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  1. Need Trade Advice

  2. Need Trade Advice

    Bolden is not all that, look at his numbers and you will see that Evans has outperformed him by quite a bit as of late. I also think the Cards will pass less with the new coach. You guys may be forgetting that WR's last much longer than RB's and can be valued higher in a dynasty league. Looking at my DYNASTY cheat sheet, Evans and Benson are both listed at $15. I own both of these guys in my dynasty league and I think Evans is here to stay while Benson is a coin-flip. Make the trade and don't look back.
  3. Need Trade Advice

    I think the current value of Evans equats to that of Benson. My current keeper cheat sheet has them valued the same. Both young, and both will get the ball this season. How many WR's start?
  4. Hardest Pick in the Draft

    I would have no problem taking Manning as a late 1st rounder. Did that last year and won a big $$$ league. I took him 10th and watched almost the entire league scramble every week trying to mix and match QB's. At the time,I could have selected Rudi, Ronnie, or Lamont. I have never seen anyone win a championship with those guys. It seems that every year, after the first three or so stud RB's are gone, you have about a 50/50 chance of picking a bust. Not so with Manning. I currently have him 9th on my sheet. Also, with Manning, I only needed a QB backup for just one week and later used that spot to store Ladell Betts who was huge for me.
  5. Hi guys, looking for some input from people experienced with IDP leagues. Currently in a DYNASTY league converting to IDPs. What are the basics? How many roster spots should we reserve for IDP's? Should we draft them seperately from non IDP's? And most importantly, where do I find a dynasty IDP cheat sheet? Thanks in advance
  6. IDP Dynasty league, what are the basics?

    You guys make a strong point. I just have to decide a the simplist way to approach this. Another question, how many total points does a seven man D score compared to the total of the O?
  7. IDP Dynasty league, what are the basics?

    Thanks for the info. But the guys in my league want something simpler. They are kicking around an arrangement that would replace our team D with 1 starting DL, 1 starting LB and 1 starting DB. The total average points scored by all 3 would average around what the team D scored. Is this what some leagues are doing? Should I be trying to talk them into something like the advice above? None of the 10 teams in this league have ever played in a IDP league before and I don't want the league to decide against this so we need help.
  8. calling all champions

    Is it the money??? You tell me. I won the championship, 3 weekly pots and a couple of small bonuses. I am up somewhere around $1400. Upon further review, I worked harder than any team in the league, going as far as 100's of pre season mock drafts, custom spread sheet "cheat sheets", 7 day a week combing the internet for cutting edge info (lots of the Huddle of course), and pissing off my wife with what she calls overly obsessed fantasy football behavior. I figure at least 20 hours a week for the last 6 months works out to be around 500 hours. You divide that by the $1400 I won and at best I earned is around $3 an hour. I think this answers your question
  9. kick out league champ

    The answer to this problem is easy. He is league champ so you and your good friends should give him control of the league and go start a new league with your selected college friends.
  10. Thats what I was waiting for LT

    And it was such a hard run that he didn't do shlt after. You and most of the other LT owners can kiss the trophy bye-bye
  11. Some love for Ladell Betts

    For 3 hours, I had a tremendous amount of man love for Betts. Then the guy I benched for him did just a little better (SA) Either way, I win the biggie!!!
  12. Did LT's mediocre day kill anyones playoffs/championship?

    LT owners, how does it feel to have a regular RB???? If you find yourself with LT and a 2nd place, you are like Kobe when he fell off of Shaqs coat tails.
  13. champ or playing for championship...

    That is an impressive feat, I will give you that. I was able to aquire SA for Julius only because of the pure desperation from the SA owner around week 5 . He did make it to the first round of the playoffs only to go one and done. He was smart to dump SA when he did cause he would have never got that far without Julius. All this makes your accomplishment the more impressive.
  14. Now is the time

    I disagree with your disagreement. The #1 key to winning as you well know is avoiding busts. While a couple of QB's were found much later and are quite good, you will find most teams strugling to fill this spot. Also, not keeping a backup QB has allowed many of these teams to find serious RB jewels in the middle rounds (Gore and some of the rooks come to mind). Teams that drafted RB's late in the first round have strugled. Not only do they not have a QB in most cases, most have pretty poor RB production. Most teams drafting late ended up with the likes of Edge, Caddy, Ronnie, Rudi, McGahee and several other non difference makers. Where are most of them now? Likely eliminated
  15. champ or playing for championship...

