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  1. Every year there is a player or two who demolishes all other players (fantasy wise). This year it's LT, in the past players such as P. Manning, M. Faulk and P. Holmes have been "that" player. I don't see what the fuss is all about.




    Why can't you just let us beoch about an unfair advantage that 80% of teams can't overcome. Most don't get a chance at drafting the above players while some dumba$$ picks him off a 2 month old cheat sheet. I have managed to be about even with this huge advantage this year but have had to use every trick in the book and get lucky on top of that.


    I think I will try an auction league next year

  2. I own Manning myself and would say no QB is an automatic start. I would not bench Manning just bcause he went up against a tough D though. He is so good, he is the one that decides how and more importantly who on the Colts is gonna score. If he plays against a team that concedes the run then guess what? Addai gets 4 scores. If they play the Colts honest then thats when he goes off. When he played against the Donkos this year, they had only given up one passing TD at that point but played honest D and he tore them a new one. I am more worried about soft run defences and him watching Addai just for the fun of it.

  3. Honestly, Broncos fans could give a rip about OAK. They stopped being serious competition a while ago.




    Bronco Billy forgets how he and the rest of Colorado celebrate "RAIDER WEEK" when the Raiders come to town. They gallop around in orange and blue fur and wear fake John Elway horse teeth. It's a rippen good time! :D:D:bash:

  4. Who the heck drafts a team for next year? I can't predict this year let alone the next.



    Next year is kind of a crapshoot, but the things I did was look at age, wear and tear, and contract status. For instance I took Reggie Wayne knowing he had just signed a long term deal at age 28, while Marvin was turning 35 this season.


    Palmer is a very good QB, but those can be found in most years (Romo, Breese come to mind) and with a bunch of strong RB's someone always seems to have 2 good QB's and will gladly trade one of them for a decent (not great) RB. My current RB's are;



    Ronnie Brown



    Washington (probably cut in offseason)


    They are a pretty decent, young group, but hardly dominent at this time. With the addition of DeAngelo, I could really have something next year and beyond, when the $$$$ is serious.

  5. What pisses me off so much is I built this team to compete in year 2 and beyond from the very start. The $1,000 prise in year 3 is why I want this trade so bad. The #1 seed has Tiki, Lamont, and Ahman. Without DeAngelo to fortify his RB core, his teams future looks bleak. He is my ultra competitive brother in law and the reality is their is NO ONE I would rather beat. Couldn't be farther from collusion

  6. Does there have to be a legitimate reason for an owner to veto, or can they veto without justification (in other words, in their own self interest)?



    The league bylaws have no explanation or reasoning for a veto. Just a 48 hour waiting period. It's a Yahoo league and all you do is click on the "veto this trade" button. :D I don't even know which teams vetoed.

  7. I am in a Dynasty league that keeps 12 players and has an 18 player roster. This is the first year and the champion wins only $200 this year. Next year it's $500 and $1000 the year after that.


    I am likely out of the playoffs and just made a trade with the #1 seed that was vetoed by league vote (less than 12 hours later, with no chance for an explanation from us). I have made other trades without a problem. The #1 seed also happens to be my brother in law. I did this trade to better my team in the long run and feel it would have done that.


    The #1 seed wants to win it all this year but is hurting for a QB and I want to build for the future.


    He gets;


    Carson Palmer and Thomas Jones


    I get;


    DeAngelo Williams and Donavan McNabb



    How do you guys feel. Does this look like collusion, or jealousy by others.






  8. It's because Maroney shows flashes of brilliance, but Dillon just keeps hoggin all the important carries. I think a lot of what you hear is Maroney owners wishing Dillon would just die so Maroneys future could happen now

  9. In my case, I'm already looking at a sweet spot in my leagues playoffs, so Alexander's return only means that my team will have that much more depth and strength come week 15 and 16 this year. He's fresh and the Seahawks might just need to play the starters all season long to get that top playoff seed. sneaky.gif




    +1 :D:D

  10. From Rotoworld


    Shaun Alexander is expected to resume practicing Wednesday.

    He could play Sunday if his foot holds up during the week. It appears Alexander has finally received medical clearance, just in time for a game against San Francisco. Mike Holmgren will confirm the news shortly and is expected to say that Matt Hasselbeck may not return this week. Nov. 13 - 5:20 pm et

    Source: The News Tribune



    Let's hope he puts together a strong fantasy run! :D

  11. I'm glad I don't have a commish like you. I feel a coach should have the freedom to make his team better however he/she sees fit. If that means trading more for less so be it.


    IMO- This trade is of little benefit to the team still in the running. SA may not come back to full strength AND the Seattle running game is a shell of what it was the last few years. Dunn is a better play right now!



    +1, Guess I didn't read all of the thread either.


    P.S. Cunning Runt, I'm going to Europe on vacation for 3 weeks and was wondering how much you charge to run someone else's team? Oh yeah, you don't have to worry about SA cause I traded for him a month ago(Julius Jones).

  12. Translation:


    "I'm about to make absurd racist statements, but you can't call me a racist because I'm black."





    I think Lewis getting convicted of trying to cover up the murder of a black man and playing "the card" is the real irony here. Would he have helped his Homies try to cover up the murder of a white man? No way cause EVERYBODY is out to get the black man, including the black man. But, of course black men are not racist, cause they're black.