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  1. Tiki Barber

    why does he wait a week too late to do this? this game happens last week and i win a championship
  2. if it means anything starting all my best players i still wouldnt have im not kickin myself as much still sucks to lose the superbowl....thought i had the team to win it but they crapped the bed this week put up points on my bye week but performed poorly in the semis and finals cant believe this yr is already over, now i gotta wait 9 months to try and finish what i couldnt
  3. my opponent had marion barber...just think......him gettin shut out coulda won it for me makes it even more depressing
  4. anyone else? didnt get to my computer before kickoff yesterday and had no idea about braylon edwards being benched. what a bunch of BS. started him over furrey vs the bears D cuz tampa bay was somethin like 28th against the pass and braylon is the more talented player, thought he'd have a big day seein as the brown dont have anyone else. also startin chester taylor over anyone........had i plugged ronnie brown tonight id still have a shot its one thing to lose a game due to someone on your bench outscorin a started but in the superbowl its very frustratin
  5. What do you need...

    lj smith, marion barber, and mike nugent to all break their legs or come down with turkey poisoning before the game today and donte stallworth to get 250 yds 4 TDs in other words, i lost
  6. Hey Chester Taylor ...

    15 carries 49 yds...effin ridiculous
  7. The Minnesota-Green Bay thread

    well favre has thrown for 1 TD tonight
  8. Hey Chester Taylor ...

    yep....if i lose because of this S H I T im gonna be pissed off .... 6 carries? tarvaris jackson isnt doin anythin....hand the ball off to him damnit
  9. Anyone else betting on....

    welp i went with taylor....let's hope for the best for both of us go chester!
  10. Flex position starter-help

  11. Four Hours to Game Time

    id like to know too...........ive got him or ronnie brown/travis henry very nervous about startin chester but brown isnt even certain to play
  12. with the injuries i need some help choosin a flex. my RBs are obviously gonna be tiki and ladell betts, normally at W/R i would go with taylor if he's startin last week chester did nothin and nearly cost me a chance at this game (superbowl). ronnie brown had his cast off and said he is goin to play. both of them have good matchups, chester plays on thursday so i need some input henry appears to be banged up but has a good matchup vs his old team also do i bench chester?
  13. champ or playing for championship...

    in the superbowl this week QB Michael Vick(Atl - QB) WR Plaxico Burress(NYG - WR) WR Donte' Stallworth(Phi - WR) WR Hines Ward(Pit - WR) RB Tiki Barber(NYG - RB) RB Ladell Betts(Was - RB) TE Jeremy Shockey(NYG - TE) W/T Braylon Edwards(Cle - WR) W/R Ronnie Brown(Mia - RB) K Josh Scobee(Jac - K) DEF Baltimore(Bal - DEF) BN Chester Taylor(Min - RB) BN Mike Furrey(Det - WR) BN Travis Henry(Ten - RB) BN Jake Delhomme(Car - QB) BN Wali Lundy(Hou - RB) BN Ernest Wilford(Jac - WR) BN Antonio Bryant(SF - WR) obviously lineup could change
  14. Tie in the playoffs

    ^im not the commish....just found out how yahoo leagues work: In the event that a playoff game ends in a tie, the deadlock is broken using the following system: 1. Most touchdowns scored by entire starting roster. 2. Most fantasy points by starting quarterback(s). 3. Most fantasy points by starting defensive team(s). 4. Most fantasy points by starting defensive player(s). 5. Most fantasy points by starting defensive back(s). 6. Most fantasy points by starting defensive linemen. 7. Most fantasy points by starting wide receiver(s). 8. Most fantasy points by starting running back(s). 9. Most fantasy points by starting tight end(s). 10. Most fantasy points by starting kicker(s). it came down to #2 for me.....unbelievable, thank you mike vick
  15. Tie in the playoffs

    does anyone know what the tie breaker rules are in yahoo leagues?