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  1. What do you need tonight?

    i would like to thank Harrison for ending my fantasy season now i can watch football and enjoy it for what it is without worrying bout my players
  2. rule question

    i agree 100% even more so if its a designed run then wouldn't he be considered a RB
  3. rule question

    if its a designed run for the QB can he slide to avoid contact???
  4. Chester Taylor

    thanx finally some good news
  5. Chester Taylor

    Anyone hear anything about Taylor? Really could use him now that KJ is out my playoff run is starting to look bad
  6. Troy Smith wins Heisman

    i heard him being projected as a second or third round pick (mostly because of his height) i think that if he goes this late he will be by far the steal of the draft
  7. T.O. Implosion

    this my be a big reason he hasn 't had as much to say its hard to critisize anyone when he obviously is open to being critisized himself that and he has no influence in the locker room as he did in philly and SF Parcells also realizes that each player needs to be treated on an individual basis and they cant all be treated the same something Reid didnt realize and is one of the reasons for the explosion in philly (IMO)
  8. most boring MNF game of the year?

    neither fo these teams are good and one of them probaly will be in the playoffs the nfc is bad
  9. LOL @ Kornheiser

    its a chance you take but so far all in all its paid off the guy in my league with westy is in first mostly becasue of him
  10. Sylvester Stallone aka Rocky..

    on top of that from what i hear Smokin' Joe has fell on hard times financially and i think that the city could be able to pull him out of with a little support but as far as i know nothing has been done his Gym is still up last i heard but its not in great shape really a sad story and seeing rocky every break tonight doesnt make it any better really glad you brought it up excellent point
  11. LOL @ Kornheiser

    i may be alone on this but i like cornheiser its theisman that i hate cornheisers suttle sarcasim is great and he has mad theisman look stupid on severala occasions and that alone makes him entertaining to me lets not forget entertainment is one of the reasons to watch football there is a such thing as over analyzing side point kornheiser is a pretty smart guy when it comes to football and sports in general let us not forget he has been a very well respected journalist for many years all that being said many times it does seem forced but i think its more of having three people in the booth as far as picking westbrook 1st round as been stated in earlier post it probally paid of better tahn many peoples 1st round picks
  12. Sylvester Stallone aka Rocky..

    as a philly native i agree 100% there was a big debate as to where to put the statue the art museum originally didnt want it thats why it was placed at the spectum recently the statue has been moved to outside of the art museum but Frazier is truely a hero that represented philly better than anyone and is forgotten way too often
  13. Is it just me...

    this may be true but he sux at sorting mail
  14. The army navy game was played at the linc this weekend they did have one day to fix it up but it rained pretty bad on friday night the ground had to be soggy did anyone hear anything on how the field conditions are??? how can it effect the game???
  15. Trent Green ,

    started Leinart over him