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  1. When is Al Davis going to croak?

    Wait a minute, you have Jake Plummer on your team? You are the one getting laughed at!
  2. When is Al Davis going to croak?

    Hey Jimmie, as a real Raider Fan, your hatred for my team is music to my ears. I wouldnt have it any other way.
  3. When is Al Davis going to croak?

    I am not afraid to say I love my Raiders through thick and right now. And i'm kinda happy I didnt have to see Elway's horse teeth glaring from a silver (not sissy blue) helmet. As far as Al goes, he started his football career with less $$$ than most of us here and now owns 3 lombardi's, more wins than anyone, and a franchise worth hundreds of millions of dollars. He almost single handedly merged the AFL to the NFL, re-invented the passing game as we know it, and brought us some of the very best the NFL has ever produced. He also doesnt take crap off of anybody, including the press and its hurt his image. It's real easy to make fun of him from your lazy boy chair, but none of us here will ever do 1% of what Al has done. That being said, he has held on way too long. He surrounds himself with incompetent yes men and I fear it won't change until he dies. That is very sad because a lot of the very fans he has given so much to, will resent him. He should have a much better legacy, up there with the greats of the sport. He owes it to real Raider fans like me to hand the controls to a young version of himself (Gruden was one of those guys).
  4. Best Uniforms

    Da Raiders have the best ever old school uni's and the Denver Donkos have the best new uni's hoovs down! After that the Eagle's have the worst old school and maybe the second best new school. Amazing what changing the shade of green can do.
  5. Do you think Westbrook has reached his peak value?

    It is and I might jump on it next week but I didn't want to bail him out this week. His only other decent back is Parker (bye) and I want to see him rot in the celler. He couldn't even pick up MOMO cause his oponent this week outbid him in a major kinda way ($80) He also got outbid on Mojo Drew. His starting backfield tommorrow is B. Jackobs and M. Barber, ouch! His fault for not locking up the handcuff and now our defending champion is about to be 0-4.
  6. Roster advice

    I believe you should definetely dump Reed and pick an average or better kicker that has the best match up. Yes, I said match up. What I mean is find which teams GIVE UP the most feild goal attemps each week and play kicker poker that same week. What most people don't realize is an opposing teams ability to play "bend but don't break" defence is what gives a kicker the most chances. You would be very suprised which teams allow the most FG's. The Seahawks were in the Super Bowl but most have no idea that they gave up the most FG's in the NFL last year, by far! I do it all the time and lead my league every year in field goals and nobody seems to know how I do it. Good Luck
  7. Do you think Westbrook has reached his peak value?

    I've been offered SA and Lj Smith (I could use a TE) for Westy. I said no
  8. I don't ask often...But I need trade advice

    I say do it. You get a huge upgrade at QB (duh) and Crumpler is useless (duh) but I think Williams is gonna outperform Lewis in the second half of the year by a potentially huge margin. If he does nothing you still will be ahead by a bit on this trade
  9. Do you think Westbrook has reached his peak value?

    I don't agree, every week he performs, his critics become fewer. About two seasons ago a guy named Tiki got off to a hot start. It was a precurser of a two year run. Both years his performance was discounted for various reasons. Both years he was a massive value pick. Both years he was thee key to our league championships. If you get a great offer, take it. If not, stand pat. He's probably most teams #2 RB and if he stays healthy your gonna be golden
  10. Can someone make me feel better about this?

    Why would you pitch a fit? The trade has no signs of colusion so you have no reason whatsoever to cry foul. Even if the trade was way way unfair, it's still not up to the commish to keep teams from making foolish trades. You have LT and both those players will be borderline contributers so don't worry about it. If you say anything to the commish then I think your a lady dog!
  11. the wishy washy trade guy....

    I hate that guy, but not this week. last week I offered Westy and Holt to the wishy washy guy in my league for SA. He told me "it's doable but I just want to check on Westy a little more" and then some more and some more until our Thursday 6 pm deadline was upon us. At 5:30 I told him the deal was off for this week cause I need to make some FA moves. I think you all know how those 3 players faired this last weekend. It's great that the deal didn't happen but even better knowing he's kicking himself in the nuts for being wishy washy.
  12. QB Quandry - Culpepper is killing me!

    I don't know why this is a surprise to so many. Culpepper stinks on ice and will do so most of the year. His OL is pretty week and he is historically a slow learner of new offences. Replace him with someone from the WW (I like Frye) and play the matchups. Expect lot's of this in the foreseeable future. Lienart not available? I here he's gonna start
  13. PU RB Maroney or Addai?

    Is it possible to tie up all 3? In an eight team league, your RB1 and RB2 both need to produce at a very high level and I believe all 3 of these guys have potential to do that more and more as the season goes on. You would be more likely to build tradable depth with all 3 and might be able to upgrade at WR ect. later. Personally, i'd drop that terd KJ, as he has little chance of cracking your starting lineup anytime soon.
  14. Cut bait with Caddy and S. Moss

    Should I try and move Caddy and/or Santana Moss??? Or will they come around?
  15. Maroney over Caddy?

    Tough call, hang on a second, i'm gonna flip a coin for you. The coin says Maroney. Good luck
  16. Harrington could see time if Culpepper stumbles

    I'm playing against C Pep, Go Harrington!!!
  17. Do I make this trade?

    In terms of talent, the trade is pretty even. But your team is best off trying to strengthen your #2 RB without weekening your top 3 WR's (Holt, Bolden, and Bennett, not Moss). Try to substitute Moss, Jones or Dillon for Bolden
  18. C.Taylor or K.Jones

    I learned in week 1 (I started T. Jones vs. GB instead of R. Brown vs. Steelers) that when a team is dedicated to feeding a RB, he often gets his one way or another (Brown, only 37 yards but 2 short TD's). T. Jones didn't do much (about 75 yards). I lost my opener by 1 f@%#$ point sitting a stud do to a poor matchup. Coming out party for KJ?? Hahaha. Maybe out of the closet. His coming out party has been scheduled for over a year now and he never seems to make it. Definetely start Taylor.
  19. Start Caddy?

    I am tempted, but am going Dillon instead. Between Caddy and KJ? Well when has KJ done anything at all but break hearts. Go Caddy
  20. Flex Help please..

    Morency??? You must mean Maroney. Go Maroney, even with a split carries he should produce decent numbers as he has the last couple of weeks. He also looks primed for a big TD. As far as Anderson goes, I don't think he is guaranteed anything. I read Jamal was going to be in for all downs, even third downs. Good luck!
  21. Dynasty trade help

    I agree with G & S. Also, I love the formation based lineups your league has
  22. Final Trade Offer--should I accept

    Don't do this deal. Kevin Jones #1 skill is breaking hearts of fantasy owners. McGahee's OL is playing better than expected and the Bills passing game can only get better. Your trading a solid RB for an iffy one. Did I say dont do this deal?
  23. Just a kicker but.......

    Feely, Seatle led the league last year in opponents FG's. Still, start Vinatieri if available
  24. If the other team has Chambers as their best receiver

    I use this concept in rare occasions. In this case, Warner should outscore C-Pep by a lot, so start him. But, if you had two qb's (or WR's) that were even, then this strategy could come into play. If your team was a heavy underdog, then I say swing for the fences and play the non teammate. How many times has an underdog won because a QB or a WR had a huge game? It happens all the time, so if my team was a heavy favorite, then playing a teammate would defuse some of the underdogs chances.