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  1. Toilet Bowl Prize

    We have no reward for last place.... but I agree that a draft pick is too much reward. You don't want people to throw games at the end of the season to get it.
  2. Need WR help.

    I'd go with Muhammad. He's been most consistent. Don't let Evans one big week fool you. He's up against the Jags and has been mediocre at best all season (I should know... he's on my bench this week with Jennings!)
  3. Jennings or Copper

    Tough to say. I started Jennings last week (terrible) so he's riding my bench this week. I don't care if it's MNF or not. BUT, in your case, it seems that Copper is hurt, so you may have no decision to make.
  4. WDIS @ RB2

    I'm going with the group and SA here.
  5. Cotchery vs Houston Bruce vs SF Both have been inconsistent to say the least. Both play at home. Houston gave up big yards to Evans last week, but SF has the lesser passing defense overall. Which do I start? I get 1 point per reception, 1 per 10 yds, and 6 per td.
  6. WR help... WDIS? Need 2 from...

    anyone? I need help... fast!
  7. WDIS: Wide Receivers

    I have a few of the same and asking for help also. It would seem that Evans could have a good day, but both he and Losman have been horrible lately.
  8. My number one is Harrison. I need two to start alongside him. Choices are: Burress vs Jags (tough D, plus Giants are beat up... and Burress may have back issues) Cotchery vs Chicago (tough D... enough said?) Lee Evans vs. Houston (Evans and Losman have been awful, to say the least) Jennings vs. NE (is he healthy?) I. Bruce vs. Carolina (all or nothing) Pick two to start. It's a big week. I'll answer yours if you leave a link!
  9. Brady or Grossman

    It's a good problem to have.... I think I'd stick with Brady.
  10. Williamson. He may just prove to be a great play this week.
  11. Will Plax play?

  12. wdis

    Evans was solid 3 of the past 4 weeks. He faltered against NE. I don't think he'll have that problem with GB. Bruce has been worse in the hit or miss department of late, but he's playing at home. Tough call. Neither has had much luck finding the endzone. I think I'd go with Evans.
  13. WDIS at Flex?

    I think I'd stick with Evans. The Giants DE has been tough lately and Desmond Clark is hit or miss.
  14. Need to sit one of thes RB down

    Portis is hurt. Sit him.
  15. WDIS WR

    I'm playing Evans and hoping for a big week.