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  1. Maybe I was wrong about The Playmaker

    Do you think the kid cares that Irvin wants some PR (if he indeed had ulterior motives) out of this? Almost a guaranteed no. He was happy to see Mike Irvin, regardless of the why Irvin did it. The fact that Mike could be looking to better himself in the eyes of the public shouldn't make much difference because the fact of the matter remains the same. Mike did a nice thing for a kid who is dying yet loves football. Who cares why Mike did it. I don't think he should have to justify himself by refusing to publicize the story.
  2. Maybe I was wrong about The Playmaker

    Exactly, whether you love him or hate him, ulterior motives or not, Irvin did a nice thing for a kid who doesn't have much to live for. Leave it at that.
  3. I don't approve of the message

    I didn't see it until you pointed it out to me.
  4. Was proposed a deal in my 3 player keeper league. I give: 1.03 3.06 12.07 I get: 1.08 2.05 8.05 The deal came from a guy in my division. I took it and found out later that he had some buyer's remorse about it and was fishing for another deal to get a 2nd rounder back. A week later, I get an offer from a guy outside of my division. I Give: 2.10 8.05 I Get: 3.12 4.01 I decline and mention that I'm not willing to give up my ability to pick my third player before a handful of people get their second pick for that little. He mentions that he is not keeping that pick but instead is the middleman in a three-way deal. I'm thinking that the first guy (in my division) is behind this. I'm comfortable where I am but he keeps pushing for a deal. Do I cockblock or gouge him because I know that my second rounder will end up back in my division?
  5. OK, somebody explain how this works

    Explain this to your friends and use words like super-saturated and phase change suppression. Instant cred. You can thank me later.
  6. OK, somebody explain how this works

    :Engineer: That's correct, the beer is held in liquid state due to the gas (carbon dioxide) in solution depressing the freezing point (similar to saltwater having a lower freezing point than regular water). When the beer is tapped, the agitation energy knocks the carbon dioxide out of solution, effectively raising the freezing point, causing the beer to freeze. :Engineer:
  7. Trade Advice

    I don't like it, tossing away a non-RBBC back like FWP these days isn't worth it. Maybe if you mention that his asking price is too high for Romo, he will make a better offer with Campbell. Either way, I wouldn't deal any of your starting RBs with a spread like that.
  8. Was My Wife's Birthday Yesterday

    :Points to avy: Fat chicks need loving too. *Disclaimer: The wife is most definitely not fat. The avy is for joking purposes only.
  9. favorite sporting event attended?

    Everyone in Edmonton is convinced that Smyth will resign in the offseason too. Delusionals....
  10. favorite sporting event attended?

    At least you still have the lifeblood of your team left. I may have to cheer for the New York Oilers Islanders after what happened at the trade deadline.
  11. favorite sporting event attended?

    I know, and look how far we have fallen from there.
  12. favorite sporting event attended?

    Does Girls KY Wrestling count as a sporting event? If not, I'd say Game 6 of the '06 Stanley Cup finals. Edmonton went berserk. The party after was prime also.
  13. :Engineer: Vibration is a huge issue in any kind of rotating equipment. It creates imbalanced forces on parts of the pump that cause a myriad of problems including impeller damage, seal failure and pipe wear. :Engineer:
  14. Trade Advice

    Exact same as WDIS with me, you already know the answer. Just gotta hear it from someone else.
  15. Trade Advice

    I would try to nab Romo first with that deal given that Dallas' passing game is much better than Washington's but yes, that would be how I would approach it. Don't give up any RB except Bell or Peterson.
  16. Trade Advice

