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  1. I gotta say, I think your sig is pretty gay. Maybe I should say thanks, you're helping us Raider fans look like we don't live that much in the past. :D


    As far as FA's go, I was looking for quality and it seems the well has gone a bit dry. Mark Clayton looked good at first, but then I found out McNair is gonna be back and that both of Clayton's TD's were nothing but lucky deflections.


    Maybe you should look to trade some bottom feeder for a buy low candidate. Then your team could be sweet :D:bash::clap: , like mine.

  2. Rudi got fat the last 2 seasons on cupcake schedules, more so than any other back. This year the rushing D's are stacked brutily against him, but, of course everbody knew that going into this season. You did know that when you drafted him, didn't you?

  3. Did you watch the game?


    I did.


    On the last drive,Justin Smith had the audacity to TACKLE Gradowski for a sack.


    Tha play would pretty much end the drive.But no...evidently you aren't even allowed to tackle the QB.



    I watched, and no, the defense is in no way, to ever tackle a QB. That kind of overprotection is just too much. They should find a better way, maybe use instant replay.


    That being said, the Bengals should have not let it come down to that.

  4. well that would have me worried, but your black-hole-buddy "I'm Al Davis' lady dog" says the raiders and their fans couldn't care less about playing (and getting their asses stomped by) the broncos. shrug.gif



    "asses stomped by the Broncos"


    Is that special orange and blue speak?


    Old man Al is in the HOF, while nobody outside of Neckver Co. even knows who owns the Broncos.


    Also, you guys shouldn't talk about Aikmen playing for the Raiders this Sunday. Al might try to sign his concussed melon to a contract.

  5. I think this has to be broken into 2 catagories. 1) Worst owner since they bought the team 2) Worst owner this year.


    Ford and Bidwell are clearly the worst for their long track records of futility. Both care very little about puting a wining product on the field and the NFL players now it.



    The cript keeper Al Davis is currently the most incompetent owner without a doubt. It's truly painful to watch, but he can't be considered the worst owner of all time because he's in the HOF for being a great owner :D

  6. Hey Billy, I just did a internet search for "Raider Week" and I found that your Bronco brothers are absolutely consumed over the opportunity to play the struggling Raiders. Turns out you are invited to countless festivities. I also did a search for "Bronco week" and the search engine responded with "did you mean Raider week?" You really should stop wasting your time here and gallop over to your orange and blue herd and get busy with the reason Bronco fans exist. To remind the Raider fans that it could always be worse :D

  7. Bronco Bill, how much online research did you for that. I don't see you aplying any of it to defend my "Denver is nothing more than filler" comment.


    Even though Da Raiders are currently the worst team in the NFL, Bronco fans are cellebrating a so called "Raider Week" all over Colorado. Playing second fiddle to Da Raiders since 1960 has caused you guys to develop a monsterous inferiority complex.


    Denver could be defending a Superbowl trophy and we wouldn't have "Bronco Week". You make us laugh with your one sided rivalry. Denver will always be NFL plankton.

  8. Bronco Billy, you know in the back of your mind that the Raiders have a chance because of Jake "the fake snake" Plummer.

    Yeah, Al is done and his team is aweful right now, but you are out of line thinking the Donkeys orginization compares to that of the Silver and Black. Almost nobody outside of hickville Colorado cares about your team. Da raiders, along with about 6 or 7 other organizations (none of them named after horses) are all that has ever been great about the NFL and don't you forget it. The Denver Broncos are NFL plankton. :D and always will be.

  9. Yes, the RBBC is here to stay. Makes one wonder if the rules will change in fantasy football to some kind of team rushing points. I think that only 2-5 RB's in the entire league have escaped the RBBC effects. Probably more like 2-3. I think that if you don't have an early pic to nab one of those Super Stud RB's during the draft, you might as well trade down 10 spots or so and watch as everybody else overpays. :D I did exactly that this year and it's worked out beautifully. Picking 10th in a 10 team league, I picked Manning and traded the #11 overall for the 20th and the 40th. At 20, I grabbed Holt, at 30 I grabbed Westy, at 31 Ward, at 40 D. Davis(damn) at 50 Dillon, at 51 Foster then added DeAngelo and Maroney in the later rounds.

    Even though I suffered the seasons first big injury (DD) and didn't draft my first RB til 30th, I lead my league in rushing. :D With the extra pic (40) and a well drafted team full of good but not great players, I was able to handle the injury, and really work some of the struggling teams that had put all their eggs in the RB RB draft basket. A few shrewd trades later and my backfield looks pretty damn good (see below).

    I think that people will continue to believe that the 9th best RB is still much better than the best player in other positions for at least a couple of years and I plan on taking advantage accordingly. When they figure it out, I think I will draft RB RB