    Your not the only one (see sig below), but I traded Julius to get SA I see lots of LT and Gore, with some SJax and Westy sprinkled in. Not very many teams who went RB-RB with a late 1st round pick. I think having the 10th pick in a 10 teamer and going QB-WR worked out pretty well
  16. How does block punt NOT EQUAL defense ball?

    At this point, giving LT owners more help just makes me sick
  17. How does block punt NOT EQUAL defense ball?

    After watching that play 3 things are abundantly clear; 1. It is an unfair rule and needs a viset to the competition commitee 2. Phillip Rivers knew it was a 1st down right away and probably wasn't the only player who did 3. The real surprise is that Chiefs got screwed, instead of the usual victim, "Da Raiders" of course
  18. Hypothetical ranking question

    "those two" meaning LT and LJ. There is no way that LJ is on the same level as LT, not even close. Check out these facts Average fantasy points per game LT 20.4 LJ 13.5 Westy 10.8 SJax 10.8 Gore 10.6 and a whole bunch of other guys around 10 Also, I read this on CBS. Owners winning % with this player 1. LaDainian Tomlinson, San Diego, RB Winning percentage: .679 2. Larry Johnson, Kansas City, RB Winning percentage: .598 3. Brian Westbrook, Philadelphia, RB Winning percentage: .567 4. Frank Gore, San Francisco, RB Winning percentage: .550 5. Willie Parker, Pittsburgh, RB Winning percentage: .546 6. Steven Jackson, St. Louis, RB Winning percentage: .540 The owners winning % is 8% better with LT than LJ. That is simply an unfair advantage. I think the tiers should look like this 1)LT 2)Nobody 3)LJ 4)Those guys that were in the second tier
  19. How is this for league parity?

    Parity that Pete Rozelle would have been proud of. The top 3 teams in each division made the playoffs. I don't think we will ever see this again in our league. W L PF Inbound Division DIRTY SANCHEZ 8- 5 (Me of course) Scrub Crushers 8 - 5 Bill and Mike 8- 5 Joe and John 6 - 7 Easy Money 5 - 8 Outbound Division Da Dogs 7 - 6 Ricky/Rich PIMP$ 7 - 6 Desperadoes 7 - 6 Scramblers 5 - 8 Nasty As It Gets 4 - 9
  20. Downtrodden Dynasty League Owners Unite!

    Great post! Definetely time to consider keepers for Dyasty leagues. We can pick up FA's after the playoffs are over and build during the offseason in my league. How bout NFL free agents that have potential to be big next year? Matt Schaub- Going to be a starting QB for Somebody, maybe MN? Drew Bennett- Could also go to MN and be Matts #1 WR Michael Turner- Could be a stud for? Thoughts?
  21. Cutler is a lock to be the next Elway!

    He looks like crap. Bring back the snake? If Vick is "the Coach Killer", maybe Shanahan is "the Quarterback Killer" Dicuss
  22. Why LT is a cancer that must be stopped

    Why can't you just let us beoch about an unfair advantage that 80% of teams can't overcome. Most don't get a chance at drafting the above players while some dumba$$ picks him off a 2 month old cheat sheet. I have managed to be about even with this huge advantage this year but have had to use every trick in the book and get lucky on top of that. I think I will try an auction league next year
  23. Cutler is a lock to be the next Elway!

    I think Shanahan's Coaching is to blame. You see all these other young QB's the last few years starting off strong but you won't see it in Denver. He really is a QB killer, and of course a fantasy team killer. Time he gets some critisizm
  24. Cutler is a lock to be the next Elway!

    I told you he would be the next Elway. That was the worst tackling I have ever seen
  25. josh brown!

    That was fn sweet! Broncos just aren't looking very tough tonight