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    Thanks Bearcat.

    I am leaning toward Kitna and Boldin/DJax as my QB and 2 WR but I am considering Wallace with DJax and Clayton. Any thoughts? Kitna (Det) vrs Arz Brady (NE) vrs GB Wallace (Sea) vrs 49ers Boldin (Arz) vrs Det DJax (Sea) vrs 49ers Clayton (BAL) vrs ATL
  3. WDIS at RB

    I have to pick 2 RB. I will definately start SJax, but which of the other 3? McGahee at GB Drew (Jax) vrs Ten Lundy (Hou) vrs NYG I leaning towards McGahee but I am strongly considering M. Drew.
  4. WDIS at WR

    I have to pick 2 WR. Boldin (Ari) vrs GB DJax (Sea) vrs KC RWilliams (Jax) vrs Phi Henry (Cin) vrs Atl Cotchery (NYJ) vrs Cle I was going to go with Boldin and watch the injury reports (I heard he has a back injury??). The second choice is the tough one. Djax with a quetionable QB or Cotchery at cleveland. I am leaning toward Cotchery but everytime I play him he gives me nothing. Any thoughts??
  5. WDIS at RB

  6. trade:plaxico for travis henry

    You need to put in your pts system/how many you play/what his other players are if you want intelligent responses. I believe Henry is now the starter and should have a decent week (I still think you are rolling the dice on this one). Not sure about the rest of the season. I would see if I could give up a lessor WR or look for a better back.
  7. WDIS at RB

    I have McGahee on a bye week and the matchups of my BU are not the best. Pick 2 of the following: Lundi (Hou) vrs Ten SJAx (STL) vrs SD Drew (Jax) vrs Phi For one of the picks I am thinking SJax, since he has been a stud and although SD def was good they seem to be dropping off. For the second one I am leaning towards Lundi since he has a good matchup and I am concerned about Drew against the birds. Any thoughts?
  8. WW Help

    Thanks guys, Washington it is!
  9. Mcgahee and williams for chester taylor

    I agree, I think you do have RB trouble. Not sure if you can play 3 WR/1Rb but that may be your best bet for now. McGahee's schedule does lighten up so he may put up a little bit better numbers (he has had some tough matchups). I don't think the change from McGahee to taylor is worth Roy, and it really weakens your WR. I would lean toward trying to get a lower tier RB with one of your QBs if someone needs one. That seems to be where you could tolerate losing one and not hurt yourself too bad. You may want to look at a Leon Washington or Lundy if they are available on WW or someones team and roll dice that they pan out as starters. At this point the cost is still relatively low for them. Good Luck!
  10. Is this a FAIR trade

    IMO I would not do it. you look good at WR already and although AJ is an upgrade I don't think it is worth losing DM. He looks like your #1 or #2 point producer in your scoring system at RB. I would try to counter with Jones or Barlow and see if he bites. Looking at his roster, Jones is still an upgrade over what he has (you may be able to kick in a colston or gabriel since I doubt you would be starting them with the addition of AJ).
  11. qB START? Bulger or Grossman?

    I would lean toward Bulger for a number of the reasons others have mentioned. There has been a lot of talk on the radio the last 2 weeks about the need to establish the running game (There has been criticism about them getting away from the run too quick).
  12. WW Help

    Lundi (Hou) and Washington (NYJ) are both available. I am leaning towards Lundi but I am curious what the rest of you think...
  13. Is this a FAIR trade

    You need to put in your pts system, how many you play, and ideally what his other players are if you want intelligent responses.
  14. Trade Westbrook for Torry Holt?

    IMO you are really rolling the dice with this trade. I would not want to go into the week with Lundi as an RB I have to start. The WR can be a little more unpredictable and I would rather have some RB with consistancy. What are his other WR? Any chance to give up Lundi for an WR that is better than Chambers without having to part with westbrook?
  15. Trade Westbrook for Torry Holt?

    I certainly see why you would like to get another reciever, but I would go a different route. Even with the constant aggrevation of wondering when westbrook is going to get shut down, I dont think you can afford to give him up since you have to start 3 RBs. I would not do it.