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  1. Just curious, what is your IQ?

    +1 I've gotten anywhere from 110-145 depending on the test. Never taken a standardized test though.
  2. Dynasty rookie draft in progress

    I can't believe Kolb was picked almost a full round ahead of Stanton.
  3. Obviously, Draft will not overtake Witherspoon at MLB. Where does he go? Does he overtake Chillar's spot?
  4. Married People

    Tried to send PM but your inbox is full.
  5. Stacked with rookie picks

    I made a couple moves that I think will make this decision a no-brainer. 1) I cut Randy Moss; he was signed at $44 per year (more than LT) 2) Dealt away Shockey ($2) and Alex Smith ($5) and 2.10 of this year's rookie draft for Vince Young ($13.50 for 6 years) and Tony Gonzalez ($14 at 1 year). I'll be the first say that this was a blatent cap move and that Gonzalez is way overpaid but I was able to absorb the hit fairly easy and Young over Smith is a hugh upgrade. 3) Traded LaMont Jordan ($7) for Gary Brackett ($0.30); Easy move for me as Brackett outscored Jordan by about 100 points last year and it's $6.7 in cap relief. Jordan likely would have never left my bench and likely would've been cut. The result is this roster; Player YTD Pts Bye Salary Contract Culpepper, Daunte MIA QB - 8 $12.50 Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QB - 4 $5.00 3 Young, Vince TEN QB - 7 $13.50 6 Tomlinson, Ladainian SDC RB - 3 $42.00 1 Williams, DeAngelo CAR RB - 9 $13.00 5 Chambers, Chris MIA WR - 8 $0.30 1 Edwards, Braylon CLE WR - 6 $3.00 4 Moss, Sinorice NYG WR - 4 $1.50 4 Stallworth, Donte' NEP WR - 6 $10.50 Williams, Mike DET WR - 8 $4.00 3 Gonzalez, Tony KCC TE - 3 $14.00 Lewis, Marcedes JAC TE - 6 $3.50 3 Scheffler, Tony DEN TE - 4 $0.30 3 Scobee, Josh JAC PK - 6 $0.30 1 Maynard, Brad CHI PN - 7 $0.30 Plackemeier, Ryan SEA PN - 5 $2.25 Abraham, John ATL DE - 5 $10.25 Peppers, Julius CAR DE - 9 $3.00 1 Rice, Simeon TBB DE - 4 $6.00 Spicer, Paul JAC DE - 6 $0.30 Suggs, Terrell BAL DE - 7 $3.00 1 Udeze, Kenechi MIN DE - 6 $2.00 2 Vanden Bosch, Kyle TEN DE - 7 $9.25 Brackett, Gary IND LB - 6 $0.30 1 Carpenter, Bobby DAL LB - 3 $0.30 3 Dansby, Karlos ARI LB - 9 $1.00 2 Davis, Thomas CAR LB - 9 $2.00 3 Draft, Chris STL LB - 7 $0.30 1 Harris, Napoleon KCC LB - 3 $0.30 1 Harrison, James PIT LB - 4 $1.75 Johnson, Derrick O. KCC LB - 3 $3.00 4 Leber, Ben MIN LB - 6 $0.30 2 Thurman, Odell CIN LB - 5 $1.00 3 Ware, Demarcus DAL LB - 3 $3.00 4 Williams, DJ DEN LB - 4 $1.00 4 McGee, Terrence BUF CB - 8 $4.25 Allen, Jason MIA S - 8 $0.30 2 Archuleta, Adam WAS S - 8 $3.75 Demps, Will NYG S - 4 $0.30 1 Hope, Chris TEN S - 7 $0.30 1 Simpson, Ko BUF S - 8 $0.30 2 Taylor, Sean WAS S - 8 $3.00 2 And I have these draft picks; 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.6, 3.1. Turns out the Palmer, Brees and Manning owners were not interested in dealing at all. However, I did manage to get Young without forfeiting a 1st round pick.
  6. Married People

    Well, since my wife is pregnant with twins, everything chore-wise isdone almost 100% by me. But before that it was; 1. Cooking - 75% by her. (the BBQ is my domain as well as any pasta or crockpot stuff) 2. Laundry - 75% by her (I'm on folding duty) 3. Paying Bills - 100% by me 4. Bedroom Cleanup / Making Bed - 75% by her (whoever gets up last) 5. Bathroom Cleaning - 100% by her. 6. Kitchen Cleaning - 75% by her 7. Dishes - 75% by me (cook never washes dishes) 8. Living Room / Dining Room / Babies Room Cleaning - 80 % her (I vacuum most times) 9. Basement Cleaning - 100% by me 10. Grocery Shopping -75% by her 11. Mowing The Lawn - 100% by me 12. Taking the dog out - n/a 13. Dog feeding / bathing - n/a 14. Washing the car / Oil Changes - 100% by me 15. Changing the baby's diapers - 60% by her
  7. 2007 NHL Playoffs

    The loss of Dipietro will be too much for the Isles to overcome and Ryan Smyth will be forced to resign with my beloved Oilers (I wish.) Sabres in 5 Interesting series here, great offense versus great defense but we all know the answer to that question in the NHL. The Denis/Holmqvist duo will be the undoing of the Lightning despite them making a series of it. Devils in 6 Lehtonen will be the key here. He's untested and the Thrashers are not exactly a gritty team not to say that the Rangers can grind it out much better. I gotta give the edge to Rangers in an exciting series. Rangers in 7 I love the game that Pittsburgh plays. They attack you from every line in every situation. I think Fleury warrants his first round pick by stepping up big in this series and the Sens continue to choke in the playoffs. Penguins in 6
  8. Bible People

