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  1. Two more in the family

    Originally thought so from the first ultrasound. Now they aren't so sure because their heads look different. Blood tests will prove either or.
  2. keeper draft strategy

    I wouldn't be all that upset if you had to take Lynch at 1.03. If that happens, I'd try to work a trade-down deal with someone desperate to get BJax and nab a WR or a pair of picks. Pick up Bowe or Jarrett or even Meachem if you are a gambling man with said picks. Done deal. It's tough to speculate further without more info. But seeing that your league is 2 WR start only and you have TO, Fitz and Jennings, I would be focussing on RB and hoping that Lynch falls to you.
  3. Maybe it's just my opinion but I look at Lynch at 3.03 as a reach with solid WR options (young no less) available. I think that you are better off going stud WR here and thinking about a value RB pick later if you are convinced that RB flex is the way to go. A larger list of available RBs would be beneficial. Has Marion Barber gone? T Jones? Deuce McAllister?
  4. I probably go WR. I'm assuming that you are probably 3.02 or 3.03 (26th or 27th overall) so guys like Larry Fitzgerald or Reggie Wayne are good pickups here.
  5. Football Trivia

    I'd be curious to know the exact scoring of that play. Did he get credit for both a passing TD and rec TD?
  6. Monday the 9th

    Mrs. Tford will be induced on Monday. As some of you may know, we are having twins. So far the doc says that everything should be fairly routine but I am a nervous wreck and the wife is praying to avoid a possible C-section. Any good vibes you'd be willing to send, my family would be willing to receive. Here's to hoping for the best. (Happy 4th all you Americans)
  7. Which WR's would you cut?

    You could always trade a couple of them to FBJ. You're always saying how he's such a sucker.
  8. Auction Draft

    Way to difficult to say with an auction. Generally, I don't go with a top tier RB stud as they usually go for about $10-$20 more than I've budgeted for a RB1. I like to try to grab two tier 2 RBs or 1 tier 2 RB and 2 tier 3 RBs and drop money on a stud WR. But it is impossible for me to speculate because I don't know anything about the spending habits for your fellow owners. Without any further info, I'd say try to make a budget and stick to the plan. If LT falls within your plan, get him. If he doesn't, there are alot of solid options other than LT to anchor your team at RB.
  9. Why Favre in the 8th round? Maybe it's just me, and I don't know who was available but I might have tried to go WR or TE there. Perhaps, you could have nailed down someone better than Bruce as your bye week filler. KW2 is solid at TE and I don't know if much improvement could have been made. Tough to say without being in the draft and knowing who was available.
  10. What's in a Name?

    Would be a cool story, but would be untrue. Oddly enough, when I play poker online, my name is tford or tjford or some variate otherwise, I get alot of people asking me if I am TJ Ford of the Toronto Raptors when I say I am from Canada.
  11. What's in a Name?

    People don't know what acid is in my hometown and by the reference, you are assuming that I am older than I really am. Honestly, the story I was told is that they stole the name for a guy off off a TV show; General Hospital I believe. Found the link;
  12. What's in a Name?

    First name is Tryston. The weird spelling gets it butchered all the time so I go by TJ or T-Ford alot.
  13. If it's TDs only, it doesn't matter. If it's TDs plus kick return yardage, it matters.
  14. Give him the old "accidental tap of the iron" on his ankles. That'll shut him up. Option #2 - Don't play skins with him again.
  15. EVOO

    I'm ashamed to admit that I had to google what EVOO meant.
  16. Poker Quiz/Conundrum

    Everybody wants to be friends with the grenade-jumper.
  17. Poker Quiz/Conundrum

    Likely not since you can make 5 different straights with a 7 (7-8-9-10-J 6-7-8-9-10 etc) whereas you can only make 2 different straights with a 2 Edit: Beaten
  18. Stanley Cup Finals

    The Hamilton Predators will win the cup next year.
  19. Poker Quiz/Conundrum

    Impressive, but I'd get check-raised and cough up the hand because I'm not that good at poker.
  20. Poker Quiz/Conundrum

  21. Poker Quiz/Conundrum

    Opp: 4D 2D Board: AD AS AH KS My hand: 3S 2S Outs: Every card except for: Three remaining fours Outs: 41 cards / 44 cards = 93% to chop or win
  22. Poker Quiz/Conundrum

    Opp has ace-rag. Board is double paired and I have an open-ended straight flush draw. Opp: AD 3C Board: 7H 8H 7S 8S My hand: 9H 10H Outs: Two remaining 7s for a chop Two remaining 8s for a chop Three remaining 9s Three remaining 10s All four 6s All four Js Remaining 7 hearts Outs: 25 cards / 44 cards in the deck = 57% How's this?
  23. Poker Quiz/Conundrum

    Ah, must figure a way to include some form of chop to help out my %. Clever BC, clever.
  24. Poker Quiz/Conundrum

    Opponent has low pair, I have over cards and an open ended straight flush draw? Opp: 3D 8D Board: 8C 9C 2S AS My hand: JC 10C Outs: All four 7s Three remaining 10s Three remaining Js All four Qs Remaining 7 clubs = 21 outs / 44 cards = 48% to draw out for the win Am I Close? Edit: said spades but meant clubs