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  1. Mortgages

    The exact reason why I will never make more than the minimum payment on my federal student loan.
  2. Mortgages

    Thanks for the help wiegie. As I said before, this stuff isn't my forte.
  3. Any hockey fans?

    I phail. However, in my defense, the food network is a short hop from the Outdoor life network (OLN).
  4. Naming kids

    As some of you may or may not know, my wife is pregnant with identical twins. So given that choosing a name can be hard for just one kid, the wife and I figured that we'd work hard to nail down names right away. I got to choose the names if they are boys: Oldest : Quentin James Youngest: Austin Michael James is traditionally in the name of the oldest boy of the generation so that was already hammered out. The wife chose the girl names; Kylie and Terra. Middle names undecided. But she asked me how we would decide who would be named who and I honestly didn't have an answer for her. I told her that I would enlist some opinions. How would you decide? Oldest gets the alphabetically first name? Wing it when they are born? Flip for it?
  5. Any hockey fans?

    I just died a little inside.
  6. Naming kids

    Dairy Distribution Engineer is too long of a name.
  7. Generic IDP rules

    Although I'm a self-admitted IDP newbie, I've almost always seen MLBs and OLBs lumped together into the LB position, DT+DE into DL position and CB+S into DB position. Not sure what you would view as standard but my guess would be this. tackle - 1 assist - 0.5 pass defensed - 1 sack - 1 or 2 Forced fumble - 2 fumble recovered - 2 int - 2 some leagues give INT and fumble return yards - 1pt/10yds defensive TD - 6 pts some leagues give KR yards - 1 yd/25 yds
  8. captain america .... is dead

    :ubergeek: He didn't actually die, the explosion of his powersuit sent him to one of Jupiter's moons. :ubergeek:
  9. Are you up on your lyrics?

    1952 Black Lightning (I think) - Don't ask me who sings it. One of my grandma's fave songs. Edit: Ha, I was right.
  10. boxing gloves

    While I won't claim to have fought in the ring, I've had a heavy bag in my basement for about 3 years plus gym time. If you tape your wrist and put on your wraps properly, there is no reason that you will hurt your hand.
  11. Naming kids

    I figured you would be first to recommend Kirk and Scottie.
  12. boxing gloves

    Half gloves will be more than fine for a heavy bag. I surprised that your wraps aren't good enough though, I use a canvas bag and normal Everlast cloth wraps have never failed me.
  13. captain america .... is dead

    Terrorists are compelled by the power of our maple syrup.
  14. Tonight's Dinner

    Feeling lazy tonight, probably just going to make a stirfry or something.
  15. Out of curiousity, what is.....

    Does anything ever get by you? I won't lie to you, you are kinda scary knowing everything about everyone.
  16. Out of curiousity, what is.....

    #45, twas my number in hockey.
  17. Scrambled Eggs

    The salsa in my house get used more at breakfast than any other time. I could live off of breakfast burritos.
  18. Attention: Blood Thirsty Huddlers

    Albeit short, McFedries v. Kampmann was one of the better matches on the card. Nothing could match the raw emotion of the main event but I think this one symbolized the versatility of Martin. Drew was really laying a beating on Martin in the stand-up game. He landed alot of heavy shots to Martin's left eye and it was swelling fast. Martin then took the fight to the ground and tried to beat McFedries that way. Drew tried to block a choke attempt from side control but Martin passed across Drew and locked in the triangle from the side. Drew was out. Great fight, great card. I bet Dana will be stoked now that Sylvia isn't the HWC anymore.
  19. How old are you?

    Aug 4, 1983, my friend.
  20. How old are you?

    No BJ post to shoot me down, looks like I pass for a true 23 yrs old.
  21. Life Insurance

    I guess that was when I was a kid. Mind you, my total debt is only 250k. That puts me at 200k for the wife and 200k for the daughter. Probably still a little thin, and I do have twins on the way. How bad is the premium increase to get into the million range?
  22. Life Insurance

    The rule that my father said to me was, "Get enough to cover your house/debt and burial costs and then at least 100k per person you leave behind." Thus I have about 650k for life insurance. That's Canadian dollars though
  23. Thoughts on keeper league off-season trade?

    +1 Agreed. Make this deal while M. Bell appears to be the feature back in Denver. Because in a short while, you know that Shanahan will pull another RB out of thin air to split carries with him. You get a stud WR in Wayne and a cheap prospect RB that may get thrown to the forefront depending on the situation with Warrick Dunn. I like it.
  24. How old are you?

    I was born in '83
  25. Microsoft Word Help

    Can't you do it in Excel and cut it over to the word file?