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  1. Trade Advice Needed

    just redid the deal to roethlisberger, droughns, and evans for holt? Would you do this deal? It lets me keep roy williams.
  2. Trade help needed

    Basic Scoring with point per reception. Keeper League. Start qb, 2 rb, 2wr, te, flex, k, def. I've been offered Chad Johnson and McCallister for McGahee. Here is my team: Qb's: Palmer and Delhomme Rb: Maroney, McGahee, Ron Brown, Dillon, Fargas, Jones-Drew Wr:Boldin, S. Moss, Colston, and Marc Clayton TE: Gonzo It seems with the point per reception rule that teams with the good receivers are doing very well. Should I do this trade?
  3. who do i pick-up?

    I'd go driver or gabriel.
  4. Trade Help Needed

    This is a TD only league. We start a qb, 2 rb, 2 wr. te, def, k. My team is Palmer and Delhomme at qb Rudi Johnson, Benson, Jacobs, and M. Bell at RB Burress, Evans, Walker, Edwards at Wr Gates and watson at TE My 2nd RB has killed me all year but still 4-2. I've been offered Hasslebeck and McCallister for Palmer and Benson. Overall I think this trade helps me a lot. Thoughts?
  5. Trade Help Needed

  6. Trade for Alexander?

    We start qb, 2 rb, 2 wr. te, k Def qb- McNabb, Favre rb- Ronnie Brown, Benson, Chester Taylor, Droughns, Turner, Morris, Norwood wr-Steve Smith, Jennings, Berrian, Ward, Berrian te- gonzo def- SD How good will Alexander be the rest of the year? I've been offered Alexander for Taylor and S. Smith which I feel is too high. I've been working on other deals with him. I feel very good about my receivers but would like another good rb. I'm trying to unload Droughns and keep Brown and Taylor. SA kind of struggled this year when healthy and his O-line has been shaky. Do you think I should try to get him or stay put with my team. Would you do the Taylor Smith deal?
  7. Trade Help Needed

    Qbs- Carr, Pennington, Delhomme rbs- Rudi Johnson, Cadillac, Bush, Jacobs, Morency, wrs- Wayne, Branch, Berrian, Kennison te- crumpler k- wilkins def- NE start 2 rb's, 2 wr's, 1 qb, a flex, te, k, def I would give up Delhomme, Cadillac, and Wayne for Kevin Jones, Terry Glenn, and Cotchery from the Jets (Instead of Cotchery I can take Williamson -MIN, Matt Jones, or Reggie Williams - JAX) I am trying to get anything for Cadillac. Would you make this trade?
  8. start 2 rb's 2 wr's and a flex at rb i got: jackson, gore, benson, droughns, anderson, jacobs at wr i got: roy williiams, edwards, and evans In the trade i would get marvin harrison and chris brown for droughns and benson. should I make this deal?
  9. Trade help please

    we start 2 rb's 2 wr's and a flex I have at running back: Steven Jackson, Frank Gore, Ruben Droughns, Cedric Benson, Mike Anderson, and Brandon Jacobs. At wr : Roy Williams, Braylon Edwards, Jerry Porter, and Lee Evans Would you trade Ruben Droughns and Cedric Benson for Marvin Harrison and Chris Brown?
  10. Trade help please

    any advice?