    This is what I believe. I think that there are multiple "futures" that God knows all of, but the choices we as humans make affect which course true time takes.
  9. Gas prices where you are

    99.6 CDN cents per liter here, that's about $3.27 USD/gallon.
  10. Stacked with rookie picks

    Figured I'd add more fuel to the fire here. Thanks for the responses so far. 14 of the top 30 scorers from last year were QBs (25th being Roethlisberger). Alex Smith was 55th overall. Here's the breakdown of my offensive players. LT 1st Overall Roethlisberger 25th Overall Alex Smith 55th Overall Braylon Edwards 248th Overall Stallworth 361st Overall Shockey 366th Overall Chambers 404th Overall D. Williams 444th Overall Lamont Jordan 611th Overall I'll be the first guy to say that I rely solely on quarterbacking, LT and my defense. This league is a salary cap league ($260 cap) and for as much as I rely on my defense/ST, I only have $57.50 tied up in cap room on my defense. Here are the rest of my significant signings. LT $42 1 year remaining (able to franchise tagged for $42 for next year if I wish) Culpepper $12.50 (able to be cut free of charge if he doesn't play) DeAngelo Williams $13 for 5 years Stallworth $10.50 (cannot cut free of charge) Mike Williams $4 for 3 years Braylon Edwards $3 for 4 years Roethlisberger $5 for 3 years Alex Smith $5 for 4 years Lamont Jordan $7 for 2 years (able to cut free of charge) I have about $95 in cap space left before the draft and if I keep all of my picks in the first and second round I will be devoting at least $60 to sign my rookies. The teams that have Brees, Palmer, McNabb, Manning, Bulger and Vick are all very hesitant to make a deal and been dragging their heels about negotiating. So far any deal that has been offered to me has been a clear no. Also, the best QBs available on the wire are Harrington and Warner, so that tells you something. Also, I should remind you that I can only start 3 RBs at the expense of my 2nd QB. And since rarely will a number 3 RB outscore a number 2 QB, this rarely happens. I have a good idea what I want to do, but I'm curious to hear other opinions. TIA
  11. Tournaments have a stronger competitve feel than cash games. I will agree, I generally win moreso in a cash game than a tourney but something about tournaments gets the adrenaline running for me.
  12. Fellow hockey fans and Bettman haters

    This summarizes my opinion pretty well.
  13. Maybe I was wrong about The Playmaker

    Do you think the kid cares that Irvin wants some PR (if he indeed had ulterior motives) out of this? Almost a guaranteed no. He was happy to see Mike Irvin, regardless of the why Irvin did it. The fact that Mike could be looking to better himself in the eyes of the public shouldn't make much difference because the fact of the matter remains the same. Mike did a nice thing for a kid who is dying yet loves football. Who cares why Mike did it. I don't think he should have to justify himself by refusing to publicize the story.
  14. Maybe I was wrong about The Playmaker

    Exactly, whether you love him or hate him, ulterior motives or not, Irvin did a nice thing for a kid who doesn't have much to live for. Leave it at that.
  15. I don't approve of the message

    I didn't see it until you pointed it out to me.
  16. Was proposed a deal in my 3 player keeper league. I give: 1.03 3.06 12.07 I get: 1.08 2.05 8.05 The deal came from a guy in my division. I took it and found out later that he had some buyer's remorse about it and was fishing for another deal to get a 2nd rounder back. A week later, I get an offer from a guy outside of my division. I Give: 2.10 8.05 I Get: 3.12 4.01 I decline and mention that I'm not willing to give up my ability to pick my third player before a handful of people get their second pick for that little. He mentions that he is not keeping that pick but instead is the middleman in a three-way deal. I'm thinking that the first guy (in my division) is behind this. I'm comfortable where I am but he keeps pushing for a deal. Do I cockblock or gouge him because I know that my second rounder will end up back in my division?
  17. OK, somebody explain how this works

    Explain this to your friends and use words like super-saturated and phase change suppression. Instant cred. You can thank me later.
  18. OK, somebody explain how this works

    :Engineer: That's correct, the beer is held in liquid state due to the gas (carbon dioxide) in solution depressing the freezing point (similar to saltwater having a lower freezing point than regular water). When the beer is tapped, the agitation energy knocks the carbon dioxide out of solution, effectively raising the freezing point, causing the beer to freeze. :Engineer:
  19. Trade Advice

    I don't like it, tossing away a non-RBBC back like FWP these days isn't worth it. Maybe if you mention that his asking price is too high for Romo, he will make a better offer with Campbell. Either way, I wouldn't deal any of your starting RBs with a spread like that.
  20. Was My Wife's Birthday Yesterday

    :Points to avy: Fat chicks need loving too. *Disclaimer: The wife is most definitely not fat. The avy is for joking purposes only.
  21. favorite sporting event attended?

    Everyone in Edmonton is convinced that Smyth will resign in the offseason too. Delusionals....
  22. favorite sporting event attended?

    At least you still have the lifeblood of your team left. I may have to cheer for the New York Oilers Islanders after what happened at the trade deadline.
  23. favorite sporting event attended?

    I know, and look how far we have fallen from there.
  24. favorite sporting event attended?

    Does Girls KY Wrestling count as a sporting event? If not, I'd say Game 6 of the '06 Stanley Cup finals. Edmonton went berserk. The party after was prime also.
  25. :Engineer: Vibration is a huge issue in any kind of rotating equipment. It creates imbalanced forces on parts of the pump that cause a myriad of problems including impeller damage, seal failure and pipe wear. :Engineer: