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  1. TJ or the CADDY

    TJ your pretty good at RB. You need to see what other owners will need in front of you in the draft. You might be able to be caddy with the 7th. Depending on the other owners TJ could be gone. Also how many WR and RB do you start?
  2. Keeper Trade advice?

    I think I can trade Brady for Fitzy and Brown but might have to throw in my first founder which is 1.02. What do you guys think? Quarterbacks who have been Kept P. Manning D. McNabb T. Romo C. Palmer M. Hasselback I could get T. Henry with my first round pick but rate him the same as Brown, and Boldin looks to be the best WR available in the draft and I have Firz rated higher than him. especially in a ppr league.
  3. Keeper Trade advice?

    My Roster and scoring info are in my sig. We are a ppr league, pass td =4pts. I offered Brady and my first round pick 1.02 for Ronnie Brown, Fitzgerald and his first round pick 1.06. I think i might be trying to get a little too cute and may just trade fitz straight up 4 brady. I think he would do that. As 4 Romo we are in dallas and this owner is a real dallas homer he is keeping Palmer as well and outside of R. Johnson and J. Addai he had nothing.
  4. Keeper Advice

    My players are in my sig. I am pretty confident on five and am thinking of only keeping 5 because it looks like only 3 players are keeping 5 so I would have 2 out of the first five picks. I would have the 2nd and 5th pick overall. Won't pick again until 18th. I think I will keep Brady LJ Benson Colston A. Johnson Top Players available so far T. Henry A. Boldin A. Peterson M. Lynch DeAngelo Williams Randy Moss E. Manning Am I wrong for wanting to keep Brady? I have a really good feeling about him. So is McGahee or Jacobs worth keeping over any of the available players?
  5. Keeper Advice

    The owner who dropped T Henry Kept P. Manning, F. Gore, R. Bush, M. Harrison, TO and Steve Smith. Would you have dropped one of those WR? That would have been a tough decision wish I had that problem.
  6. Redraft Leage w/flex

    I am in a CBS League that allows for 1 flex player at any position. Last Year there was a run on QBs in the first and second rounds and most everyone started 2 QB. I stuck w/ the three RB in the first three rounds and started 3 RBs most of the year. What is a good stategy for the draft? Roster Requirements: min max total Active QB 1 2 3 Active RB 2 3 4 Active WR 2 3 4 Active TE 1 2 3 Active K 1 2 3 Active DST 1 2 3 Standard scoring except 6 pts for passing TD
  7. Keeper Advice

    Same picks. If I were to keep 6 I would probably have the 4th pick overall. BB you would keep norwood and jacobs over benson? Are you not convinced about Benson? Do you think Norwood will surpass Dunn?
  8. Keeper League Commissioners

    In my league the keepers are revealed in the order we finished last year. So last years winner submits his keepers and then the 2nd place team and so on. This is an advantage to the the last place teams but seems to make it a bit more interesting. We have done it in the past where the commisioner compiles the keepers and sends it out to everyone but I could see how someone would think the commish has an advantage.
  9. I am thinking of proposing a trade where I give up LJ for Reggie Bush and one of the following WR Steve Smith, M. Harrison or TO. Am i asking too much or should I expect more maybe A. Boldin. I can keep 6 from my sig. my thoughts T. Brady LJ C. Benson W. McGahee M. Colston A. Johnson or B Jacobs? Other owners potential keepers (We have til 8/1) P. Manning F. Gore R. Bush T. Henry ? S. Smith TO M. Harrison A. Boldin (non keeper for him keeper for me)
  10. LJ value keeper trade/

    I have the second pick. QBs kept both Mannings Palmer Hasselbeck Brees Leinart? Boldin should be available along with Henry The other owner would probably keep Manning, Bush, Gore, S. Smith, TO and Harrison. Surprise he won the superbowl last year and has the last pick so should keep 6. I like the idea of his pick Gore/Bush and Henry and Boldin since he wont keep them anyway and I would still have the 2nd pick.
  11. Trade advice

    After reading some of these posts I have bought into the RB keeping. I am planning on keeping LJ, Willis, Jacobs and Benson for sure. My next 2 keepers IMO are Colston and Andre. I think I can move Colston for Ronnie Brown or Fitz. Should I try for Brown if so should I only keep 5 all RBs? Roster in the sig.
  12. Trade advice

    1 QB 2 RB 3WR 6 pt per td 1 pt per 20 yd RB WR 1 pt per 50 yd QB
  13. WDIS WR

    Leaning towards Cotchery with better matchup vs Min.
  14. CBS Scoring ?

    Does Jones Drew get the points for the return TD? I know CBS is slow on this stuff sometimes. My playoff future could hinge on this.
  15. CBS Scoring ?

    Our league awards the DST and not the individual player. I was tied for the wild card spot based on standings and lost the tiebreaker by 2 points. At least I'm not bitter.
  16. Lamont Jordan

    Is Lamont Jordan worth a shot next year? Or will Oakland be as bad as they are this year? I think some things could change ie et some better lineman and get rid of Moss. What does everyone think? I was eliminated from the playoffs last week so its time to gear up for next year.
  17. Lamont Jordan

    What about Domanick Davis? Worth a flyer? Has anybody heard whats going on with him?
  18. I was mathematically eliminated from the playoffs yesterday and was wanting some help with who I should keep for next year. This is my thoughts. LJ K. Jones W. McGahee M. Colston A. Johnson Brady Would Jacobs or any of my other WR be worth keeping? I can keep a total of 6.
  19. Should I bench LJ this week?

    I always go with injury prone players and one week wonders over my studs. The denver running game is always a sure thing.
  20. +1 if Taylor is out I think I pu Fason. Go with Lienert at QB. What about starting Tiki and Jacobs?
  21. Mathematically eliminated

    Bump. Any thoughts on Vick and the other RBs.
  22. 3rd Keeper

    Colston But who is on your roster?
  23. Mathematically eliminated

    Other RB available one the WW besides Benson. D. Foster R. Droughns L. Washington L. Jordan D. Rhodes any worth picking up? Also is Vick (available WW) a better option as a keeper over Brady and Young
  24. Mathematically eliminated

    Ced Benson worth a pickup? Still on the WW.