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  1. ever had a bottle rocket fight?

    We used snorkels. It gave you more of a feel of shooting a gun.
  2. What is a more likely cause of WW III?

    Yea, I'm thinking jihad.
  3. Benadryl

    I have (used to have) bad allergies. I was still getting shots once a month. Last winter I developed an ear infection due to a post nasal drip/sinus infection thing. My doctor prescribed Flonase. The infection cleared up and so did my allergies. I've been shot free ever since. Even this spring with everything colored yellow from the pollen I haven't had a single problem.
  4. Space Shuttle set to launch at 7:38 pm Eastern tonight

    Fortunately, Ferdinand and Isabel didn't share your opinion.
  5. The perfect thread

    423 views, 76 replies Better luck next time.
  6. The perfect thread

    There once was a man named Dave...
  7. Fantasy Football Auctioneer

  8. Vick is all done

    The ESPN report a couple of weeks ago claimed there was a "sub-culture" of dog fighting among NFL players.
  9. The politicization of the Huddle

    She's running for President.
  10. A Question For You Long Time Huddlers

    I can't even remember anymore. I think it was '98ish. Started with the "Start/Bench List" I found from a search. Lurked around the boards for a couple of years before I became the prolific poster I am today.
  11. Who was the hardest hitter ever to don a helmet

    It isn't shown in that clip, but there is a part of that NFL films where they show a guy's helmet gets twisted 90 degrees after being hit. He was awesome.
  12. Looking For A-Rod Pic

  13. Court date tomorrow

    It sucks that you have to wait even more to get this resolved. Good luck, Kevin.
  14. To the smokers... that want to quit.

    Keep with it Thews. I smoked for over 20 years but have been smoke free for 2 1/2 years. Remember, there is no such thing as "just one". I won't even smoke a cigar because I'm afraid to wake the nicotine monster within. Good luck!
  15. Holy Crap, I'm a Daddy!