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  1. Peyton Manning at the Espys

    who cares!
  2. F**K da eagles girl pics are in

    Did anyone read the part about how the classless bears fans treated her and the people she was with. Chicago bears fans are bums no class at all.
  3. Ugly Bear Fans

    I was at the packer/ bears game on new years eve and we had all our packer gear on and was treated pretty well except for some of the concession people who were acting very ghetto but other than that we were treated just fine. Maybee thats because the bears got their but's handed to them by the packers or we just sat by the right fans I don't know. There was some friendly ribbing and stuff like that but i didn't feel scared not for a second. Of couse I hate the bears but I thought the fans for the most part acted classy. sorry to hear how you were treated, those were some classless fans. If you ever come to lambeau you will get treated well. I have heard of other teams tell us that. I don't get it you know rip on the other team yell 1st down My team is better than your team you q b sucks but to make it all personal thats just animalistic.
  4. Superbowl squares being sold by schools

    Being that it's a catholic school yes it does. I always thought gambling was not accepted in the bible. Although i could be wrong after all most catholic churches do have bingo which is gambling.
  5. Ahman Green to the Giants?

    If you look at the games green played in many of those yards where garbage yards in the 4th quarter when the packers where way behind and the opposing team was playing the pass. I think green is past his prime and the pack should let him move on.
  6. Seattle cheated

    classless comment by a classless organization. This is sorry grapes on jerry behalf. As I had said before karma's a Bi1tch you dance with the devil (T.O) this is what you deserve and get.
  7. New sod at Soldier Field

    Great a new excuse for bears fans. All they have is excuses. you should go to their forums on the chicago bears websight. 1st. The game against the packers is important its a rivalry where going to win kick the packers buts etc. we want momementum going into the playoffs blah blah blah etc. After they lose to the packers then all the talk is how the game didn't matter at all. It was a preseason game. We don't care packers are going home where in the playoffs where going to the superbowl. One more excuse for them if they lose the the seahawks.
  8. Cowboys / Seahawks game thread

    Please stop looking at the game through blue and silver glasses. The cowboys just aren't that good thats all neither are the seahawks this year either. Anyway you guys had the greatest receiver every in T.O. right you should have been a shoe in for the superbowl. ha ha karma's a B1!iatch isn't it. You sign the devil (Terrel Owens) this is what they deserve.
  9. Cowboys / Seahawks game thread

    I feel bad for tony romo he is from my area in wisconsin but he plays for the cowboys and with t.o. who I hate with a passion so yea seahawks.
  10. Cowboys / Seahawks game thread

    If there was a conspiracy you would think it would be to have the cowboys win. You can't tell me that the league woudn't want the sold called americas team to advance in the playoffs. This just goes to show you there is no fix in the nfl unlike the nba!
  11. Cowboys / Seahawks game thread

    ha ha Justice is served. You wanna dance with the devil (T.O.) this is what you get.
  12. Blaze of Glory for Favre?

    Favre will be back next year. The team gave him a bit of hope for next year and he know what else his he going to do mow the lawn for the next 20 years. I think unless he gets hurt or the team goes 2 and 12 next year he'll probably will play 2 more years.
  13. Why am I not surprised by this?

    Kind of like how I feel about the packers right now. If they lose it's kinda expected. If they win well i am pleasenly surprised and am happy. Not like before about half way through last season when I expected the pacters to win every week and then was pissed off when they lost. In some ways it kinda of nice but I would still like for my team to be good.
  14. T.O. fined

    You said it all man you said it all.
  15. WOOHOO Brad Finally takes a seat on the bench

    Knowing the packers he will probably make this chump look specatacular.
  16. T.O. fined

    Can't the league find a way to get rid of him forever or get him the help he so obviously needs. The man needs professional help.
  17. What I need to get a Win tonight...

    a miracle!!!! down by 10 have t.j. housh opponent has rudi johnson and reggie wayne. In my other league find 1 yard for any one of 3 different players that played yesterday. Then I would tie my oponent and win.
  18. The Minnesota-Green Bay thread

    T.O. is doing his best to destroy his team. The season is not over yet mind you. What about next year if T.O. doesn't tear up that team by the end of this year he will before the end of next year. At most he is good for 1 year on any team.
  19. T.O. fined

    I just heard and interview by jim gray on the monday night pregame show on the radio. Now he says he didnt spit on a hall they were talking trash to each other all game. when he was asked after the game he didn't want to say much so he said he was sorry and then he heard hall going off about it to the media and then realised he apologized for something he didnt do or if he did he did do it he does not remember and if he did there should be some footage of it on t.v. or one of the sidelines should have seen it. He went on to say if he did spit on him it must have been spit coming out while there where talking smack. Jim gray went on to ask if 2 days later he is making up a story he said now why would he have to do that. I can think of 25 million reason why. What a peice of crap. Apologize for something he didn't do and then say 2 days later he didn't do it. sound like he got advice from his publicist. He is unfnbelieavable.
  20. LT I hate him!

    this is just like when jordan was with the bulls. I respected the hell out of him but hated him too because as a fan of any other team in the league you had no chance. It's very similar with lt except with fantasy football if you go up against an owner of lt you have little chance.
  21. T.O. fined

    Why bother fining him $35,000 to T.O. it's not even like a dollor to him more like a nickel. He don't care and it does nothing to make him think twice about doing it in the future. Anyone know of steve czabin he had a great idea instead of fines have a pit somewhere and these guys would have to push their hummer, their escalade, or dump their jewelry or some other items of large value into the pit and that would be more of a punishment to them to lose a valuable possession or status symbol then to fine these jackass athletes.
  22. The Minnesota-Green Bay thread

    But the winner will still have a shot at the playoffs.
  23. Cinny's offensive Stats for tonight

    What I need is for tj housh to get a 2 tds and 100yard and for reggie wayne and rudi johnson both do be shut out or do very little and pigs will fly.
  24. Steven Jackson

    2 td's again over 100 yrd rushing 2 great weeks back to back. Hopefully for me he will do enought to counter act me start hassleback over grossman and starting tatum bell who has had very little action today.
  25. Suspend T.O? Are they crazy?

    Nice logic, because it is a big game they shouldn't suspend him. And your a cowboys fan and have t.o. on your fantasty team. If you were an eagles fan and your opponent had T.O. would you want him suspended then. I bet you were happy last year when t.o. got suspeneded.