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  1. I traded Julius for SA 3 weeks ago and I thought it was a steal. Now, the weeks are ticking away and if SA doesn't get going soon, Im gonna have big problems. High risk, high reward. It's what FF is all about and to the commish who may veto that Dunn trade, I wouldn't play in your league.

  2. I'm very curious to see how SA looks once he gets back on the field. The Seahawks remaining schedule is cake so he could be a monster down the stretch. Personally, I hope not. He would be coming back to teams I fear most in both my leagues.


    I think I am one of the teams that has become feared because of SA. I am first in scoring and near a playoff birth. The one thing my team needs to really be complete is a #2RB. I traded Julius Jones for SA about a month ago and if SA comes back and performs decent or better, "CHAMPIONSHIP"

  3. Separate question.......why is your name changed to "I'm Rick James lady dog " when you are quoted, but your main name is fine...... think.gif


    It's not me, but the site. I just tried to use the medical name for a womans private on another post and it came out different when I posted. I will try that one again.






    see what i mean

  4. "It wasn't anything I said. It was him getting beat on plays," Stevens said later, inside the locker room. He added he appreciated Brayton's knee not reaching its intended destination.



    How could a knee that deep into the pills not reach it's destination? va-jay-jay? :D:D:bash:

  5. Stevens leg goes up, but you can't even tell if he connected. Frankly is was pretty lightweight compared to the retaliation.


    Stevens absolutely tried half heartidly to kick Brayton in the Pills. Brayton shouldnt be singled out for doing a much better job of it, especially against a "sissy" like Stevens. The real shocker is how can Stevens can talk so much fasto after that TD pass that bounced off his numbers.

  6. The deal with him is that the Bucs are falling behind early in games. It's kinda hard to run the ball when you are down 17-0 in the first quarter. Also, Gradkowski has not been able to open the passing game up. Thus, 8 in the box when they do decide to run. I've watched every Bucs game and I can honestly say that there is nothing wrong with Caddy, its really the situation he is in. I wouldn't trade for him unless you are getting a deal. He is just way too inconsistant.


    I fully agree. He has value as a week #3 and I don't see how that will improve this season.

  7. Very uncharacteristic # of mistakes last night by NE. Not that I'm complaining. smile.gif Madden did get it right that NE should have just gone directly after the Colts w/o trying the misdirection/etc. esp should have run more.



    I agree. How come nobody is talking about how Belichick was thouroghly out-coached? His gameplan was one of desperation from the start. Almost like the only chance his team had to win was to push the envelope. Example, Brady constantly threading the needle to the tune of four picks. Maroney looked good when he got the chance but why do that when you can play right into a Colts D that is built to stop the pass. Against the Vikings tough run D, it was an eccellent gameplan to just throw over the top of it. I am stumped as to why he though this could work :D


    Stupid Belichick, always screwing with us fantasy footballers. Now the Colts will sit the starters come FF playoff time :D

  8. For these rankings, Sportsbook.com's panel analyzed the following criteria in determining, without a doubt, the Worst Sports Cities in America:


    - Recent on-court/on-field successes

    - Passion and/or intelligence of fan base

    - Condition and appeal of local stadiums and arenas

    - TV, print and radio media landscape

    - Hurtful and inaccurate stereotypes



    I think I would like to see the "Passion and/or intelligence of fan base" list. :D:D:bash: How great would that be?

  9. Nobody laughed at me, cause I put together winners. But at my draft, which is both competitive and experienced, we laughed quite a lot at this one guy who had made the playoffs in '05. This year he tried to "do the opposite" and his draft went like this;


    (10 team, snake draft)


    7th TO

    14th R. Moss

    27th Shockey

    34th Gallaway

    47th Palmer

    54th Ahman (he cut 2 weeks ago)

    67th Duece

    After 67th, nobody good


    We laughed then, and now, were still laughing (he's in last place). It helps that this guy is the only real A-hole in the league :clap::tup::doh::huh::lol::( When he wins, he talks and talks and talks. When he loses, he crawels under and rock. :D:D:bash:

  10. Great post Junta. Could Reid be holding him back to avoid injury? Hopefully, B-Rabbit is fully healthy and will stay that way. Then maybe Reid will use him a lot more. I hope that happens and SA comes back strong as well. I woould become unbeatable in my league and talk endless amounts of smack to my buddies as I took there money on a weekly basis.


    The other guy that should get more touches is Ronnie Brown. Maybe Saban and Reid are on the same bowling team.

  11. I gotta agree, baseball term all the way. I really don't see the point in the NFL copying anything from MLB. Watching MLB is like watching old people have sex. :D


    I got another one for you, why is it when someone gets a bruise or a spot that hurts in there upper body do they refer to it as a "Stinger". Who invented that term anyway. How come you can't get a "Stinger" in your leg or your hip. If you get hurt there it is then called a "Pointer" :D


    I think the guy who invented "Stinger" and "Pointer" is the same guy that has brought "walk off" to the NFL. And that guy sucks!

  12. I nailed Culpep for the bust he is. Histroricaly, he has been very slow to learn new offenses and his OL sucks. I told my buddies he was undraftable and they laughed. He's just landed on our WW


    Thought Rudi got fat on cupcake matchups the last 2 years and would drop off this year against a brutal run schedule. It is a little early to tel, but that may be happening


    Didn't see Tiki not getting touches in the red zone or the Texans inability to run at ball