    Who in their right mind would do that?
  17. Trade Advice

    Tough one, I'll definitely agree with you that you are in trouble at QB; as it stands Frye or Tavaris Jackson is your starter. Your RB situation has improved a fair bit thanks to NFL moves lately with Benson and LenDale White in line to start. Not sure what the deal is in Miami but you gotta believe that Brown will get at least 55% of the carries until Ricky gets suspended again. I'd try to dangle M Bell and a pick for Romo or Bulger; odds are that he won't go for it and try to lever more out of you but it will give you a solid starting ground as to what other owners will ask of you for a starter. The difficulty here is that other owners know that you are hurting at QB and will do their best to gouge. If the asking price is much more than Bell and a pick, I'd go the RFA route for sure, maybe try to get Huard now at a lower price before something concrete happens with Trent Green, but that is a gamble. Maybe the price on Pennington isn't extravagant? Either way, you're in a tough spot but that's how I'd go after it. How long until RFA season opens? If you have awhile to wait, try fishing for a trade now and use the time in between to try and build some competition between teams looking to unload a QB for a little RB depth. Hope my ramblings helped a bit. Best of luck.
  18. Help me Help my brother

    The guy inside me says "Keep the bi chick and try to get the three-way angle" But the bro in me says "Talk to him and let him know you think he is making a mistake"
  19. Fantasy Hockey

    Assuming that most are playing their Fantasy Hockey through Yahoo, your regular season likely finished up yesterday. How did you do? Flagship local league (10 teams) - 2nd overall in standings (1st round bye) first in total goals and first in total assists (I have Crosby and St. Louis on my team in this one) Work local league (10 teams) - 4th overall in standings, first in shutouts, GAA and Save pct. (Brodeur, Vokoun/Mason) Online Money league (10 teams) - Barely scraped into the playoffs in 6th, worst +/- in the league, first in SHG (Jordin Staal)
  20. I joined a keeper league that will have its inaugral draft this year. Through some trading, I managed to get the 1.03 pick thinking I would be set with SJax as my #1 RB. PPR league I should mention. However, I've been reading a handful of discussions regarding LJ and the historical dropoff after getting 370+ carries in a season (Bronco Billy's thread included). Frankly, this doesn't affect me directly but should the team at 1.02 get gun-shy about picking LJ and select SJax instead, I would be stuck with a player that I personally would rather not gamble on. What would you do? 1) Stand pat and bank that 1.02 is indeed LJ, but draft him at 1.03 and keep him if 1.02 is SJax. 2) Trade down in the first round 3) Draft LJ at 1.03 and deal him before the season starts. Part of this is just making discussion because it is a boring Monday at work but I'm also curious as to what others think about this.
  21. Inaugral Keeper League draft

    I suppose I should have outlined that this keeper league allows three keepers max, placing a bit of extra pressure to get solid round 1-4 choices. However, given that the league is IDP, I feel that the league will likely be won or lost by defense.
  22. Good Eats-please share

    I know this will sound weird but I'm a lousy cook unless it's on the grill. Tin foil up a trout or jackfish with gobs of butter, onions and whatever you like and throw it on the top rack in your BBQ. Normally, I like to eat baby potatoes and carrots with fish but we were out of potatoes (wife visiting cousin) so I figured I'd mix the fish into a cream sauce and have pasta. But unfortunately there wasn't any jars of sauce in the pantry (and going from scratch wasn't an option). So I made KD and mixed in the fish. It sounds gross and looks kinda weird, but it was so good.
  23. Chad Johnson vs Edge James

    Define greatest value. I like CJ longterm over Edge but I think Edge will have an upswing in numbers from the previous year (1370 comb yds, 6 TDs). Their numbers weren't all that different. CJ>> (87 catches, 1370 yds, 7 TDs) I guess it boils down to whether you need a serviceable RB for a couple years or a serviceable WR for a few more years.
  24. Halliburton loves America

    Conventional Hydrocarbon production is dying/dead in North America. Companies like Encana are refusing to drill around Alberta because of the cost of services and taxes associated. I'm not surprised that a company like Halliburton is focusing more in an area where they can be much more profitable. Whether ulterior motives have anything to do with this, I have no clue. Sidenote: Dubai is a beautiful city. Best golf I've ever played. It's a shame that I did not get to stay longer.
  25. Thoughts on this set of trades?

    I like the first trade alot. The second trade I'm not so sold on. Your starters go from Kitna LJ/Jacobs/Driver/Evans/Curtis to Palmer Henry/Jacobs/Roy/Driver/Evans I see that as too big of a hit at RB even for a serviceable LB and good QB upgrade. However, you are stacked with picks so hopefuly you can draft well and bolster your RB ranks.