make a trade. But even though Boldin has been outshined by Driver and Bryant so far, I have a feeling he'll heat up soon. Should I take this trade for some much needed RB depth? or hang onto Boldin and search elsewhere for another RB?
  4. Trade offer

    I was offered this trade from a division rival in a league where we are both 2-0. Standard performance scoring and the like, 1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 TE 1 PK 1 Team Def starters. He offered: Carson Palmer (his backup; he has P. Manning) Muhsin Muhammad Matt Stover Jamal Lewis for: Brad Johnson (my backup behind M. Bulger) Reggie Brown Lawrence Tynes Shaun Alexander I'm heavily considering the trade given Bulger's weak start but my other RB are Gore (obvious 2nd starter), Bush and C. Jones. Is it too early to pull off a trade like this?
  5. Trade offer

    Best on the market I've seen is Rivers or Smith. Both of which I'm leery about starting in place of Bulger.
  6. WDIS

    Who do I start this week alongside Anquin Boldin? Donald Driver vs. NO Reggie Brown vs. NYG Antonio Bryant vs. STL I was leaning toward Driver seeing as how he gets alot of looks but given the poor play of GB quarterbacks, I'm torn between him and Bryant. Any suggestions?