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  1. Keeper Question

    I agree with ljbrun, a lot depends on your league's size and scoring format. Gore is a no brainer for a 9th round pick. I would keep Wayne even if it costs you a 3rd round pick. He's a stud wr in an elite passing game. He has to share looks with Harrison, but he's emerging and is near or already at career high in catches and yards. Imho, there are only a handful of wr's who are more of a sure thing than Wayne. For your 3rd, I would lean towards Taylor unless you think you can get a better rb in the 1st round. You can always find QB's that are more than suitable.
  2. Need your help

    I agree, Jackson and Green
  3. From a few weeks ago detailing the change in qb's and the targets before/after the qb change for various wr's? I can't seem to find the article but would find it useful right now as the trade deadline is coming up in my fantasy leagues. Does anyone happen to have the link? Thanks for the help!
  4. QB Dilemma - WDIS

    Okay, glad people confirmed my thinking. Thanks for the input and advice everyone!
  5. I would lean towards Favre, but something to keep in mind is that GB vs. Min might be a low scoring game (Min def is good and Min off looks terrible right now)
  6. You should make this trade since you already have 2 pretty good starters in Portis and Gore, and you can only start 2 anyways. I would also see if he'd be willing to expand and do Brown/Driver for Alexander/Holt, since Alexander is such an unknown right now.
  7. Trade Evans/C.Wiliams for Mason/Addai

    I would make the trade. Addai looks more explosive than Caddy and Manning is getting more comfortable with Addai, so he will definitely take over as the starter next year, if not by the end of this year. Going back to last year, after their bye week and this year, Caddy's played 16 games: Over 100 yards rushing - 4 games 75 - 100 yards rushing - 5 games Under 50 yards rushing - 9 games He hasn't shown himself to be a huge factor in the passing game yet. Plus Caddy had a little back trouble earlier in the year (always a concern for an rb). If you weren't planning on keeping Evans anyway, get the higher potential player for the future. Please see mine.
  8. RB HELP

    If you get lots of points for yardage, I'd go with Jones. If it's a td-reliant league, go with McAllister If there is word that Benson will see an increased workload, go with McAllister. Please see my post.
  9. In a league different from the team in my signature, I have a tough decision to make at QB. Which QB do I start? Eli vs. Chicago Kitna vs. San Francisco It feel like Eli should be a must start every week, but having to adjust to a new starting receiver against a tough def (last I heard, Urlacher looks like he's going to play). Plus Kitna has been a yardage machine (very important in this league) and goes against a very weak niners def (particularly in their secondary). I'm leaning towards I crazy? 4 points for a passing td (all other td's 6 points) 1 point for 20 passing yards
  10. Just lost Toomer...

    If Glenn is going to miss time, Crayton is a good option. If Glenn doesn't miss any time, I'd gamble on Carter since I don't imagine Toomer's injury will decrease Eli's pass attempts.
  11. Should I do this trade?

    Unless Rudi has a really serious injury, I think you should definitely make this trade. You have LT and Jackson, and can use A-Train in the short term if Rudi misses a week or 2. And this definitely upgrades your wr's as well.
  12. Help me start two WR's

    I'd probably go Brown and Horn. Oakland has actually been a pretty good against the pass, probably because other teams just run all over them. With Washington, he's probably only going a handful of looks and you're hoping for a td. You probably can expect Horn to get more looks, which always bodes well in a ppr league. Any thoughts on my situation?
  13. WDIS at WR

    Which one should be my 3rd receiver this week: Antonio Bryant @ CHI Isaac Bruce @ SD Doug Gabriel @ MIN I'm leaing towards Bruce but because of MIN's stout run def, Gabriel might not be a bad play. 6 point per TD, 1 point per 10 yards rushing/receiving, no PPR. Thanks!
  14. Got Bad News on Trade!

    Definitely make the trade for either Walker or Brown. You've got a good stable of rb's and who knows what Lundy is really going to give you. Remember he looked bad enough in his first 2 games that they thought Ron Dayne was an upgrade. I would take Brown first, because McNabb has played so well and Shanahan has decided to become Schottenheimer lite. However having either Brown or Walker as your 3rd receiver puts you in a pretty good situation.
  15. Fantasy Advice Thread.

    I need to start 2 of the following 3 rb's. 6 points for all td's. 1 point per 20 yards rushing/receiving. -2 points per fumble. Ahman Green (vs. Mia) Maurice Morris (vs. Min) Leon Washington (vs. Det) I'm leaning towards Green and Morris since Washington very well may be splitting carries and Barlow gets the goal lines. But he is going against a depleted Lions front 4. Thanks for the advice!