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  1. I have to pick 2 of the following 3 WR's: I have always thought Keyshawn would be huge for me but he hasn't - and I always thought he would be big in the game this week. But the Falcons are a decent defense and it looks like Hackett is the main man for Hasselback- getting 13 looks last week. Now that Arnaz is the #1 WR for SF, who plays Arizona (bc of Antonio Bryant being suspended), it seems that I might need to sit Keyshawn. I'm very fearful of making the wrong decision and paying for it in the big game - but what do you think? Thanks for the help.
  2. Antonio Bryant is out Arnaz becomes #1 WR on SF and plays Zona. Keyshawn has been okay, but not great. He plays Atlanta. I thought all year Keyshawn would have a big game this week - so, I'm not sure. Thoughts?
  3. Hey now: I have Denver's defense against Cincy. My waiver wire options are: Oakland v. KC Arizona @ SF TENN @ BUF Giants v. NO SF v. Arizona Cincy @ DEN Jets @ MIA Detroit v. Chicago TB @ CLE CLE v. TB Thanks so much for any help. I think the Jets might be a decent pick - as would Arizona. I'm thinking Denver might get a few INT's but they could let up alot of points just as easily.
  4. Bulger or Vick?

    Not sure who to go with, I'm not sure if I agree with the people who think Bulger will struggle vs Oakland's successful pass D. Brees obviously lit the Cowboys up, but Vick is so hit or miss. I started Bulger every game all year - but it may be time to make a different move. Thanks in advance for thoughts.
  5. Arnaz Battle vs. Seattle Thursday night OR Drew Bennett vs. the Jaguars Sunday? I have Owens and Keyshawn as my other 2 starters. Thanks for the help - leave a link
  6. WDIS: Need to pick 2

  7. WDIS: Need to pick 2

    I need to pick 2 of the 3: Keyshawn - lots of targets last week Nate Washington - 8 targets and up against TB who let up a lot of yds on Thanksgiving, and no Hines Ward Arnaz Battle - getting a lot of looks and plays in a potentially high scoring game Thoughts? Thanks!
  8. The options are: Mikey Nugent Olindo Mare Josh Brown Tynes Lindell Gostkowski Elam Bryant Nedney Rayner Hanson Novak Bironas Janikowski Kris Brown Thanks for any insight - I know it is kind of just a crapshoot. I should look at peoples schedule for weeks 14, 15 and 16 (my playoffs)
  9. I have to make a decision on who to start in my 3rd WR spot this week. It is between Joe Jurevicius, Drew Bennett and Rashied Davis. As of now, due to Joe's status as Questionable, and Bennett's inconsistence in attention received from Vince Young, I'm thinking I might have to go with Davis since Berrian is out. Thanks for any opinions.
  10. TRADE ADVISE: Eli for DeAngelo

    If Hasselback has Alexander back, I tend to like that more than Eli - but Eli has that tendency to explode that is as unpredictable as anything else we see in fantasy sports - Deangelo is amazing, but he will be splitting, if that, with Foster the rest of this year. I stick with Hasselback but make the trade for Eli as insurance - unless you have time to wait and see if Hasselback comes back ok before your deadline. http://forums.thehuddle.com/index.php?showtopic=183398
  11. My team is: Bulger, Vick, Green Tomlinson, Gore, Foster, Perry Owens, Keyshawn Johnson, Jurevicious, Toomer, Bennett Gonzalez, De. Clark Vanderjagt DENVER I need to get Brown so I can consider working a deal of one of my RB's or 2 of them even to upgrade at WR. Thanks alot for the help - link me to your post.
  12. Trade advice - please help

    I have Tomlinson, Gore, Foster and Chris Perry at RB Thanks for the help
  13. I am trying to move Vick while he is hot for a big upgrade at WR. I want to get Harrison from a guy in my league, so I am thinking of trading Vick and Gore for Marvin Harrison and Ronnie Brown Is Brown too much of a drop off from Gore? My team is Bulger, Vick, Green Owens, Keyshawn, Toomer, Bennett, Jurevicious Gonzalez, De. Clark Vanderjagt DEN Thanks for any help!
  14. The guy who has Deangelo is offering me Joe Horn for Foster. I have Bulger, Vick and Green Tomlinson, Gore, Foster and Chris Perry Owens, Keyshawn and Toomer/Jurevicious/Bennett (I need to start 3, so I need to upgrade) Tony Gonzales, De. Clark Vanderjagt Denver I think trading Foster leaves me vulnerable at RB, obviously, if Tomlinson or Gore went down or lost carries, etc. Obviously, as well, the Horn upgrade is significant and if everyone stayed healthy, Tomlinson, Gore, Owens, Keyshawn, Horn is very formidable. Thoughts? Post me your link. Thanks!