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  1. Keeper trade

    Well, if that happens the cost will go up for Jones-Drew. Jones-Drew did outperform Taylor this past season. And I didn't mention we get PPR.
  2. Keeper trade

    I have been offered Maurice Jones Drew and Torry Holt for my number 1 pick. Which would be about the 7th pick in a 12 team league. We keep three players and only 2 of which can be at the same position. Right now I am keeping Westbrook, C.Taylor and Roy Williams. If I pull this deal I will try and trade Chester. I like Holt more then Williams, and think Taylor wore down and the QB situation is awful in Minnesota. Jones-Drew has the potential to be a stud, especially if Taylor leaves town. I should be able to get a #2 or #3 back for Chester, but will be without a #1 pick. What do you guys think?
  3. Ronnie Brown

    I don't think the Dolphins used Brown enough this year. Granted he got hurt, but the dolphins threw the ball way too much this year. The games that Brown got his carries he performed pretty well.
  4. Ronnie Brown

    How will he be affected by the return of Ricky Williams. Is it gonna be a situation like Dallas w Ricky being the redzone guy? Any thoughts on this.
  5. 99 yard TD drive

    Please God stop Bulger!!!!
  6. How should Chicago do?

    That would be glorious!
  7. Anyone else get screwed over?

    They beat the crap out of Dem Boys, pretty good play calling. At least he didn't have Brees throw TD #6 to run up the score at the end of the game....
  8. Pinner or Harris for depth

    If you pick up Pinner and Taylor is still injured, Fason will get the start. Childress must get joy out of ruining fantasy football owners playoffs.
  9. Just wanted to vent before i retired!

    All I know is Ciatrick Fason will forever haunt my Fantasy Football dreams. Freaking Artrose Pinner, I still can't get over it....
  10. What are the chances of the following

    Steven Jackson won't catch any TDs because I need Bulger to get shut down. So I will be cheering for Briggs. Oh, and I need Thomas Jones to get shut down, or just take a back seat to Benson. Only up 24 points. I'm fcked!
  11. What is Pinner doing in there?

    15 yds! on that carry!
  12. What is Pinner doing in there?

    nevermind Johnson just ran it in
  13. What is Pinner doing in there?

    he is in on this series inside the redzone. cross your fingers
  14. What is Pinner doing in there?

    pinner just scored his 2nd TD!!!
  15. What is Pinner doing in there?

    second series and pinner gets the first handoff