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  1. Basically boils down to Crowell at Car or Gerhart vs Tenn. I have Gore, Jennings, and Keiland Williams vs Seattle also. Gore and Jennings probably miss the game. Im leaning Gerhart because of Manzel leading the Browns offense and I think this could be Gerharts best game of year. I like Crowells talent much more. Any thoughts? PPR

  2. PPR redraft.

    I have brees at qb

    Rbs mccoy ellington gio simms fjax

    Wrs demaryious calvin maclin vjax

    Te - Reed, Walker


    I dont mind Reed at TE but hes injury prone and I like Bennett better. I think Forsett has played well this year and Gios health is a concern. I can trade Gio and Walker for Forsett and Bennett.

    Any thoughts?

  3. 12 Team PPR League 7-7 record


    Start 1 qb, 2 rbs, 2 wrs, te, flex, def, k


    qb's - Kap and Brees

    rb's - Mccoy, Jennings, Ellington, Oliver, FJax

    wr's - Megatron, VJax, Maclin, Garcon,

    TE - Reed


    I could acquire Gio Bernard for Oliver and VJax. I like VJax but he's been inconsistent although better with Glennon. I like Oliver but he may take a hit once SD rbs get healthy. This would give me 3 stud rbs plus Jennings as a bench option. WR I'd play Megatron and Maclin with Garcon as a bench option. Any thoughts to this deal?

  4. I'm in a 12 team ppr keeper league. All TD's 6 pts. Whatever round the player was drafted in - it costs 2 rounds higher to keep him. EX - a 6th round pick last year costs your 4th rd pick this year. Can keep up to 3 players. Draft doesn't snake, I pick 10th every round



    2 rbs

    2 wrs




    No flex


    Here are my keeper options with round pick they cost me


    Peyton Manning (1st)

    Graham - NO TE (1st)

    A Brown - Pitt WR (3rd)

    J Bell - Det RB (8th)

    K Allen - SD WR (FA - 15th)

    N Foles - Phi Qb ( FA - 15th)


    If I kept both Manning and Graham they just cost my 1st and 2nd round picks.


    Initially it seems obvious to just go Manning Graham and Brown and lose my top 3 picks and go from there. Good start in a ppr especially with no flex. Leaves me really thin at RB.

    Once I look closer I like Foles a lot and he has tons of weapons and great value as a 15th rd pick. Keenan Allen is also a great value and probably more appealing than Brown as a 15th rounder also. I've put out feelers for Manning and Graham's trade value and there really isn't much interest at their cost. I feel if I keep either Manning or Graham then it's a no brainer to keep the other one at cost of 2nd round. It does interest me in keeping Foles and Allen, then trading for a high end RB.

    Or just not overthinking and keeping Manning Graham and Allen/Brown.


    Any thoughts?

  5. PPR league team in sig


    I have 3 trade offers on the board.


    Freeman + Victor Cruz for Megatron and Rivers/Cutler


    Freeman + Hakeem Nicks for Roddy White + qb


    Freeman + Hakeem Nicks for Brandon Marshall + qb


    Right now I am leaning towards White or Marshall + Cutler but it's pretty close. Both have pretty good schedules. Any thoughts?

  6. Sorry. Updated my sig. Basically a trade would leave me with Cruz Crabtree and Bowe/Nicks. I agree with the uncertainty of Murray is a bit unsettling but if next Tuesday rolls around and he's playing or a week away, then he won't trade him.