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  1. WDIS @ RB

    lundy and morris, for sure, you want the players getting the most carries when given those options
  2. RB Help

    Normally, its always rudi, but with the Ravens on the schedule, who should I go with?
  3. Which stud RB this week...

    If you had to pick 1, go with LT vs CLEVELAND(he's on SD). Can you really only start one RB?
  4. Pick 'em

    Ok, so i'm 4-4, and I'm going up against Peyton and LT this weekend. I need to make some right decisions RB (pick 2): Willis McGahee vs. Packers Rudi Johnson vs. Baltimore Wali Lundy vs. Giants Carnell Williams vs. Saints WR (Pick 2 to go with TO) Doug Gabriel vs. Indy Matt Jones vs. Tennessee Antonio Bryant vs. Minnesota Jerry Porter vs. Seattle Amani Toomer vs. Houston Help me out and I'll help you out!
  5. Deshaun Foster's time limited?

    Foster hasn't been that great and his schedule isn't that nice, not too mention Williams coming back... I would make the trade... If one of your Rbs go down, then I would worry about making a trade, or even try to package toomer and perry to Rudi's owner for a little better rb.
  6. Help Me Pick 2.

    I'm playing against Peyton and LT this week, so I need to make the right decisions! Rudi vs. Baltimore Cadillac vs. Saints McGahee vs. Packers Lundy vs. Giants I'm thinking McGahee is a Must-start, and normally Rudi would be too, but I'm actually leaning towards Cadillac this week, call it hunch... What do you think??
  7. kicker opinions and advice

    I'd go with Akers, he's proven and the Eagles will definately score against the bucs
  8. Please help me out this week! I need a win to save the season! RB pick 2: Caddy vs. Philly Rudi vs. Carolina Fred Taylor vs. Houston WR pick 2 (to start along with T.O. with Fitzgerald OUT) Amani Toomer vs. Dallas Matt Jones vs. Houston Eric Moulds vs. Jacksonville Doug Gabriel vs. Buffalo Help me and I'll help you!
  9. C Taylor or W Dunn?

    I would go with taylor as well. He's guarenteed more carries and has more TD potential
  10. RB Advice

    Rudi Johnson vs. Carolina Caddilac vs. Phillidelphia Fred Taylor vs. Houston Normally it would be Caddy and Rudi, but with matchups and Freddy coming off a huge performance against the jets... I dunno. I'm leaning towards rudi and Fred.... help me out
  11. Which 2 WRs should I start?

    Roy and Braylon, but only because the Seahawks are playing the Bears, every other week its Jax and Roy
  12. WR help

    As of now, Fitzgerald is my only lock to start this week. If TO starts, I start him. My No. 3 wr options are D. Gabriel, M. Jones, and E. Moulds. Please rank these three so I know who to start if TO does, and if he doesn't. Thanks.
  13. Trade away Roy Williams for Fred Taylor?

    you can't make that trade. Even if you do need another rb, taylor is not good enough to justify trading williams. you have LJ, so that will make up for Kevin Jones' lacking production. Unless you get good value for Williams or any of your WRs, hold tight with what you have.
  14. Need Trade Advice

    to be honest, the trade doesn't really help you all that much. vick isn't a clear upgrade over pennington or mcnair. then again, it doesn't seem like you have much use for keyshawn either. i would wait it out and look for a better qb to package mcnair or chad with a decent wr to get (delhomme, eli, or even culpepper(he's a buy low candidate)
  15. Another Trade Advice Thread

    hahahaha there is no way on earth anyone would accept that trade! I wouldn't even accept all three of your players for just 1 of his! you're dreaming.