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  1. Morency??? You must mean Maroney. Go Maroney, even with a split carries he should produce decent numbers as he has the last couple of weeks. He also looks primed for a big TD. As far as Anderson goes, I don't think he is guaranteed anything. I read Jamal was going to be in for all downs, even third downs. Good luck!

  2. I use this concept in rare occasions. In this case, Warner should outscore C-Pep by a lot, so start him. But, if you had two qb's (or WR's) that were even, then this strategy could come into play. If your team was a heavy underdog, then I say swing for the fences and play the non teammate. How many times has an underdog won because a QB or a WR had a huge game? It happens all the time, so if my team was a heavy favorite, then playing a teammate would defuse some of the underdogs chances.

  3. I just did exactly that tonight. I figure a couple of things. Favre can throw the rock a whole lot better than Phils kid right now and if Jennings has another good week, you won't get a chance at him next week. Also, Clayton will be cold for a while and if Simms starts to heat up you can pic him back up then

  4. One thing to keep in mind though, the top three running backs at the end of the season are rarely the top three drafted.


    All the more reason to make the trade! Alexander has been at or near the top at the end of most years recently.

  5. Pull it off the table, at least for a week. I think Smith will come back and produce similar to Harrison. Gates will get stronger as the season goes on, while LJ started off hot last year and faded quickly even before McNabb was lost. Your at a sell low x-road right now. The value of both of those guys should only go up from here so be patient

  6. I would pull the trigger for these reasons; 1) As a Raider fan it's become obvious that Shell has no chance of turning this thing around. They won't get the ball to Randy much all year 2) Gruden will get the Bucs moving and Caddy will get most of the reps 3) Bryant should be fairly solid all year 4) If Jamal can't get it done against the Raiders, then who can he get it done against. He 's gonna shair or lose his carries to Musa and Mike

  7. Hi guys, looking for input on a trade iv'e been offered. think.gif 10 team, 50/50 redraft league. We start 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, ect. My current roster;




    P. Manning


    Dillon and Westbrook


    Holt, Ward, S. Moss


    Carney. Cooley, Eagles




    Foster, Cadillac, Maroney, Gado, Evans, Micheal Clayton


    Iv'e been offered Alexander for Holt and Westbrook. I think I should make this trade, :D what do you think???

  8. I am thinking the same thing. Was Stalworth worth anything? I thought maybe he was and picked him up 1 day before he went to Philly and now i'm laughing. There was a rumor he was going to the Pats, but I havn't heard anything in about a week. He needs to get out of Oakland and could look like a whole new player in the right system. Maybe lightning will strike twice. The big question is "when" to pick him up