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  1. Lamont was horrible. I also know quite a few people who took Caddy & Ronnie Brown at the turn of the 1st round. I imagine those teams can't be doing well. If the Giants are eliminated, do they go strictly to Jacobs or let Tiki pick his terms (I would believe Tiki would show his class and bow out)?
  2. Is Des Clark the forgotten TE?

    I feel your pain. I'm not saying there's a direct correlation but they were scoring more when they threw to him. I'm hoping the OC is going to start making it simple for Rex and throw a lot of short patterns to get his confidence back up. I like the matchup against the Rams because they cure all offensive woes.
  3. Weather in Tonights Cinn/BLT Game - Thunderstorms

    My injury report says Jamal Lewis is questionable (CBS Sportsline). I can't find anything in the Baltimore Sun - their game analysis was from yesterday.
  4. Does anyone have a formula for choosing between

    As others have stated, I've looked at Vegas lines to predict scores. Weather plays a factor in rare occassions. I hate when you know your kicker's team is going lay a whoopin' but your K ends up w/5 XPs.
  5. The Tiki/Jacobs scenario got me wondering. As teams are eliminated from the NFL playoffs, are there other players to keep an eye on, as far as getting looks for offseason planning? I'm also wondering if Morris or other Miami RBs are going to be evaluated in case Bong Boy doesn't come back from Canada. Others?
  6. What is with Harrison?!

    ESPN ticker shows Indy signed Ricky Proehl. Writing on the wall?
  7. Burnt out on making fantasy decisions..

    My team is making decisions for me by getting injoored
  8. My studs have tough matchups in looking ahead to Wks 14-16. I thinking about offering KJ for TJ. Here's their wk14-16 opponents (Overall D rank, Run D rank) KJ = Min (6,11); @GB (22,7); Chi (1,10) TJ = @StL (23,29); TB (24,24); @Det (26,25) Two problems though: - TJ owner will be in the playoffs so he'd be able to figure out why I'd offer a better RB (FF pts thusfar) straight up. - It's conceivable for the Bears to go 3-2 over the next couple games. Supposing all NFC teams that have 3 losses already go undefeated, the Bears may wrap up home field after week 15. Then, I'm facing the possibility of Harrison and TJ getting limited looks in Week 16's championship game. If you owned TJ would you make this trade (you're in the playoffs as a low seed)? Thoughts please?
  9. Non-dynasty FF Playoffs

    In non-dynasty leagues, have you ever clinched a playoff spot early and not liked the matchups your studs are looking at during FF playoffs? Did you make trades for players with good FF playoff matchups or stand by the horses that got you there? Without going into much detail (because I don't want this banished to the "other" board), one player's team might clinch homefield so early that they sit in week 16. Four of my starting RBs/WRs don't have great matchups. In those 12 games (4 players x games in weeks 14-16), I see two favorable matchups. Unfortunately, I see a few matchups with Broncos, along with the Black & Blue division against Bears and Vikes. Just looking for feedback from people who have been in this situation, what they did (traded or not), and the results. I'm restless because there's no prize for having the best record - my team has to perform in the playoffs for me to get in on the $$$.
  10. He's hurt then he has to open his yap. When ever a player provides bulletin board material, they usually bomb or excel (mainly because it's natural to forget the average performances). I'm gonna sit him. I play a bad team in my league so I'm just looking for some production. I might start Bruce over him because I can't afford a big goose egg or 2 pts. . Plus, as my #3 WR, I'll be happy with about 6-8 pts of production from that position. Too iffy with Burress: a. playing hurt b. as the #1 target (with no Toomer) c. against a bunch of guys who want to KILL you d. called the Bears
  11. Kevin Jones vs. Falcons D

    Any other K.Jones owners worried about this matchup? I know KJ is coming off a week of rest and his past two games have been worthy. But, other than letting Tiki go off a few weeks ago, the Falcons run D has been pretty stingy on FF RBs. Last two games, they kept Parker and Rudi under 50 yds. Seems like teams have gone to the air against them. We all know with a Martz offense, he'll be more than happy to oblige. My gut tells me this will be a down week for him because this is one of the tougher Ds he's faced. I think his fantasy fortunes recently have been attributed to weak defenses.
  12. Looking ahead to playoffs

    I know there are some owners who have a playoff bid all but locked up. Also, we're entering the crucial time period where other owners are mathematically eliminated from contention (thus, no trading with them). Just curious as to players you are looking at acquiring for the playoff run. Almost all teams face one good opponent in that 3 wk stretch. But, the Vikes have the best run (@Det, NYJ, @GB). I picked up Favre early in the season for his run (@SF, Det, Min). He became my starter after I went to Culpepper Owners Anonymous. After week 14, Wash has @NO & @Stl in wks 15 & 16. Sea has @AZ & SF in wks 14 & 15. Thoughts?
  13. Travis Henry?

    BUMP I was eating my cereal this morning and Travis Henry was on my milk carton. Say What Willis? happened?
  14. DEF-Denver or San diego

    I say look at the trend and go with the Broncs - the Bolts have been trending down. I have a similar decision with the Ravens & Chargers. The Bolts D got banged up. Last week against KC, w/LJ running and lack of pass rush, their weak sec got picked apart. Maybe Merriman will have a roid rage and rip Bulger's head off but their D has looked lackluster the past couple weeks.
  15. Merriman appeals drug ban; attorney blames supplement By Kevin Acee UNION-TRIBUNE STAFF WRITER October 24, 2006 Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman will play at least the next two weeks as he awaits a hearing to appeal his pending four-game suspension for violating the league's substance abuse policy... Merriman will remain active pending the outcome of the hearing. That means he will play Sunday against the St. Louis Rams and Nov. 5 against Cleveland.