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  1. Need 2 of 3

    who would you go with?
  2. Qb Help Needed

    I love Palmer but his shoulder is messed up and I doubt he will be able to go down the field like usual. Garcia doesn't have the upside but I would expect a solid 230 yds and a td or 2. I also like having the Monday night game. Who should I start?
  3. I've rode Palmer all year but am very concerned with his shoulder and Denver weather. I hear his shoulder is giving him lots of problems. I think Garcia is a pretty safe play vs. the Cowboys on Monday. Who would you start? Also I have benched Roy Williams for Braylon Edwards. Edwards has been pretty hot lately and this Derek Anderson kid has a big arm and can really get the ball down the field. Thoughts on the two?
  4. Lineup Help Needed

    I need 2 rb's, 2 wr's, and a flex. PPR league, 6 for TD, 1 pt. every 10 yards. At RB i have maurice jones drew, rudi johnson, and deuce mccallister. At WR i have andre johnson, chad johnson, and roy williams. Who don't I play? I'm leaning towards sitting andre johnson. Normally I always go 3 wr but drew and deuce have been hot. Any thoughts?
  5. I am commisioner in my league and we have 3 divisions. One division was fairly dominant and are complaining about the playoffs already. 3 division winners make it and 3 wild cards. Here's what we have. Divison 1: Team 1 - 21-5 has 1st round bye Team 6- 15-11 Divsion 2: Team 3- 12-14 won division Division 3: Team 2- 17-9 has 1st round bye Team 4- 17-9 Team 5- 17-9 I have team 3 playing team 6 Team 4 plays team 5. The lowest winning seed plays team 1 next week and the highest winning seed plays team 2. Does everything look good? Teams 4 and 5 don't think they should play because they are in the same division and far superior to teams 3 and 6. Thoughts?
  6. League Playoffs Help Needed

    Thanks! Good advice
  7. Trade Help Needed

    I've been offered Javon Walker for Frank Gore and the Denver D. I am not too crazy about this deal but what do you guys think?
  8. Leon. Good schedule and will get about 75% of carries. He's also very good. Williams has been injured already which I feel makes him a greater injury risk for this year.
  9. Trade Help

    To me Driver and CJ are about a wash. McNabb is a huge upgrade over Rivers. Don't see any reason to worry about McNabb. He usually has all day to throw and he has weapons in Westbrook, smith, brown and stallworth. While he may not be able to keep up his unbelievable pace, he will still be very productive. I wouldn't think about doing this trade.
  10. Maybe the worst trade I have ever seen

    Djax is better than Branch and some reports say Alexander may not be right all year and even when he was healthy, the Seattle line was struggling. Washington looks like the real deal to me. I can see the trade for both sides.
  11. Trade help.

    I doubt you would play either glenn or foster so it is kind of pointless. There is talk of Williams coming back for Carolina to cut into Foster's carries and Glenn is your 4th receiver. To me Foster is = to Droughns, Washington, and Cadillac.
  12. WDIS RB

    Who do you recommend I start this week? Ronnie Brown at Chicago or Morris at home vs the Raiders. This is Morris' first favorable matchup since he's started and it's on Monday Night.
  13. Brady just sank my a$$ !

    I was up by 32 going into Monday night. Brady scores 33. But on the last play of the game for Brady (the 4th down play) he gets sacked and fumbles. Of course the Pats recover. The -2 would have won the game for me.
  14. Reggie Brown for Lundy?

    I've been offered Reggie Brown for Waly Lundy. Would you make this deal?
  15. Reggie Brown for Lundy?

    you're right. I went overboard. I am stuck straight down the middle on this trade. Don't know if Stallworth will hurt Brown and don't know how good Lundy will be. Trying to get as many opinions as possible.
  16. 2-5 need a win BAD!

    I would probably go colston and moss but Edwards may also be a good play. Supposedly, the new offensive coordinator wants to get him the ball more.
  17. Got Bad News on Trade!

    I thought I had a deal of Waly Lundy for either Wayne, Reggie Brown, or J. Walker. He backed out on Wayne and all that's left is Lundy for Reggie Brown. What are you're thoughts? Any advice would be helpful.
  18. Caddy or Ahman Green?

    Green. When healthy, he's been very productive
  19. WDIS...Plax or B Johnson

    I'd say Burress. that offense is much better than arizona
  20. Need a WR for a 1-week play

    I'd go Johnson, Holmes, McCardell, Jackson, Clayton, Jurevicious
  21. Which Second Tier RB for my 2nd RB

    i'd go Droughns. The jets are terrible against the run
  22. Shawn Alexander playing?

    not playing. double check game time decisions
  23. WDIS @ rb? Pick 2

    Lundy and Drew
  24. Pick 2 to start

    Drew at Rb and good luck with the others Toomer and mason
  25. Doubleheader Week and need Help

    Jurevicious may catch a TD but I like Branch better. I think Wallace will be ok and I don't think seattle can run very good so he will be forced to throw.