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  1. Droughns or Caddy

    Droughns hasn't been too good this year but this is a great matchup with windy conditions in Cleveland. Look for Droughns to have his best game of the year.
  2. WDIS @ QB?

    Windy in Cleveland tomorrow. I'd go Favre. I'd rank the rb's Washington, gore, McCallister
  3. WDIS @ rb? Pick 2

    You're in trouble yaxim. I'd look on the waiver wire for some better options.
  4. Maroney or Jamal Lewis

    To me, Lewis has worn out his welcome. Nobody seems to trust that guy. I too think that Maroney will be jacked for his homecoming and think he could have a nice day. Plus, it's always nice having guys play on Monday night. Check my post
  5. WDIS at WR

    I'd go Johnson for sure. I'm almost tempted to go with Driver in Green Bay since Jennings is out. I'd rather have Favre than Leinart who is inconsistent. I think Green Bay will move the ball much better and they have a pretty good ground game. Then again, Boldin could get some garbage yards. Tough call. I'd go 1. Johnson 2. Driver 3. Boldin It's awfully tough to sit Boldin though. Good Luck! At least it's not deciding b/w Mason and Williamson. Either way you should be fine.
  6. Should I be arrested

    Good trade for you. I had been trying to trade droughns all year.
  7. Trade Advice Needed

    I can trade Wali Lundy for either Reggie Brown, Reggie Wayne, or Javon Walker. Should I stay with Lundy or trade for a receiver and if so, which one do you like? We start 2 rb's, 2 wr's and a flex in our league.
  8. Help a huddler out with some WDIS's

    Supposed to be windy in Cleveland. Definitely sit Cotchery. I may lean towards Jones Drew over Bjohnson
  9. WDIS, 2nd RB

    Ahman Green. When he's been healthy, he's always put up a good game. I'd expect over 100 yards and a td
  10. WDIS, need quick advice on which RB?

    All look to be real solid options. I really like what Leon has been doing lately but it's tough to go against Taylor.
  11. Need wr bye help

    I think bennett could have a good week at home against houston coming off a bye so he should be healed up.

    I'd go Brees at home. Experienced, has weapons, and Baltimore's Def is not what it used to be. Romo could be running for his life in Carolina. Although I could see Romo getting some good yardage if they are losing.
  13. Need help with my lineup!

    I have a feeling Maroney may have a big game going back to the Metrodome to play. I like the Saints D against Balt.
  14. I've been offered Reggie Brown for Lundy. Thoughts? We start 1 qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, flex, te, k, def. Standard Scoring.
  15. Interesting Trade; need help

    any advice?
  16. Trade Help Needed

    Standard scoring league. Start 1 qb, 2rb, 2wr,flex, te, k def I just picked up wali lundy off waivers and have been offered Reggie Brown for him. I know Stallworth is coming back but Brown has been terrific. Would you make this trade?
  17. Trade Help Needed

    any thoughts?
  18. Need Quick trade help please!

    I like Green a lot. He's played very well when healthy and he's got a great schedule.
  19. R. Brown or R. Moss WDIS

    I like brown. McNabb is a machine and brown always has a great chance for a lot of yards and several chances for a td
  20. Should i make this trade?

    If your team is doing well and looks like a lock for the playoffs it may be worth it to struggle 1 week at qb with mcnabb on a bye to get a player of harrison's caliber
  21. TRADE offered..

    McNabb has been a beast this year. Best player in fantasy. To me Leon Washington looks like a stud although McCallister is a proven commodity. Boldin has Fitz coming back soon and there could be growing pains with Leinart. I may stay pat.
  22. RB#2...Gore @ Bears or Droughns v. Jets?

    I have the same dilemna and think I will go with Droughns. The Jets run D is horrible and the Browns just fired their offensive coordinator who was a mess. Look for a slightly improved Browns offense and 90 yards from Droughns then try to trade him
  23. Trade Advice..giving up Gore for Ronnie Brown

    I think you could make an argument that Gore is better than Brown. The miami Offensive line is a mess and after Gore's game this week against Chicago, he has a decent schedule.
  24. Trade Advice Needed

    =-6 pts for a TD, 10 yds rush/receive =1 pt 25 yds passing = 1 pt start 1 qb, 2 rb's , 2 wr's, flex, te, k, def qb-palmer and roethlisberger rb-jackson, gore, droughns, washington, lundy, benson wr-edwards, roy williams, evans te-gonzalez k-wilkins def-denver, jax I've been offered Cadillac Williams and Torry Holt for Roy Williams, Roethlisberger, and Droughns. Should I do this deal?