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  1. The perfect thread

    read. and posted... I have nothing of value to add.
  2. new gardening question....sort of

    Hot dogs soaked in antifreeze. Eventually you'll find that the dogs just don't come around anymore.
  3. Spain's NBA Bet of the Night

    I'll agree with the Under 190. How do you ignore the Spurs home court advantage here though?
  4. Made a very refreshing summer salad

    Sounds similar to a pasta salad that I make regularly for outdoor meals. Lose the chickpeas and throw in an oil-based dressing (italian or O/V) and toss dressed veggies with penne noddles.
  5. Legal question

    Absolutely spot on. Also, check if he has one of those "HOW AM I DRIVING?" numbers. Constantly, call it complaining of reckless driving near your street. Not only will he get reprimanded by his company. After so many, he'll be fired.
  6. Stanley Cup Finals

    I blame NBC for the both the week long layover and the night game BS. I had to listen to the first period on the radio last night. THE RADIO FFS!!
  7. Nightmares...

    I have read somewhere that dreaming that you are falling infinitely is a sign of insecurity. I will try to find that article I read describing the problems commonly associated to different types of dreams and link it here.
  8. I Bet You

    The Magician is probably the best guy to do this kind of show too. I wonder if it is downloadable.
  9. Taking care of your lawn

    Looking for some Huddle help here. My lawn was seeded three years ago (I bought my house 3 months ago). The lawn today is very patchy with alot of thick brown grass underneath the green grass that seems to be growing. I also have a multitude of dandelions growing in my yard despite a recent application of Josh Gordon N' Feed fertilizer. I am planning on getting some Kill-X spot herbicide to murder them weeds for good. Something of note is that my front lawn sees the majority of the sun during the day. Summary: 1) Lawn is patchy and uneven. 2) Thick brown grass seems to be choking out the good green grass that I have. 3) Weed N' Feed failed to kill weeds and help my lawn. My Plan: 1) Get Kill-X spot herbicide to kill weeds. 2) Power-rake dead grass in a week or two to allow for room for new sproutlings. 3) Re-seed lawn and water the hell out of it. Please help huddlers, lawn care is not something that comes easy to me as I have a black thumb. Is there anything here that I should or shouldn't be doing? TIA
  10. UFC 71, Who's Watchin?

    I got cash on Chuck this weekend.
  11. Taking care of your lawn

    Thanks all. Your help is much appreciated.
  12. Taking care of your lawn

    Why wouldn't I want to get rid of some of the dead grass by raking?
  13. Taking care of your lawn

    Thanks for all of the help guys, sorry I was away most of the weekend and couldn't check in. BJ is right about everything he laid out for me. It is a fairly dry climate where I'm at. Hasn't been much rain but I feel that I've supplemented that with regular waterings. The sun beats down directly on the lawn for the majority of the day. Very little shade except after about 5 pm. I can rent almost everything I need free-of-charge from a buddy of mine whose dad owns an equipment rental shop and like BJ said, twins will be on the way in about a month so I would rather keep the costs to a minimum. Thanks for all of the suggestions so far. As of now, I've just used spot-herbicide of kill of the weeds and things are looking a little better. I should be out there power-raking this weeknd.
  14. Auction drafters: who you targeting

    What would you like me to say? I'm targeting two of the following for RB; Bush/Maroney/Addai/LT/LJ/SJax/MJD/Gore/Peterson/Lynch/Henry/Rudi/SA at any price lower than my preset limits for each inidividual player. It sounds like I'm not targeting any one back in particular, but in fact, targeting the best deal out of a group of players that I like. As for targeting not being buying no matter what? There is ALWAYS one or two idiots that spend a huge wad on LJ/SA or whoever the top back(s) are. Those guys are most definitely targeting players and buying them no matter what.
  15. Auction drafters: who you targeting

    I don't really target players. Targeting players usually leads to overbidding. I set bid limits for a group of players I like and give up bidding when the price goes over my limit.
  16. Brooks & Plummer

    I'd be inclined to agree with that. Plummer may change his mind and come back but if Brooks hasn't landed with another team yet. I don't think he will at all.
  17. Brooks & Plummer

    Ask yourself this question; Even if Brooks/Plummer were to come back and start, would there ever be a (plausible) situation where I would start him? If the answer is no, then why waste the space? If the answer is yes, then sign them. In the end, I guess it would depend on your QBs wouldn't it?
  18. What 's for lunch today?

    Mr. Sub; Not sure which sub I'll get but I'll decide when I get there.
  19. Proper Baseball etiquette

    Aren't you supposed to beat lippy people with oversized sticks of cotton candy at baseball games?
  20. supuzzle

    A twist on an old game, it is impossible to do. The eighth line will always isolate the last utility from the last house.
  21. The Island Green-Sawgrass Hole #17

    Give the man some credit for having the stones to play for the win instead of playing for the paycheck. Sure, the play may have been a little callous but a) it made for an exciting finish to a good tournament (albeit was dpressing to see him fall so far) it showed the O'hair's true character as a competitor, and hopefully one day, a winner. Golf needs more players like him.
  22. Dynasty rookie draft trade

    How many RBs and WRs do you start? I fail to see how obtaining two more RBs makes sense over drafting CJ when your WRs could stand to improve.
  23. I'd be curious to hear people's opinion given this choice. Will Linehan keep Leonard as a tailback or use him as a fullback/3rd down pass-catching back?
  24. Link your dynasty draft here

    1.01 Calvin Johnson 1.02 Marshawn Lynch 1.03 Adrian Peterson 2.05 Paul Posluszny 3.01 Drew Stanton 3.09 Brian Leonard 4.07 Buster Davis 6.09 Zak DeOssie I know it's kind of a layup to fall into the first three picks but I think I managed to take the best player out there at each pick I've had so far.
  25. Link your dynasty draft here

    I happily grabbed him at 3.01. Although not exactly the same, I'd like to see a similar situation like Cincinnati.